UFC 156: Dana White’s Video Blog (Episode 1)


It’s fight week blog week as UFC President Dana White prepares for the one of the biggest fights in UFC history – Featherweight title clash between Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo. In this episode of Dana White’s blog we have UFC on FOX 6 behind the scenes, which include some of the most emotional MMA moments ever seen outside the Octagon.

  • i love theeeeeeeeese 🙂

  • Awesome video.

  • These video blogs are getting better and better.

  • Chuck was definitely cool after the Rampage fight. I have a snaeaking suspicion Lorenzo and Dana are getting some "premium supplements" they're both getting big, and cant have that much time to work out.
    Did you see the girl at the end in the airplane? She was so tall everytime she bent over you could see the cockpit……..sorry that was bad. 8P

    • haha

    • If they don't have much time to work out then surely supplements are going to do much good?
      You need to work on top of the juice

      • yes Keith but it takes a lot more time to build without. Lorenzo and Dana blew up over night it seemed. Dana's been bigger for a while now.

        • I was just guessing…Entity double shot…damn doesnt work for me KFC.