UFC 155: LowKickMMA.com Staff dos Santos vs. Velasquez Predictions


Anton Gurevich: Looking down our staff predictions for UFC 155 main event, it seems as Junior dos Santos is a clear favorite against Cain Velasquez. Well, that’s a bit far from truth. Velasquez is a dangerous opponent, who will go out there to prove his worth as a fighter. Yet, just like my LowKickMMA colleagues, I believe JDS’ hands speed and overall MMA skills will be too much for Velasquez. But then again, don’t be surprised if Cain leaves the Octagon with the title he lost to dos Santos back at the inaugural UFC on FOX event back in 2011. My prediction is Junior dos Santos via TKO in the 4th. Velasquez is hard to finish, and will fight to the end.

Mike Drahota: This fight is definitely a great year ending main event. Nothing quite has the impact of a Heavyweight title fight, and both Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez are absolute destroyers. With that said, I think that the fight will last longer than the first meeting between the two. Cain should show up in better shape. But I still see JDS utilizing his trademark footwork, boxing, and takedown defense to earn an early TKO stoppage. JDS by TKO in the first here.

Daniel Cassidy: Just like last time round, this time I see Dos Santos leaving with the belt around his waist. With ferocious power and unmatched hand speed (at HW at least), Dos Santos is a force to be reckoned with. While I believe Velasquez deserves much props for his well-rounded skill set, to me at least, it seems no one can trouble the Brazilian, who remains exceptional calm and well composed throughout. While Overeem may not be as well rounded as the challenger, his skill set makes him a better match up for the Champ, and until then, I can’t see any way Velasquez takes the belt. My prediction is Junior Dos Santos via R2 TKO to retain the Heavyweight strap.

John Torres: I’m going with JDS over Cain. It just isn’t his time to lose yet. Dos Santos has yet to be taken down, to the point where he’s almost asking to be taken down so he can test his yet-to-be-seen submission game from his back. I think Cain will be more game for a standup fight this time around, but I see the result being the same. JDS will be tested, but I’m calling a 2nd round TKO by the champion followed by an immediate challenge of Alistair Overeem during the post-fight interview.

Evan Holober: Junior Dos Santos is the best heavyweight in the world. In my opinion, his take down defense is criminally underrated and his striking is the most deadly outside of anybody not named Anderson Silva. His strength leads directly in to the incredibly talented Cain’s weaknesses (defense against punches, soft chin). That will lead to a repeat of sorts in how the first fight ended. I see Cain getting a few take downs, and possibly keeping it close on the score cards, but a big shot followed up by some violence on the ground ending his night. If Cain’s shortcomings were a bit less pronounced I think he’d beat JDS, along with everybody else above 205 lbs in the world. However, that’s just not the reality of the situation. Junior Dos Santos TKO 3.

  • JDS first round by TKO

    • Not even Anton could make us not pick JDS to win this fight.

      I also have JDS via TKO – round 2

      • I had JDS until Antonio picked him. Phew, probably just saved myself a few bucks. Thanks Antonio!

    • I wish the fight would go more than 3 rounds…A quick TKO will rob us of the opportunity to see who is the overall better fighter. I like Cain in this fight, but anything can happen in this division…………………

    • Loooooooooooool. Everyone including Lowkick staff had Cain losing AGAIN spectacularly. HOW DO U FEEL NOW? CONGRATS TO ALL HARD-CORE CAIN FANS WHO NEVER EVER LOST FAITH IN HIS SKILLS AND ABILITIES TO WIN.

  • How can you go wrong!?

  • Hard fight to pick and I'm not going to go in to detail because I did a detailed breakdown on the Cain vs. JDS head to head post.

    Fight can easily go either way but gun to my head, Cain by late stoppage or maybe even decision.

  • @John Torres just wondering if you mean JDS will call Oereem out or Overeem will come in to the cage to challenge JDS?
    Remember Overeem is fighting Bigfoot so he won't come in the cage.

    Will be interesting to see if JDS calls out Overeem though because Bigfoot also trains under Nog so you would think JDS wouldn't want to disregard Bigfoot in that fight by calling out the Reem.

    • I think JDS will issue the call-out to Ubereem. And personally, I can't wait!

    • You make a valid point regarding Bigfoot. But there has been no shortage of bad blood between JDS and Ubereem. So it could go either way. Should be an exciting night of fights.

  • Cain by TKO

  • Correction; JDS was taken down by Shane Carwin.

    • He was technically taken down by both Carwin and Gonzaga. In both of those instances he was back to his feet in a matter of seconds.

      • Yep, JDS is hard to lay-N-pray on, sorry wrestlers 🙁

        • Hahaha he sure used a little bit of wrestling himself at the end of the Carwin fight.

          • I can see him doing the same exact thing to Cain this weekend. Cain will take him down once or twice, however he will not be able to keep him down. JDS will take take Cain's heart right out of the fight then TKO in the second round.

  • Shit….

  • Cue mandatory Anton picks jokes…

  • Cain wins this rematch by complete total domination…New Champion…

  • Cain will win. By being RELENTLESS!

  • So since everybody picked JDS:

    I'm changing my pick. Cain by TKO in 4. JDS gasses after Cain withstands the early pressure.

    Rematch in the beginning of 2014. Cormier moves to LHW.

  • dont sleep on Cain…Cain in 4th or 5th

  • None of the staff picked Cain? Did they miss the Antonio Silva fight?

  • Cain !

  • Bye bye Nike sponsorship!

  • Co main and the main were AWESOME!

    Who's in line for Cain? Anyone think Jr. will get an instant rematch or the winner of Overeem/Jr gets a shot at the new champ?