UFC 155 Interviews: Alan Belcher confident, looking to fight Bisping


It’s UFC 155 fight week and MMA H.E.A.T. has once again brought us a great series of interviews from Las Vegas. Heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos appears to discuss his new Nike deal and his perceived advantages versus Cain Velasquez. Velasquez discusses his lighter frame for this fight. Apparently he intends to fight speed with speed.

Joe Lauzon is on hand to talk about his high number of Fight Night bonuses. Alan “The Talent” Belcher shows up to talk about his calm and collected strategy versus Yushin Okami, as he believes he is a much more evolved martial artist than when he lost to Okami years ago. Also appearing are Jim Miller, Tim Boetsch, and Costa Philippou.

Who are your picks to win at UFC 155? 

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  • On Brown Pride:

    I couldn't disagree with White on this issue more, if I tried. From them, one could only deduce it would be acceptable if a white fighter had a "white shame" tattoo, but not a pride tattoo. As if white people are the only people to have ever done any wrong or evil, that they are the only racists on the planet and that "all" white people are responsible for any wrongs committed by "any" white person.

    Listening to him, one is left with the impression that everyone understands and no one takes offense with, Cain's tattoo. I personally have no problem with it, however, I've offended wondered about the / this question, of a white pride version of it. I didn't even know this topic was a subject of public discourse or curiosity. Now, I find out that if there was a fighter with a WP tattoo, that the boss would think ill of it and that the same sympathetic understand, which is extended to Cain and we can only assume (also) to any Asian, Black, Arab or Indian fighter who might choose to dawn such race symbols, would not be extended to a white fighter. To me that is not only racist, but hypocritical and a double-standard. It is also an assault on a fighter's Freedom of Speech and First Amendment rights.

    If it's fair for one, then it should be fair for all and it should not be interpreted any different filter than Cain's is, now. It's just a statement that a fighter is proud of his race. I can live with it. Indeed, we all are; Cain's.

    And to be blunt, I think his comments on this subject, particularly those pertaining to "red necks" and "knowing" where they're at, are the types of comments that would gravitate to the level of getting a lot of CEOs' fired. I know White likes to shoot from the hype a lot, but on subjects other than fighting and this is not about fighting, he should simply have no comment.

    I believe he is way off base, here and dealing in subject which is far above his pay grade. It's insulting.

    • A buddy of mine makes fun of Cain everytime he sees it. Along with most other hispanic people that are from the US, and carry around a Mexican flag (pretty much an event to event situation in boxing).

      Personally, I have no real issue with it. I just see the double standard in how it would look for a white person to have that inked on their chest. Even a black person had it inked on his chest they would be questioned a little bit more about it too.