UFC 155: Cain Velasquez re-claims the UFC Heavyweight title


Cain Velasquez has finally avenged his UFC on FOX loss to Junior dos Santos, with a dominant performance during all five rounds at UFC 155.

The fight between Velasquez and dos Santos headlined the card, which took place at the MGM Grand Garden, Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Velasquez opened by constantly pressuring dos Santos with takedown attempts and fundamental striking combinations. Despite the fact that Velasquez failed finish a takedown on JDS, he was relatively successful on his feet. Interestingly enough, the Brazilian looked very reluctant with his striking, allowing Velasquez to build-up his confidence.

The most important moment came towards the end of Round 1, when Cain Velasquez dropped dos Santos with a powerful right hand. The champ was dazed, with Velasquez swarming to get an early stoppage. Yet, JDS survived the onslaught, but was seriously wobbled once the referee Herb Dean signaled the fighters to get back to their corners.

From there, Cain Velasquez continued to dominate. JDS’ hands were down, he looked slow and sluggish, and was taken down on numerous occasions.

Even so, dos Santos proved he’s a great Mixed Martial Artist by not giving up, and trying to find his way back into the fight. He responded with good punching combinations, mainly to the body, and more of his legendary takedown defense.

Some would say that JDS scored a psychological victory by not getting knocked out or submitted by Cain Velasquez. However, the AKA product’s relentlessness is the real headline of this fight. Cain Velasquez showed he’s an A-class fighter, worthy of being the UFC Heavyweight champion.

Trilogy, anyone?

  • Trilogy sure, Cain got a rematch so should JDS. But I first want to see Overreem fight JDS. I just want that fight to happen sooner rather than later.

    • No point. The first fight was obviously a fluke seeing how the second went. If they fight again Cain will do the same thing he did last night. Cain out classed JDS in every way.

      • Junior looked terrible this fight. Not like his usual self, he was standing still with his hands down like a zombie after the first 2 minutes. He can definitely do better.

        Plus I think Cain set a record for failed takedowns. Sure he landed some but he attempted like 40 of em.

        • Cain's failed TD attempts aren't the fault of Cain they are a testament to how good JDS's TDD is. JDS was moving fine he just couldn't keep pace with Cain's relentlessness.

      • Nonsense. Who's to say JDS won't catch him early again. He fought back even though he was tired. I think he could deffo knock him out again

      • You can't call Junior going in and doing exactly what he planned for and wanted to do a fluke… that would be like saying it's a fluke Cain dominated for 5 rounds just because Junior didn't land that first round KO.

        What you can say is that Cain wasn't himself the first fight (I'm talking mentally not physically). He let Junior do his thing and he ate a bomb for it, the second time Cain never let him get off that's the difference.

        it was not a fluke, Cain just shouldn't of let it happen.

    • My wish would be just to cancel Overeem-Big Foot, and set up Overeem-JDS as a #1 contender fight.

      The rubber match is a must see.

      • im a huge silva,aldo,renan, jds. fan but i admit the first fight was a fluke cain is a great fighter not just a wrestler

  • Of course there is got to be a 3rd fight, but not an immediate rematch, JDS was not competitive enough in this fight… The takedowns attempts in the first round really paid off at the end if the round letting Cain outstrike JDS who was trying to hard to stay on his feet, the fight should've been stopped at the end of the first round IMO, Herb Dean put at risk the physical integrity of JDS, he was not defending himself at the end of the round…

    • If Dean would stop the fight, everybody would be saying, stoppage was early, Junior could win that fight if Dean didnt stop the fight… blah blah blah
      Good for Cain, Dean didnt stop the fight and Cain dominated Junior for 5 rounds.

      • I don't think JDS woulda got up right away or he woulda be dizzy as he was when he got up after the bell rang, apparently Cain broke JDS's jaw in the second round, it was unnecessary, JDS face was harder to watch each round, JDS has no quitter in him, he is a great fighter so Herb's job was to make sure the fighters did not take any unnecessary risk to their body.

        • It turns out his jaw wasn't broken after all, but I still think JDS took unnecessary punishment.

  • JDS will learn from this and he'll be back. Congrats, Cain!

    • Absolutely! I think JDS was too pumped before the fight. Far too pumped to handle it him self. He could have been more calm and focused. Cain on the other hand, was just superior in every aspect of the game.

    • Junior should also learn that karma is a bitch, I am the baddest man on the planet, Brock said it first and got whooped by Cain, last nigt Junior was Junior's turn for some humble pie. On the side note, I was rooting for Junior, but Cain did an amating job, so congratulations to the new champ.

      • Actually, Mike Tyson, if I'm not mistaken, was the original baddest man on the planet, but you have a point that nickname is a curse.

        • FEDOR was also sired 'baddest man' in the planet (though he was too humble to claim the title himself) and we all saw how that turned out. HUMILITY IS A MUST in these bloody sports…

  • Seriously this man may be one of the greatest fighting talents ever, I wouldn't put him beside Silva yet but he's definitely up there beside Jones and GSP.

    I think no matter who you were picking, NOONE even imagined this happening.

    Cain Velasquez is an absolute juggernaut with world class skills and heart.
    I was about to say unstoppable juggernaut but even if it was in a weird situation, he is stoppable and I think taking him out with one huge shot is the only chance to ever beat him.
    If you try to beat Cain skill for skill over the duration of the fight, you will lose.

    Congrats to the new champ Cain who really showed up this time and thank you to JDS for all the heart, courage, class and survival instincts he displayed

    • Would like to also mention how outstanding is Junior's TDD, he may be one of the best at defending takedowns in the history of our sport.
      Early in the fight he made it look like Cain's wresting was not going to be a factor ay all, he walked off like 5 or 6 solid attempts from one of the best wrestlers in the game…. even when he was dazed and exhausted he was stilling doing well against the TDs.

      • As long as there is fence for sure.

        • No, in the first round JDS was able to pop up from TDs in the center as well. I was very impressed by his TDD. Cain just has a pace that JDS can't keep up with.

    • Cmon Keith he's good for a HW but not close to being a GSP or Jones or Silva yet. Look how sloppy some of his TD attempts were last night (yes I know he nailed a few after he'd caught JDS but he also missed by a long way on others leaving himself open to counters but was lucky he'd already knocked most the fight out of JDS who wasn't at all sharp after round 1). the one thing I will put him on a par with GSP for is his cardio. Especially for a big guy, his work rate is outstanding but his all round game is nowhere near as tight as GSP or Jones or even Silva.

      Let's see if he can put on a streak with the belt before we declare him on their level.

      • Keith gets a little excited sometimes. Remember, he's still a kid.

        Excitement is never a bad thing though. Cain will have his chance to ascend to the levels of GSP and Silva soon enough.

        • Thanks Evan you are actually right, I wrote this pumped up and you can pretty much tell that.

          @asskika how was is his all round game not brilliant?
          He dropped and dominated the stand up against perhaps the most dangerous boxer in the history of MMA, his early takedown attempts were sloppy but he wasn't shooting with expecting to take Junior off his feet everytime… no he was shooting for the sake of shooting – get JDS thinking about the shot and have to get his hands low ready for the takedown over and over again and then BAM… Junior gets dropped while he is getting ready for the shot.

          You have to remember he looked sloppy at times but this wasn't just some other guy he was fighting… Junior was pretty much universally ranked top 7 P4P in the world.

          The last time I can think of a top P4P guy was beaten in to a bloody pulp so badly was Penn by GSP and that beatdown is probably the best GSP has ever done.

          • He had a great fight and is a great fighter and had a great 1st round that pretty much dictated how the rest of the fight went. The first time JDS had a great first round and finished Cain. Cain showed a lot of openings throughout the fight which if JDS had not had the fight knocked out of him would have probably capitalised on and Ko'd Cain again.

  • Congrats to Cain, I just had a feeling that he would win tonight, as long as he kept the pace. Now whats gonna be interesting to see is what's gonna happen with DC (Daniel Cormier) when he comes to the UFC, a drop to 205 doesn't seem likely, especially due to his kidney problems he's suffered.

    On another note, I see Overeem beating Bigfoot EASILY

  • Congrats Cain great !

  • One last thing I want to note is how horrible I felt when Junior was booed. That was disgusting.

    The way Junior acknowledged it made me feel even worse, those ignorant fans who just got a 25 minute mauling can't give respect to the recipient… simply becayse he lost to the best HW ever.

    • The booing was sick. It just shows how disrespectful MMA fans can be. JDS is probably the nicest guy in MMA and he should have been given more respect after the loss.

      • Respect for selling out to Nike? I understand taking the sponsorship but come on his focus was clearly not on the fight and as I saw him sport those nike swoosh's walking to the octagon I knew Cain was going to fuck him.

        • I dont mean to be rude but you just wasted a lot of time making up such a lame story.
          Please think before you write, it's not illegal yet!!!

    • Just curious Keith. If Overeem smashes Cain at some point in the not too distant future will you be calling him the greatest HW ever? If Cormier comes to UFC and takes the belt will be your new greatest HW ever? Reading your posts it sounds like you spunked yourself 10 times watching Cain.

      • @asskika No and no.

        If Overeem wins it's because he will KO him early, not because he will put on a 5 round clinic proving how better his skills are.

        For Overeem and DC the thing is there are plenty of Heavyweights from the past and a couple right now that you could imagine beating them but really Overeem knocking Cain out is the only realistic way Cain can lose right now (Junior probs too but Cain has proved he is the better fighter of the two right now)… good luck even trying to humour any HW from the past or anyone else in the division who could give Cain a run for his money.

  • A trilogy is definetly coming…First, reem vs bigfoot. If Reem wins he will recieve the title shot first i guess probablly July next year. If big foot wins he will probably need another win.

    I can't see jnr fighting Reem anytime soon because of the bigfoot fight first and Cain needing a title defence fight. i don't think he will want to wait a year before fighting again…

    I'd rather see reem vs dos santos for the number 1 spot.

    • Reem will beat bigfoot while JDS has a fight with someone else in the mean time then Overeem fights Cain and if Reem wins and JDS wins his next they ill meet. If Reem loses to Cain then it could be a while before we ever see JDS and Reem meet.

  • Scary performance from Cain, just amazing. JDS got dominated but showed great heart, survival instinct, strong chin and TDD. He got caught with another right hand just as hard in the second(I think maybe third) and I was shocked he didn't go down. The way JDS recovered as the fight went on makes me wonder how different thing could have been if Cain didn't land that shot in the first. Moving forward I actually would rather see The Reem get a shot rather than fight JDS coming off a loss, but I'm sure JDS will be fighting for the title again in the next 18 months.

  • Welcome back champ! You proved that the first fight was definitely a fluke. Third fight will be easier now that JDS has been exposed.

  • To be fair about the booing, everyone gets booed when they fight on enemy grounds. It's just the nature of sports and it should be expected. Nice or not, fans just see the guy who knocked out their hero in 64 seconds.

  • Oh my goodness. Look, I love this website and it's in my top 5 of most visited sites. But come on low kick staff, all of you dickheads picked JDS. I told everyone from the start Cain is the more complete fighter as shown tonight and in the first fight he gotclipped in the ear and he lost his equilibrium. Not many fights end due to that cause. Cain would win this fight 9 out of 10 times no doubt. JDS was out classed, On the stand up Cain dominated, on the ground Cain dominated. JDS gassed and Cain persued. There is no trilogy bout, Cain Dominated for 5 rounds. I told everyone from the start. I don't rand lesnar very high in heavyweights in UFC but he is a big man and Cain tossed him around like a rag doll, and now did the same to JDS. I don't give a fuck about Alison Ovaries. Cain and JDS are the top 2 heavyweights on the planet.

  • Like I said…Cain would win this rematch by complete total domination…New Champion… War Cain…Awesome fight… Yet I'm still a huge fan of JDS….

    • Well I was shitting in my pants during round 1, when Cain failed every takedowns.

      • But he gave JDS sometían to think about and gave him the opening to outstrike him, he had a plan and it worked…

  • Well… what about stuff prediction in that fight… 🙂
    Cain is a real deal, you cant stay on top if you are one dimensional fighter.
    Now I would love to see Alistair vs Junior, their both stand up fighters, and they will put on a good show.

  • Love how everyone from the Lowkick staff doubted Cain and even when as far as to give both fighters an even skill set in grappling. LMFAO

  • To say I was disappointed in JDS's performance last night, would be an understatement. I don't know who that guy was in the ring. He had no cardio and he mustered 0 offense. One can only assume that he has / had bought into the whole "I'm Champ" mentality and just considered this another day at the office. He could phone it in. Only problem was Velasquez was already using the phone.

    To sum it up – that was probably the worst performance that I've seen by a Champion since Franklin's (first) loss to Silva. JDS should be embarrassed.

    • I think ya being a bit hard on JDS there. he got caught flush with a heck of shot and then got battered for the remainder of the first round and never fully recovered. I thought the ref could have stopped it anytime. He showed the heart of a champ by never quitting and fighting through it. He also took some very heavy body shots early in fight which also slowed him down. Had the ref called it first round we'd have been saying what a great finish but it wasn't stopped but JDS was so hammered from round 1 it was going to be a miracle required for him to come back and win. the only guy I ever seen come back from a beatdown like that is Edgar.

      • @ azz

        His cardio is what blew me away, as much as anything. He seemed slow, tired and gassed. All before the end of the first. He seemed ill prepared for the bout. How I saw it, at any rate. I'm glad I didn't buy it. I caught it online. The two fights I was most interested in, this one and the Belcher / Okami fight, were let downs. I don't think this PPV paid off. I have no idea what happened to the JDS and Belcher, I was expecting to see. Take the good with the bad, I guess. They can't all be gems.

  • Dos Santos vs. Cormier
    Overeem vs Velasquez

  • it's quite obvious that jds landed a lucky shot in their first match. yesterday we saw the real champion. props to jds for his huge heart. oh…and cain will DESTROY overeem…IF he gets past big foot…which I doubt.

  • This loss for jnr must be pretty demoralising…getting beaten up for 25 minutes is something that is hard to forget. Jnr has some tough fights in front of him. He probably wont be back for at least six months.

  • JDS was a little disrespectful on press conference and on weigh ins…and that baddest man on the planet thing, it cost him. But I like both guys. Congratulation Cain!

  • JDS.. looked slow and sloppy….where was the cardio?
    cain's pace was great. however i feel like he could have gotten the knock out
    in the 4th or 5th round if he just traded with JDS…grinding out the decision was kinda boring to me
    JDS's hands were down for more then 1/2 the fight.
    cmon cain.