UFC Stops Sending Fight Tapes For Study, Suggests Coaches Buy Fight Pass


No more fight footage, unless you pay a monthly subscription…

Since the takeover of the UFC by WME-IMG in 2016, many changes have taken place. Among some of the more controversial alterations are the dishing out of multiple interim titles, and the unceremonious sacking of Mike Goldberg. After 20 years with the promotion, Goldberg was canned from the commentary position without even a thank you. Obviously fans were upset, as Goldberg had become part of the MMA landscape. Making things worse, ‘Goldie’ would later reveal he wasn’t even contacted by the UFC regarding his termination.

Purging fighters like Lorenz Larkin and Misha Cirkunov adds to the current feeling of unrest. According to renowned striking coach Brandon ‘Six Gun’ Gibson, the promotion is also tightening the purse strings on fight footage. That’s right, top MMA coaches have been denied access to fight tapes for studying. Since fighting has been a sport, watching and studying fight footage has been an essential part of formulating and planning for coaches.

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One of Gibson’s Many Students, Lando Vannata KO’s John Makdessi

Taking to Twitter to announce the news, Gibson seems frustrated, pointing out the UFC has suggested coaches use Fight Pass as a source for footage. Paid subscriptions only, of course:


Seemingly unashamed, the new UFC owners are taking the promotion in a strange direction. Albeit well within their prerogative to do so, it’s nonetheless frustrating, to say the least.

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Judging by what Gibson says, Fight Pass is simply not a sufficient source for footage to study. Having trained Cody Garbrandt, Lando Vannata, Jon Jones, Donald Cerrone and Carlos Condit, to name a few, Gibson is rapidly growing in to one of the sport’s most respected coaches. Forming part of the eliteĀ Jackson-Wink coaching team, Gibson’s studying of fight tapes forms a huge part of their gameplans.

Hopefully the UFC redacts this restriction, otherwise it could actually impact fighter’s performances in the octagon.

  • Bill Wolf

    “Obviously fans were upset, as Goldberg had become part of the MMA landscape.”

    Some fans.

    Goldberg should have been replaced by a better commentator long before. Having a job you shouldn’t have for a long time doesn’t mean you should continue to keep it at the expense of better people who are locked out.

    • heals005

      I thought mike was grand and I thought 208 commentary wasn’t great tbh , the UFC is going down hill wouldn’t be surprised if McGregor makes ufmcc and takes all the fighters and leaves img in Hollywood

      • SixFootThree

        McGregor and Mayweather should box and then use the proceeds to start a co-owned MMA promotion. Years ago when asked what Floyd might do to keep busy when he retired, he said he was thinking of starting an MMA promotion.

        • McGraw

          Mayweather vs McGregor is a bad idea. For Floyd to pass Rocky Marciano in wins against a non pro boxer would be disrespectful and kind of disgraceful to the sport of boxing and it’s storied history.

    • David Twardy

      Thats an opinion not fact. He was as much a part of the UFC as the octagon or Bruce Buffer himself. In life if you think you’re good at something, there is always someone better. There has to be some kind of familiarity, His role wasn’t one that had a win and loses attached to it. Either you cared enough to have an opinion or you just enjoyed the show.

      • Bill Wolf

        I agree that this is a matter of opinion. It’s like whether a movie is good or not: there’s no objective metric.

  • Axiomatic

    OK this needs to end. If I were a UFC fighter I would say to the UFC “No more fights until I can properly train my fighter to counter his potential opponent.” This is ridiculous UFC?!?!?!?