UFC Releases Official Statement On UFC 215 Shakeup


The MMA world was dealt yet another extremely disappointing blow late last night (Sept. 7, 2017) when news arrived that UFC flyweight challenger Ray Borg was forced to withdraw from his scheduled main event against longtime champion Demetrious Johnson at Saturday’s (Sept. 9, 2017) UFC 215 from Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

After the news broke that Borg had been forced out due to an illness that was reportedly had nothing to do with his weight cut, the promotion released an official statement clarifying that the “Tazmexican Devil” had been deemed medically unfit by UFC doctors. With the main event now cancelled, they were also forced to offer refunds for customers who had bought tickets.

Check it out from their official website:

“Due to a viral illness to UFC flyweight contender Ray Borg, the main event bout against champion Demetrious Johnson at UFC 215 has been cancelled. Borg was deemed unfit to compete by the UFC medical team.

UFC 215, which is now headlined by the women’s bantamweight championship between Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko, will proceed as scheduled with 11 bouts at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Canada. Moving to the Pay-Per-View main card will be the flyweight bout between Henry Cejudo and Wilson Reis. Additionally, the Mitch Clarke and Alex White lightweight contest will now kick off the FS1 prelims.

With the removal of Johnson vs. Borg, customers may request a full refund of purchased tickets at point of sale.”

With the removal, Borg delayed Johnson’s attempt to break Anderson Silva’s revered record of consecutive title defenses, which he’s now tied with “The Spider” with 10 straight.

And while both Ariel Helwani and the UFC reported Borg was removed from the card due to a viral illness that left him unfit to compete, it’s yet another blow to a promotion that has now seen three high-profile title fights fall apart at the last minute, with UFC 215’s would-be main event joining UFC 209’s anticipated Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson and UFC 213’s Nunes vs. Shevchenko during a down year when the UFC is in need of big fights more than ever.

Borg has had his issues with making the flyweight division’s 125-pound limit before, something that made him at least somewhat of a liability to book in a title fight, especially when Johnson was focused on potential opponent T.J. Dillashaw – a much more high-profile opponent – missing weight if he were indeed to cut down from bantamweight to face him.

Either way, it’s another main event down the drain, and the UFC is rapidly running out of time to turn around a highly un-exciting 2017.

  • All_Seeing_Eye

    Just not the fights happening anymore that people want to see. Of course having a golden boy tying up divisions is part of the problem as well. We need more HW,MW,WW cards coming.

    • David Twardy

      I take it you mean McGregor when you say “golden boy”, how is Conor tying up a division? He’s coming back, he just took a short break. What would have happened if Conor fought Khabib instead of Floyd? Do you think Khabib would have made weight for Conor, but not Ferguson? Conor isn’t tying up the division, Khabib is. He pulled out of the LW interim title fight. Conor has never pulled out of a fight, yet all of you anti Conor people preach bullshit like, “Fuck Conor get those belts to real pros like Khabib and Aldo”

      • Tim Entler

        Several fighters have weight cutting problems. Conor does make weight however he hasn’t defended a title yet. He took time off to train for a boxing match that he was paid extremely well for and over matched for.

        • David Twardy

          So what, plus he did defend a title, Conor had 2 straight title wins in the same division, Mendes and Aldo. Aldo pulled out again leaving Conor to take a fight against Mendes for Aldo’s belt, he beat him, then followed that up by beating Aldo……………..It just amazes me how people bitch about the things Conor does and then don’t blink an eye when things like Aldo just getting the belt handed back to him happen. Complain about guys like Aldo, Cain, Borg, and Khabib. Conor is as professional as they come when it comes to a fight that has been signed. Conor is what every fighter should want to be, agree to fight anyone and if that person backs out take a short notice fight to keep your loyal fans happy. This is the very reason Conor is treated the way he is. Treat the company good and the company will return the favour, that doesn’t just apply to 9-5 jobs.

          • Tim Entler

            Nothing 2 faced about it. Stated simple facts. It was a unification match, not a defense. Didn’t complain about pay. Stated he hasn’t defended a title and he hasn’t. Aldo is the only long time champion to not get a rematch. Not a fan of his, just a fact. All I care about is good fights and champions facing top contenders. Not trying to pick and choose. Bisping is a prime example. On the 2 belt question he’s the 1 that said he could do it.

        • David Twardy

          It’s unbelievable how 2 faced the anti Conor crowd is. In one breath they utter things like “fighter pay is ridiculously low”, in the next breath “how dare you take a fight in another field to set yourself up for life”

  • Shawn Holiday

    nunes will never main event or that title again but now the main event gets cancelled and now she is main eventing the show good job dana for forgetting what you said two ppv’s ago.