UFC Fight Night 116 Reebok Fighter Payouts: Luke Rockhold Tops List

Don Wright for USA TODAY Sports

UFC Fight Night 116 is in the books, and now it’s time for Reebok to pay the fighters their sponsorship money.

UFC Fight Night 116 took place on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This event was the third that the UFC has hosted in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The preliminary card aired on FOX Sports 1 at 8 PM EST while the main card aired on FS1 at 10 PM EST.

A middleweight bout between former Strikeforce and UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold and former WSOF Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion David Branch headlined this event.  Alex Reyes vs. Mike Perry in a welterweight bout co-headlined this show. Rounding out the six bout main card was Hector Lombard vs. Anthony Smith in a middleweight bout, Gregor Gillespie vs. Jason Gonzalez in a lightweight bout, Sergio Moraes vs. Kamaru Usman in a welterweight bout, and Justin Ledet vs. Dmitriy Sosnovskiy in a heavyweight bout.

The full payouts include:

Luke Rockhold: $10,000 def. David Branch: $5,000

Mike Perry: $5,000 def. Alex Reyes: $2,500

Anthony Smith: $5,000 def. Hector Lombard: $5,000

Gregor Gillespie: $2,500 def. Jason Gonzalez: $2,500

Kamaru Usman: $5,000 def. Sergio Moraes: $5,000

Justin Ledet: $2,500 def. Zu Anyanwu: $2,500

Olivier Aubin-Mercier: $5,000 def. Tony Martin: $5,000

Daniel Spitz: $2,500 def. Anthony Hamilton: $5,000

Uriah Hall: $10,000 def. Krzysztof Jotko: $5,000

Gilbert Burns: $5,000 def. Jason Saggo: $5,000

  • Shaun Grainger

    Wha…. $10,000 for a 5 round main event with No other sponsors what a joke. Fighters need to move bellator, UFC is a mess now.

    • Greg Mubali

      I don’t think that includes the their contracted pay for the fight. This is just the sponsorship money that Reebok pays.

      Considering fighters used to make a lot more than this on and individual level per fight it sucks for sure, but I don’t really think Bellator is the answer either. Sure the pay is better, but I am not too keen on the type of matches that they book, and I still question the level of talent in that organization.

      Part of the problem is that Bellator is banking on aging fighters who made their careers in the UFC but either could no longer compete in the division, or were relatively mid-tier competitors. This combined with headscratching freakshow events, makes Bellator to seem less serious than say WSOF (PFL). I kinda miss Strikeforce honestly, and I certainly miss Pride, but I don’t think those days will ever come again either.

      Ideally, once the Reebok deal ends there is something else done where perhaps there can be some sort of partnership between the organization and the sponsors and the fighters. I severely doubt things will go back to the way they were pre-Reebok, however some improvement needs to be made.

      • Draven

        rory macdonald, phil davis, ryan bader, ben henderson, lorenz larkin can still go. They aren’t that old.

        • Greg Mubali

          Rory might be the only name on there that actually had some leverage however the last two fights he had in the UFC pretty much shattered any serious momentum he had going on. I fear that the beatings he’s taken in his last 2 ufc fights might have left a bit of a lasting impression on his psyche.

          Benson Henderson while I like the guy, hasn’t done very much to be an exciting competitor. His title reign was one that was littered with decisions, with the fights themselves being pretty uneventful. His results in Bellator have been 1-2 so far, and we’ll see what happens when he rematches the win he got.

          Phil Davis is actually the prime example of a mid tier competitor in the UFC that was a champion in Bellator. Usurped by a slightly higher mid tier competitor.

          Larkin has had a poor showing when it comes to him moving up the ladder to get those prime fights as far as UFC goes. While many can consider his strikeforce days and remember he is a force to be reckoned with, his career after this has disappointing.

          Ryan Bader has had a bit of a resurgence, but had no success against the top 5 or so LHW in the UFC. While Lil Nog’s place is always safe in our hearts, perhaps that’s because of his twin. Bader will probably be the Champ for a while, but should any other top 5 LHW come over there… (cough cough JJ)

          And all of those fighters made their names elsewhere before Bellator swooped them up, and all of them were on losing streaks coming out of the UFC.

          Moose shot himself in the foot by leaving I think, as he would have been right in line for the quagmire that is the MW division in UFC. Because he bailed, Robert Whittaker basically took his spot.

          From a competitive standpoint, I want Bellator to be good. I want options to see great fights and great fighters, however it can be difficult to achieve that given matchmaking choices as well as the fact that the stars of the promotion aren’t quite as good.

          At the end of the day, I understand exactly why the fighters go to Bellator. They need to support their families, they need to think of the long term, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In an ideal situation the UFC would pay everyone more than enough to keep them there and happy, or there could be a way for UFC fighters to fight against Bellator fighters and etc to really prove who actually is the best. I feel like Bellator could actually put forth some effort to grow their brand further and build their talent base further. This way we don’t have to even entertain the idea of Tito Ortiz fighting Chael Sonnen as a main event.
          I don’t think very many people want to see that. But that’s also just my view on the matter and can be taken with a grain of salt.

          • Draven

            Lawler and Thompson were at the top of their game and still are to this day. I don’t think Rory’s performance with them messed with his psych. He’s got plenty of fight left in him.

            I use to dislike Bendo too but truth is he’s very well rounded, exciting and a smart fighter once u give it a little time to adapt to his style. His battles with Edgar, Guida, Cerrone, Miller, Pettis, Melendez were all highly entertaining. He may have gone to decisions with the majority of those guys, but they were all high level and tough to finish. Even his fight with Michael Chandler, although it went to a split decision, it was one of the best lightweight fights in Bellator history.

            Davis is another smart fighter who has what it takes to hang with the big dogs of his division. I wouldn’t rule him or Bader out just yet. They’re a good addition to Bellator.

            Larkin had a good showing when he stopped Neil Magny who was on fire at the time. And his title fight with Lima was exciting as well.

            Bellator is slowly growing. It’s only just rising out of the ashes from what it use to be and how fans use to perceive it as. I like the way Coker is running things atm and the addition of certain UFC fighters helps establish their brand.

  • All_Seeing_Eye

    Yep, that’s only Reebok money, still lame when sponsors like Nike pay Tiger Woods (one guy) 92 million.