UFC 151 has been cancelled, Dana blasts Jon Jones and Greg Jackson


For the first time in UFC history, an event has been cancelled. UFC President Dana White made the announcement on a media call this morning.

It started with an injury to Dan Henderson, who tore his MCL (medial collateral ligament) and had to bow out of the fight. The UFC offered Jones a replacement in the form of Chael Sonnen who has been waiting in the wings to move up from Middleweight for a shot at Jones. The Light Heavyweight Champion turned the fight down.

Jon Jones will still be fighting in September. The regning UFC Light Heavyweight champ will step inside the Octagon to face Lyoto Machida on September 22nd, at UFC 152. It is fighting a new opponent on short notice that prevented Jon Jones from competing on September 1st.

UFC 152 will be rebranded as UFC 151.

According to White: “Its in his head that he didn’t prepare for this fight. I am f&#*ing pissed! This is the first fight cancelled in UFC history and Jones is the first champion to turn down a fight”

 White claims that Jones’ trainer, Gregg Jackson, told the 205 pound Champ: “There’s no way you take this fight on 8 days notice, it would be the biggest mistake of your career.” White went on to say: “I literally just bumped into Gregg Jackson the other day, this guy is a f&#*ing sport killer, I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life. This guy is from another planet. This guy is a f&#*ing weirdo who needs to be interviewed by a psychiatrist. If Jones were a real businessman we wouldn’t be having this call. This decision is not going to make Jones popular with anybody.”

White was referring to the lost revenue spent on the promotion, potential cable revenues and fighters on the undercard invested in this card as well as the salaries they will lose as a result.

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  • Dana is 100% correct on this one.

  • what happened to i would crush chael? a ligh-heavyweight refusing to fight a middleweight? don’t be scared homie! dana strip him of the belt

  • JJ is acting like a business man he is protecting his brand and making sure that he is prepared for whoever he fights, unfortunately this is the future for MMA as the sport becomes more money making there will be more of this pure financial decision making. Ironically Dana is crying bc someone is doing exactly what he does – looking to maximize an investment and **** anyone else that gets in the way.

  • Why would Jones be scared to fight Chael? You, sir, have posted one of the most egregious comments I have ever read on lowkick. Jones could crush Chael in his sleep, but the question should be : what has Chael done in the LHW division to deserve a title shot? Good Job.

  • I see both sides of the issue – unfortunately everyone is using Jon Jones as a scapegoat for a bad situation. They offered the fight against Jon Jones to a bunch of fighters and the least deserving of them agreed (Chael). Chael is coming off a loss, and hasn’t won a single fight at LHW in a LONG time.

    Instead of blaming Jon Jones people should be blaming Dana White for not doing the EXTREMELY OBVIOUS:

    MAKE THE FIGHT FREE ON FUEL/FX with the co-main bumped up to main!

  • Respect to Chael for being ready to step up. Jones always struck me as a cu-nt, this only confirms it.

  • ive hated this chump from the start. finally people will catch on to what a bitch he is. the dude single handedly screws all the fighters out of their paychecks and the people who spent $ to fly out to vegas and hurts the UFC bad in the process after the build him up to be a huge star!! this is the most selfish guy in MMA and i honestly hope his career never recovers

  • Refusing to fight a middleweight is protecting your brand? WTF are you talking about.

  • Jones is the champ and should be willing to fight anybody at anytime he’s obviously not too confident in himself as he says because it makes no sense to be a champion and not take a fight he’s healthy and ready to go fighting chael sonnen would have probably made more money even if he didnt deserve the title shot..makes no sense at all

  • dana is the man. true words. why did jones turned down a fight against chael? he would destroy him!

  • Chael is the man. I said before and now it’s ultra clear.

  • Jones should have just went ahead and got it over with. Now he’s gets 2 years of Chael’s trash talk for crawfishing from the fight….

    IMO, he just passed up the opportunity to send Chael packing from the UFC…and probably could have made a nice paycheck from it.

  • oh then sir do please explain why chael stepped up and volunteered to fight and save this card and the ****ing CHAMPION said NO! I WON’T FIGHT. JONES WAS SCARED

  • LMAO the light heavyweight champion scared to fight a middleweight

  • And another thing that warrants making this event free on Fuel/FX: The fight card is SO WEAK that simply losing the main event means the whole card is being scrapped. This was a shitty card to begin with that was resting upon only the main event.

  • You don’t have to be a genius, kungfurule, to realize that this decision here will cut JJ’s so called “brand” in half….

  • LOL, Dana hates Gregg Jackson, the alien from a ****ed up planet.

  • The chance that Jones was given at a title shot is different than giving a guy like chael who has never fought in the division a chance. If anything was to be done it should be gustafson who steps up to do what Jones already did with no hesitation. Gus ahs already said he doesn’t want that yet. Not Jones problem. Jones has probably saved more by far than he has screwed. He went on a breakless tear and now people think he is skipping by fright.

  • Do I have this wrong, or did Chael step up and Bones stepped down??? Is this correct, someone clear this up for me.

  • How does making a PPV card free on tv make any Monetary sense at all to the UFC/Business let alone producing a fight card on tv in just days..you have no idea what goes into putting a fight card on TV and producing it…DUMB IDEA…


  • Because it is a joke. Gustafson should step up like Jones did for a title shot. Jones doesn’t want to entertain a guy such as Chael who is completely unworthy of a shot as he has not faced anyone yet. Wheres gus and why aren’t people pissed nobody legit stepped up.

  • It’s like we woke up in the fvcking twilight zone today.

  • refusing to defend your title is not protecting your brand. it says that you cannot be counted on by the company you work for. it says that you do not take on any and all challengers like a champion should under any circumstances. in other terms it says you are a COWARD!

  • Without the main event how many PPVs do you think this event would have gotten, maybe 100K? Probably not even. There would be probably only losses for such an event. In my opinion making it a free card on tv would be better than scrapping the whole thing altogether.

  • Any bum fighter off the street could have stepped up to take the fight against Jones on such short notice, would that make him the savior in your eyes too? I’ve already heard and seen Chael’s antics and quite frankly they’ve led him to two embarrassing losses to Anderson Silva, nothing else. Why is this guy still relevant is beyond me.

  • Well if Chael gives him 2 years of trash talk it will be a good payday one day.

  • That is exactly what happened. I see this thing in the bush leauges. Had a promoter skip town with the ticket money earlier this year and left the fighters hanging.

  • Agreed, Jones is taking the flack because for some stupid reason he is being made the only one worth watching. Dana has his way with controlling the fans in his favor.

  • i just lost a lot of respect for jones. never had any for jackson.

  • WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Awesome to see someone besides me saying that and getting bashed LMAO tell it like it is Dana. Cant wait for Chael’s bomb he sends back!

  • Well you cant even get close to saying Chaels a puss after this mess.

  • Well when jones was offered the title shot he litterally just got dont fighting an easy fight he was prepared for the shot..who knows what gustafsson has been doing who knows how much he weighs would be stupid to take a title fight when you arent prepared..jon jones has been training for a fight this whole time he is already prepared for a FIGHT!

  • Bones stepped down like I would step down from beating up my sister.

  • Well then Dana needs to promote the fighters left hanging and they need to start holding card value on their own instead of whining when a guy who made all the money and got his place be responsable for their cheques.

  • Who know Angeles, that dude gets all pissy and starts spewing racism. What a fool.

  • Yea the card sucked i agree but im sure if it was that easy to just say hey FX or Fuel can you move all your production and programing out of the way they would have but Zuffa doesnt own those channels its not that easy to just do that let alone known of u know what is takes to produce these fights on TV with comercials and everything else you dont have to worry about with PPV…dana and the UFC have been doing this forever im sure they had no choice

  • If Jones would have taken this fight and beat Chael, then I believe Chael would have left the UFC. Chael’s only cares about being the champion. Not a gate keeper or hollywood fighter.

    If more fighters would have that attitude then the sport would be a helluva lot more entertaining. Instead you have guys trying to figure out how to stay on top without having to fight for it. It gets ****in boring….

  • Oh, so he’s a kind and compassionate King as well. Tell me more about Jon “Lionheart” Jones…

  • Why not fight Machida? ” he’s a puzzle I’ve already figured out” was what Jones said. Why not fight Sonnen? He seems to think that he would destroy him. “I don’t want a low PPV.” Now you have no PPV and a pissed off boss. I can’t stand this kid. His age and inexperience is showing

  • Yea but Jackson and him have been there all along.

  • You could be right, but then at the same time you have to realize that the UFC painted themselves into a corner with this card and should have been more prepared if the main event was scrapped because it isn’t one person’s fault (Jon Jones’). The entire fight card was so weak that they had no alternative but to cancel the event.

  • Bisping just tweeted @Bisping – Jones said he’s not fighting chael on 8 days notice. I did. …. Just sayin

  • Kids, kids. Jackson doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about any fans. It is the reason he employs Guida to have a terrible and ridiculous boring style against Gray Maynard, and there are a million other examples out there too.

    Jones took Jackson’s (correct) advice to not take the fight with the undeserving Chael Sonnen, and now Dana is blaming Jackson as a sport killer. Well, the fans don’t pay Jackson’s bills, the fighters do. So he is going to take care of his fighters. Anyone with half a brain stem can see this.

  • They should give Chael the title by forfeit like his manager Mike Roberst just suggested!

  • Well Chael stepped up because he´s got nothing to loose and a CRAPload to gain if, for some reason, the planets aligned that night and he´d be able to smother Jones to a favorable decision. If he gets beat, it doesn´t matter; if he wins, he just hit the jackpot.

  • Falcon, To be honest with you, This to me only proves how much of an egotistical maniac, spoiled person, single minded, dictator Dana can be when he doesn’t get his way. Unfortunately for some fighters, most so called fans don’t even see it that way. As much as I can’t stand Greg Jackson, I really don’t understand why he and Jon Jones are taking the blame for what just took place. As we all already know, injuries happen often in MMA, unfortunately. This is the UFC and Dana’s job to put on the best cards, not Jon’s. Unfortunately, this one was a dud for the get go. Jones was ready to fight Dan and it’s not like he and his team refused to fight Dan when he was supposed to, Things happen.

  • Yea true they should have been prepared for something like this but im pretty sure they were banking on their CHAMPION to step up and fight anybody no matter what or who it is like a champion/employee should do…he is the champion he has a lot more responsibilty to the UFC in my opinion..first time ever a champ has refused to fight somebody!!!!

  • Yep, Chael definitely stepped up, so did Lyoto. Jones talked a good game about being able to smash them both but he’s not doing what a champion does, defends his belt against whoever comes his way.

  • Ok lets not get to rediculous @Godsofwararise

  • The UFC should be able to count on their champ to make it happen. This is just pathetic.

  • I’d make his dumb azz fight his next fight for FREE to pay off the mess.

  • Whoever comes his way is not Chael. Chael hasn’t made a path in the division yet so Chael is not there. Otherwise i could contend for the belt.

  • I agree the guy has been training for a fight anyways why wouldn’t he fight????

  • I’m disappointed in Jon. On the other hand you have to give credit to Chael for offering to step up to fight the champ in his first LHW fight!

  • Chael has fought in the division Renato Sobral UFC 55

  • With all the fights that have been changed due to injuries Dana cannot blame entirely Jones for this, dont get me wrong the guy is a beotch but is also Dana’s fault for making a non sellable card if you take the main event out of. however Jones was offer a easy fight as he should have been for a wrestler.

  • Thing is the champ should only be fighting top contenders while the rest like gus and others should be scrambling to be champ.

  • He should’ve taken the Chael fight. Its just like fighting Henderson except for Chaels pillow hands. Disappointing……..

  • And he lost you dork.lol. Perfect for a title shot.lol.

  • @sapizo80-you are a fool.
    I have never heard such nonsense, did you even read Dana`s comment?
    he blasts greg jackson!
    who btw is a white guy who happens to shave his head! lol

  • And Henderson just beat Shogun.

  • UDG, I don’t argue with all your points but Sonnen had “two embarrassing losses to Anderson Silva?” I think anybody with any unbiased credibility would admit that Sonnen did as well against Silva as anybody and better than many.

  • Sorry Bud but his brand took a big kick in the nuts with that one KFR.

  • Greg Jackson “Go Jon, get some fans”

  • should be hendo getting some blame here. who the **** rolls with that amount of intensity a week before a fight. train smarter.

  • chael can now officially say the Champ DUCKED him

  • Why is everyone saying Chael is the man? Because he was offered a fight that he didn’t had to work to get, in a weight class he hasn’t fought in for years? LOL anybody would take the fight it’s not just Chael

  • I wouldn’t give Chael that much credit. I guarantee that half of the division would have stepped up for a title shot. It’s not a regular fight, its for a belt.

  • He’s the champ this is meant to be a pro sport which is trying to become more mainstream. Cheal just lost his last fight at a lower weight class an he beat machida fairly easily not too long ago. Mayweather wouldn’t take a new opponent on a weeks notice. It kinda compromises the legitimacy of the title fight . But still he says he wants to be known as one of the best ever that means taking on all comers

  • Come on Chael haters, at least he manned up and tried to save the event…He should be credited for that…Few guys will accept to fight a champ destroyer in Jones on a few days’ notice…I just hope Machida will not flank this huge challenge again…For honestly, he’s the only one who won a round against Jones…

  • Greg Jackson is the natural outcome of MMA becoming a Sport and a very lucrative one…..having said that I ****ing hate him also, people like him ultimately make the Sport very uninteresting and like everything in life make a full cicle and die…..changing some rules in the cage would help mitigate that and holding a fighter (via contract) to an event regardless of the opponent also.

  • f*ck you he canceled the whole event and lost the company alot of money wtf dana white making jones look bad as **** for turning down a fight with a guy who never fought in his weight class

  • Michael Stephensen: Yes, You are right when it comes to the first fight. Well, was I a bit biased? I sure was. However, some of those comments regarding Jon Jones are completely out of control and pathetic to say the least.

  • chael is a middleweight

  • Answer these questions
    1. Do the other fighters deserve to be watched?
    2. If they do then why was the card scrapped?
    3. If they don’t then do you need to complain about them not fighting?
    4. Should the whole card depend on the main fight?
    5. If it should are you a real fan?
    6. Does Chael deserve a shot?
    7. If no, then why do the fans need that fight to happen when there are other fights?
    8. Can fighters fight without Jon Jones on the card if Dana let it happen?
    9. Where do you draw the line for contendership?
    10. Would Dana lose money without Jones in the card?

  • he never earned the title shot dummy

  • that was a step up and oppurtunity for bisping wat an idiot jones not takin fight for agood reason machida is the real contender

  • chael doesnt deserve this shot

  • dana you ****ing dumbass u didnt need to cancel the whole card and y r u tryin to make jones look so bad chael didnt desrve shit!!!

  • dana ur a fu*king d!cKhead y u blaming everything on jones wen hendo got injured and he jus fightin the next guy in line lyoto machida….wtf has chael did at 205

  • Have to agree. Jones is such a baby, can’t believe he just cost like 20 other fighters there paydays after they had training camps

  • haha now dana white is a jones hater

  • I HATE JON JONES! But seriously you guys are mad at him because Dan got injured??? He probably spent a whole camp ducking H-Bombs from some fighter to get prepared for the fight and you want Jones to deal with the best double leg in the game or the most elusive fighter besides Cruz, in a few days??? You guys are nuts haha! And believe me, I freaking can’t stand the fakeness from the champ but he’s right to do this. Man you guys are unbelievable. Eff that card. He’s trying to keep his title. He isn’t trying to please us.

  • @johndo11. How anybody could weak your comment is beyond me. Well said sir!

  • gm1

    Freakin WRONG………

    Dana just said in an interview that Chael just finished coming off a loss. He would need to fight in LHW a few times to be even considered for a title shot. Thats what he said.
    Everyone understands that UFC needs to bring in someone in 8days notice to fill in. Is the UFC so short of manpower that No One in this division cannot step up that deserves it.

    I am a Chael Sonnen fan but he Does Not Deserve it.
    I am also a Jones fan and I understand why he is declining but on the other hand he is willing to step in and fight machida again next month.

    Dana is wrong for throwing the blame on this event on Jones because he doesnt want to fight someone who clearly doesnt deserve it. That BS and The fans as a whole dont want that fight either. Look at the fighter (Bisping) who is monday night quarterbacking this decision….kissass

  • Thats just it its beyond you.

  • gm1

    So True falcon4917…………………

  • lol sonnen vs machida for vacant Light-Heavyweight championship

  • no it isn’t dana white’s fault they had a solution the champ fight another challenger. not their fault the champ turned out to be a pussy

  • he’s a ****ing middleweight that apparently the 205 pound champ is afraid of

  • its gonna cost him more b/c he probly had sponsorship already pay him that he might have to pay back his corner man, etc

  • he’s the ****ing champion he supposed to take on all challengers

  • I’m starting to “get” both Jones and Jackson- seen a lot of guys like this over the years in my profession. They think they’re very cerebral and smart about their “moves” and how they conduct themselves, quoting “great men” like Shackleford and Sun Tsu. So full of shlt.

    Bottom line is they are f*cking idiots.

  • What a random race card pulled. Well done, I have to say this one is too funny.

  • well, frankly. I would only buy the ppv for the main event on this card, that is not saying i would just skip thru the other fights, i was mostly interested in ellenberger fight after main event, but no, would not buy the ppv, have friends and beer over , if was without the jones /hedo fight…and i am sure dana knows that. it sucks, but its business , and it may cost them more. however, a corporation should take a hit in the wallet time to time. the show should go on , and if they lose on cash, so what, next time make bank.

  • Give it up for Sonnen. He may talk a lot of SH*T but he’s the man.

  • It does seem a bit weird that the card is cancelled, we have had champions get injured and pull out of cards before and it has never ever canceled the entire card. Is this White trying to show Jones who’s the boss?

  • Is there an echo in here? Get back under your bridge troll!

  • I agree with that. Jones is a bank magnet for the future anyway and will benefit the organisation for a long time to come.

  • news site on sports said jones just agreed to fight lyoto sept 22

  • Whos the troll now? You made a comment and I admitted you were right.lol.

  • I think Jones is turning into a real douchbag! He turns down a fight and then forces the UFC to cancel the whole fight card. I think Jackson is a good coach but apparently he doesnt have much intelligence outside of coaching fighters. Machida is all of a sudden getting a second chance at the belt hopefully he takes advantage of it. I would have loved to see Sonnen or Bisping get the shot. Apparently Jones wants no part of Sonnen though.

  • Grow up kid

  • 1. When you’ve spent months preparing for a fighter, you’d have to be retarded to take another fight on 8 days notice. That’s okay for someone desperate to move up the ladder.

    JJ is the champ. Imagine Anderson, GSP or even Junior taking a fight on 8 days notice.

    2. How many fights have been cancelled in the last year, and they just mix the card up and “promote” another fight to the main event? Multiple times on multiple cards. So it’s Jones’s fault the card got cancelled?

    That’s bullshit. More accurate to say the UFC has had to sub fighters in to a busy summer schedule enough times that they have tapped out their stable.

    Dana’s job is to promote the UFC, and what’s best for organization Isn’t always what’s best for an individual fighters, and I respect Jackson for standing up to that.

    The immediacy of the internet often makes it obvious when bias and knee jerk reactions take the place of thought. Haters gottta hate.

  • Oh yeah, and it’s real bummer about Hendo.

  • I agree, Sonnen doesnt deserve a title shot in that weight at all.

  • Look you obviously just dont understand or its just ”Beyond you” to see that No champ wants to face or should ever have to face in a legit organization a guy who has no standing in your division and his only attemp at the division was a loss and his last fight was a loss in a lower division. I look forward to the day people ”grow up” and talk sense of a subject.

  • Falcon, there is NO WAY you are not a Jones fan even though you said you aren’t….no fing way.

  • STFU for gods sake. Jones showed his true colors. i’m so tired of watching you suck Jones off in every single thread. Even the ones having nothing to do with him. There is a reason you are never “sharped” and that reason is because you are a ****ing idiot.

  • More wang sucking going on.

  • I appreciate that everyone is upset about JJ’s decision but what I am saying is that he is making a calculated, self interested decisions. He doesn’t care what we think. Now you may disagree with his decision but surely no one here thinks that JJ isn’t doing exactly what he thinks is best and that.s my point, he is doing exactly what he wants and screw everybody else and where did he learn that technique from that.s right the ‘sensai of selfishness’ dana white. Hence my point that it is ironic- WHICH IT IS!!> HIYA!!!

  • See my post above-I am saying that JJ is being selfish and that’s his choice he believes it s the best choice. As far as my genius goes well I appreciate the props no stop trying to control my mind, don’t even bother i have my tinfoil hat back on

  • I notice ****ing idiots are sharped, since there are so many of you.

  • I am not saying Jones is not a bitch, and he has a great degree of fault on this, but in this year there have been so many fights move around because of injuries that it was obvious something like this would have to happen soon or later as a bussiness man DW should have been prepared for something like that to happen but insteaf he started making every card thiner each time and this one sucked so bad that without the main event the fight would be hard to get a decent rating even on free tv a few days ago someone posted an article that asked if they were puting too many cards and here is our answer.

  • sapizo, you are the obvious racist. there is a warm place in hell waiting for people like you.

  • Im just glad all 4 of Jones’ fans here seem to agree.

  • I understand that a “champ” as c*cky as Jones thinking he might loose to guys that are “beneath him” therefor ruining an entire event is REDICULOUS! And I’m telling YOU to grow up because I see your 100 condescending comments responding to any and everybody you disagree withwith

  • Right on CraneStyle (btw style of the elite warrior monks of Tibet)

  • I thought for sure M1 gangsta would suggest Fedor at LHW, hey come to think of it that’s not a bad match up

  • Moots has a case of the Jackson Fever that is going around.

  • …If dana were a real businessman he would shut the hell up once in awhile instead of attention whoring. Look at what he said two days ago and now he says this? Backsliding,backstabbing,hypocritical,cowardly double-dealing,nut-hugging .

    Oh what, chael mouths off and barely does anything in not one division…but TWO and he deserves a title shot for it? Thanx jones for having a backBONE and not succumbing to this slave-driving piece of ****.

    For anyone dumb enough to think jones is scared of chael, please PLEASE bet a substantial amount of your money on the actual fight when chael trains, should he actually ever EARN a shot.

    Logically,chael should have a better chance if he trains right? Then WHEN jones destroys him we can raise the intelligence of posts here since you imbeciles won’t even be able to afford a final bullet,so be sure to pan-handle beforehand.

  • So….let me get this straight…
    Jones agrees to fight an olympic level wrestler with brutal KO power, but turns down a crappy wrestler with zero KO power? Jones could’ve utilized the exact same gameplan and win even easier than he would’ve won against Henderson.

  • Jones is a coward. this does not make any sense.

  • remove Jones **** from your mouth, please, its not a good look for you

  • Few guys? Ask machida if he’ll take the fight, or shogun. It’s been awhile since i’ve seen you guys hang from machidas jock.

  • Or DC at LHW!

  • Jones won his title from his champion taking the fight on shorter notice, of course it wasn’t 8 days, but if it wasn’t for the former champion taking the short notice fight, Jones perhaps wouldn’t even be the champion

  • I am sorry I offended you it was my intention at the time because I felt I was being looked at as an idiot for my opinion. I then responded with I guess its over your head. I took it personally and shouldn’t have. i generally do not resort to such things unless first posted to me which in some cases then bleeds out to everyone i respond too. I apologize for that.

  • Look what happened to chael the last time someone was “terrified” of letting him fight for the title.

    Pick up a book;wait….make sure that book is a dictionary, and look up the word dignity.

  • Show him how it’s done, get out of your armchair

  • Look at the WWE fanboy BS going on in this thread alone and then look back and laugh at all the exact same clowns who claimed to hate Brock lesnar….all because he was considered by some to be able to beat Fedor.

  • Noone said he was a puss,atleast i’ve never seen that. Said he was a cheat, a chump, a guy getting his courage from a pill, a manipulator of the dumbest fans in the sport…..

    Why don’t we give machida a few man-pills and see what pops out of his mouth?

  • Your last 2 sentences sound like self analysis about yourself.

  • The bald one speaks and those that have evolved in the snugness of his dangleberries buy the usual BS.

  • I just believe in the justice of it all. If anderson was caught using roids he would go down to bottom of my list. Just my principles. Jones I liked before he fought Shogun. I have not liked him since and have prayed for Evans, Machida and Rampage to stop him. I dislike him less than Chael though. To some they are only fighting for the benefit of their favourite fighters, for me they have to be fighters that benefit my principles and i am swayed by a fighters persona as much as their fighting style.

  • Real Talk. Jones is a self centered douche. Chael rip him a new one. Dana i feel you.

  • So by your logic than everybody hating on Jones disliked him before all of this happened than correct?

  • And he lost there. To Renato Sobral.

  • Run a long nemesis, back to your cave troll.

  • Nemesis, i already told you back to your cave troll

  • Yeah but not me, not you, not chael, real legit challengers.

  • Again, that guys Shogun took on was claening up the division. Chael has done nothing but lose in that division and his last fight was a loss. how can anyone expect Jones to jump at that opportunity?

  • Wasnt Dana saying only a few days ago theres no way Chael talks his way into a title shot right away? Now hes not only doing exactly what he said he wouldnt but talking trash to his champion. Whats up with that?

  • Nemesis, when your walking in the band and you take a left and the entire band goes right, that doesnt mean they all screwed up.

  • Definitely. Its way easier to take an early fight as a challenger nothing to lose than a champ with everything to lose.

  • You are your only nemesis.

  • Yep, thats what the world will be seeing despite his fans here.

  • forfeit is about the only way Chael could get a ufc title

  • Your right, I think you should quit watching MMA all together and leave here. That’ll teach us!

  • ya being the most dominate LHW champ in the ufc sure makes the fighter and his coach real idiots….

  • Jackson’s boys.

  • Thanks. I think you might be the first one to get the reference.

  • Self analysis about yourself….( * ) ( * )

  • Yea, make him. That’ll happen.

  • At the end of the interview up top, Dana stated if Jones didnt take the Machida fight, they would have another conference and he would get cut!

  • No question about it. So much stupidity. Some obviously just upset about what will happened to the fighters, and didn’t like Jones to begin with (which are both completely understandable). However, a lot of just illogical garbage.

  • If I deny being a fan wouldn’t that immediately make me not a real fan? I would be just a poser.

  • bZt

    Dave Menne also said he would step in to fight Jones on short notice.

  • Entity, I think he meant I was by hypocritically a hypocrite.

    Probably Jackson posting that on behalf of Jones.

  • No, being an idiot makes him an idiot.

    We’ve had presidents and CEOs of big companies who are real success stories, yet they’re complete idiots. Not mutually exclusive.

  • bad move by jackson and jones!
    end of the day he is the champ and ment to take on all comers, how can you claim to be the best fighter when you pussy out of a challenge?
    they have lost a lot of respect from fans and fighters and will be hounded and ridiculed about this for years. its given sonnen fuel to trash talk endlessly!
    btw was sonnen and machida the only fighters that would take the fight on 8 days notice?

  • Normally I would agree with Jones and Jackson that taking a fight on 8 days notice is a mistake but come on! He was preparing for a wrestler with serious KO power and would have been switching to a wrestler with NO KO power. It sounds like a gift to me. Now he is fighting Machida (a totally different kind of fighter) on one months notice. That is a worse decision. He still has to be the favorite but I sure hope Machida puts him to sleep.

  • sure it makes sense for jones. why would he risk losing his title to a guy who’s no contender?

  • dork ftw!

  • sure, jones’ decision is not in the favor of the people, thats true. but for him as a champ it totally makes sense. it’d be stupid to risk his title to a guy who’s not even a contender. even if he wouldprobably have won (imo) anything can happen here. and: you can’t blame jones for other fighters losing their purse. if dana feels so sorry for them, why don’t he just pay them anyways? at least a part of it? or find find some other solution. let them fight without a main event and sell tickets cheaper. whatever…it’s jones’ right to not accept a fight in this case…especially on 8 days notice. vs a non contender.

  • gm1

    I am a Chael fan and i know why Chael is stepping up to take this fight…

    Dont we all wiah we could see just how many fightersfrom the UFC would take this fight….I guarantee you the line would start forming….

  • gm1

    Yeah if GSP said he would step in a fight….WOW GSP has got some big balls…. Your freakin stupid…Its not about who is the biggest man here….hell..Bisping said he would fight for FREE…whats that make him….

    A LEG HUMPER as usual….

  • gm1

    What the heck are you talking about… 20 other guys should not rely on Jones for their payday …jacka#$
    what happend on the GSP vs Diaz fight card. Co-Main event guy stepped up to be main event.
    The reason they have to cnacel the whole card is may because the rest of the card is WEAK….

    That is Joe Silva, Dana and The UFC fault and they put a weak card…

  • gm1

    By Dana crying like a bi#$% his idea of putting Chael as a replacement is telling all the other fighters that you dont have to win fights to get a title shot. It should make no difference if you lose by KO, Sub, controversal decision or whatever…a loss is a loss.

    I admire chael and jones as fighters and always root for them because they are talented… but Dana and the UFC are full of sh%$ for trying to pass this lottery title shot to whomever they pick and not who truly deserves it…

    Hell…I am pissed of the stupid a$$ Hendo for getting hurt. He probably did it on purpose to get out of getting put to sleep…

  • just a big popularity contest, not sure how Jones fighting Machida instead of Sonnen makes him all these names hes being called….

  • Couldn’t they have just not had the title fight and air this on Fox or something? And next time dont build a card with only 1 big fight.

  • I think Jones i fake and a bitch but honeatly is not entirely his fault, its the card itself the problem and Dana is saving his ass blaming JJ.

  • **** shit bitch ****!!!!!!! I used to be the biggest Jon Jones supporter. I hate his guts now….Fire his ass. ****y ****

  • Kick my off lowkick for this comment if its vulgar but FUK BONER JONES AND GREG WACK-SON. YOU’RE IN THE FIGHT BUSiNESS.

    WACK-SON, you wanna talk a ‘game plan?’ Here’s a plan, go fight. You’re in the fight business.

    BONES JONES, You wanna talk $$$!? How bout all us BOYCOTT YOUR BS?! How bout that?! You wanna talk LONG TERM?! How bout no one ever supports your PPV events?! You’re a phony. Thanks for getting my hopes up. Thanks for having me tell people you may very well become the GOAT. You wanna be boys w/ ‘Spider’ and I bet ‘Spider’ would have said he doesn’t care who it is. Matrix dodge and KO punch is his game plan. Step your game up. You’re wack Boner. Eat my assssssss. I’ll be sending you a fork and a spoon.

  • I was skeptic of buying this card anyway. Do I think it is shitty for a champ to not accept a fight? Yes. Do I think the UFC hung its hat on the fact JBJ was the main event? Yes.

    For D. White to say, ‘JBJ’ and Jackson ruined this event is short sighted. What ruined this event was the fact that UFC and the powers that be thought they could sell an undercard event for fans for $55.

    Anyway, JBJ should have fought Chael, got that over with and made some big head way with some borderline fans.

    Chael is and always will be the, ‘American Gangster.’

    D. White will still never accept any blame for things that blow up in his face.

    Hendo, get healthy soon!

  • I’ve bought majority of UFC cards the past 2-3 years and was skeptic of this card. I felt the UFC was hanging its hat on JBJ and it blew up in their face.

    Should JBJ have fought Chael? Yes. Should Dana/UFC try to sell and undercard event to UFC fans for $55? No.

    I put blame on Bones for not stepping up and letting his coach say something about a, ‘gameplan.’

    I think Dana should take some responsibility that he didn’t own the fact he made a weak card w/ 1 fight worth paying for, just not $50+ worth.

    JBJ, you let me down big time though. Dana, well, you’re just being yourself, and I typically agree with you, but not here. 151 card was suspect at best.

  • (emotional rant, had a beer, thought logically, reposted.) Going through UFC withdraw. Especially after that Strikeforce event.

  • Best post on this thread. ^^^^

  • No that was Dana ass that cut off those other 20. I know you don;t wanna hear it, but if this happened in WWE, Jones would have been stipped of the belt and maybe a grand prix for the belt would have ensued!

  • winning by forfeit says a lot. means the champ was to scared to defend

  • Jon Jones should have taken the Chael fight and destroyed like we all know he would have. However Dana is a moron sometimes. They could have gotten Randy and Chuck again at a catch weight or something instead of scrapping the whole damn card. The Ufc canceled the card because they had a shit co main event. That’s their fault. Now Dana has alienated and trashed the future of his business. T he only fighter to get a mainstream deal with Nike and a present and future cash cow! And for what? Because Jones wouldn’t fight a top five middleweight who is coming off a loss?? A man in Chael that Dana said just days ago didn’t deserve a title shot. This is a cluster eff of epic proportions and one that has the potential to have a long standing negative impact. My heart goes out to the fighters struggling to pay the bills because the company they work for has failed to learn from past

  • Michael (bruce lee) I did it!!! Triple digits!!! Much love. Hendo will return, with a vengeance.

  • you are a genius man. it’s cool. there can be more than one. peace.

  • LOL!!!

  • Homie: knee-bar

  • Are we riffing on ‘KFR’ now? Sick.

  • Lol

    Greg Jackson “Jon, go get some fans!”

  • Dork alert. Everyone up on the deck.

  • You ever watch ‘Unforgiven’? “It’s not about deserve…”

  • Couldn’t agree more, this card sucked, no star power at all, with the title on the line, there should be at least 2 big names on the card.

  • yeah right hunter…
    but jones actually deserved a title shot..
    chael has not even fought in LHW for a looong time…

  • well said, nemesis

  • Its interesting reading all the posts and comments were basically you have two sides: (1) is the people that say that Jones is to blame for refusing to fight a different opponent and (2) is the people that say that Dana is to blame for putting together a card that lacks star power. As in almost everything in life, the correct take on this issue is the middle ground – both Dana White and John Jones are to blame!

    Dana White, the UFC and Joe Silva should had come up with a better card in terms of fighters whose reputation and name is more well known or at least fighters that are contenders in their respective divisions. In the “road” for this event we all knew it was a bit lacking in that aspect (actually a lot if you compare it with other future cards), its one of the risks of putting so many cards together (I think its great btw, the more the better) since not everyone are hardcore MMA fans and some only know and follow a few fighters. So, by putting just one big fight in a main PPV event, they were risking a lot and as history proved, it backfired and now they are to blame for that!

    John Jones (personally I don’t like Greg Jackson at all and his views on fighting) is also to blame here. IMO his one of the best fighters in MMA and he has the potential to be the best of all time! He’s physically gifted and has some many advantages fighting at his division that I don’t see anyone beating him at LHW. He trains everyday to be the best. He’s a Martial Artist and as such you train to be prepared to face any opponent at any giving situation. He trained for months on end for a fight and he and his camp say that he isn’t prepared… Well if a guy like him isn’t prepared for a fight, whoever his opponent is, no one is prepared for a fight! God forbid any of us gets in a physical confrontation since we didn’t trained specifically for 9 months for said person… He’s the champ. He wants to prove his the best. He shouldn’t had any problem facing anyone in the division, anyone!

    So yeah, both parts are to blame but you know what, Jones is what he is because of the UFC and not the other way around. This guys earn a TON of money and sometimes forget what it is to have a REAL job were you get paid a shitty salary and have to say yes to everything your boss says or risk getting out! I like Jones but he should had played ball on this one and not screw everyone with his petty antics. His boss didn’t planned this event in the best way but Jones could had saved the situation. He didn’t and his reasons are valid but very very weak. Your the best of the best and you should be able to fight anyone (at your division) barring if your injured! PERIOD!

  • dana has to be F***ing kidding…
    of course he turned the fight down you idiot!!!!!!!
    how the f*ck can chael be offered a title shot…
    I think dana and chael has a secret affair, and chael has to be real good on likking balls…
    talking about sport killer dana, you are the one killing the sport if anyone.
    buing up all other promotions to monopolice the sport and then forcing everyone to likk your balls.
    yeah thats a guy who cares about the sport…
    “If Jones were a real businessman we wouldn’t be having this call”
    no he is not a businessman dana, he is a fighter who cares about the sport, and does what is Right. and for a sportsman it IS the right decision to turn down a shortnotice fight against punshbag/decision guy sonnen who is NOwhere close to deserve a titleshot….

  • Whether he deserves it or not is sort of irrelevant – Jones is the champ and as such should bloody-well defend his title against whoever they put in front of him…the whole point of being the belt holder.
    Getting sick and tired of his petulance. He wants to prove he is the best? Then he should have taken the fight and SHOWN us that Sonnen didn’t deserve a shot, not throw his toys out. He and those like him are really putting me off the sport.

  • Trying to keep his title?

    remember a former champ by the name of Chuck Liddell? No? The man fought whoever they stuck in front of him…no matter who he was or whether he had ‘earned’ his shot at the title. Because in Chuck’s eyes, he wasn’t champ unless he beat everyone.
    What exactly does this say about Jones? We don’t need some belt-hugging baby picking and choosing just to maintain some legacy. Real fight fans will remember him for defending his title against EVERYONE, not for picking who he fancies defending against and when.

    Furthermore, the douche gets paid to do it – so a good telling off is in order for the UFC chaps for letting him get away with it. This nonsense is getting pathetic now.

  • Lmao

  • Machida turned it down, did he not?

  • This. Don’t care whether it was not a ‘smart career choice’ for Jones to take the fight, nor do I care if Sonnen deserved a shot.

    What I care about is seeing a ‘CHAMP’ (and in this instance, I use the term loosely), defending his title against ALL comers. Because that is what a champ, and indeed a fighter, does.
    I will not pay PPV to watch a fight involving a self-centered asshole who turned down a fight for any reason – you are the champ, so act like it. Demolish your opponents and prove you are.
    His actions do not endear him to me, and are showing how some of the MMA fighters of today are now terribly far removed from the guys we first watched throw down. Real fighters.

  • @Nemesis
    Your missing the point. This was an unfortunate situation, Sonnen was offered the fight to save the card. key words being ”SAVE THE CARD”
    Dana never said it was a title fight either. That’s an assumption everyone is making.

  • im starting to loose my believe in the ufc. in my eyes dana aint the right man for president hes running the ufc to the ground and probably lost fans over the past few months due to al this drama/injuries/bushit thats been hapning lately it aint what it was onli a year ago an its gotton boring. dana absolutely sucks

  • You’re all retarded like always. Scroll down on the main page of this site to the article that says ‘White: Sonnen is “a long way away” from UFC Light Heavyweight title shot’ “He’s a long way away,” White said. “He’s not coming off the (Anderson) Silva fight and just talking his way into a 205-pound world title shot.”
    “[Sonnen] is going to have to beat a couple of the best of the world,” White said. “If he beats Forrest Griffin, we’ll shoot him right into the Top 5 and let him fight some of those guys there, and we’ll see what happens.”

    So why should Jones fight some idiot who talks shit, just so UFC can make more money by making an undeserving fighter have a chance.

  • Sometimes it does like when the earth was discovered to be a sphere.

  • Everyone wanted a fight so the bias will be strong.

  • Why is Vitor getting the shot then?

  • the difference is anderson wasn’t scared because he actually took the ****ing fight. jones said no way and ran home