UFC 148 Silva vs Sonnen II: Best of Chael Sonnen Press Conference Highlights


The best of Chael Sonnen from the UFC 148 Press Conference

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  • The crowd didn’t boo when Silva applied the triangle, matter of fact when Chael tapped it was the most electrifying roar I have ever heard to the point that it sent chills down my spine.

  • It doesnt really mean anything.
    That crowd chanted Silva’s name in the beginning. Roared when Sonnen dropped Silva. Chanted USA when they saw Sonnen dominating Silva. Then rooted for Sonnen the entire fight until finally Silva won, then they roared again.

    Bandwagon fans…..dont pay any attention to them.

  • Ali didnt do much better.

    He will continue his job and his talk win or lose.

    Most Silva is going to do is get a TKO cut stoppage from an elbow from the bottom.

    Also if Sonnen wins he actually would be talking less trash. If he loses however, he will talk the same amount of trash, but just for a different person

  • The guy is hilarious for all the wrong reasons. He does a good job at hyping the fight to make money but I just hate the WWE schtick.

    I stopped watching that nonsense when I was 12 and graduated on to real combat sports.

    I can’t believe he is still being tolerated. This is the guy that said Lance Armstrong gave himself cancer by cheating using P.E.D.S, then got caught cheating! USING P.E.D.S!!
    Also hardly any of his WWE style nonsesne is even original

    I usually just like the sport but I am actuall seriously rooting for Anderson to hurt Chael just to shut his big stupid American face up.

    The guy is a disease to the sport. He turns it from trying to become mainstream into a clown sideshow

  • I am beginning to think someone cuts his roids with cocaine, this guy just cannot shut the **** up. tweeker.

  • yes, the mob is fickle

  • sapizo80, There will only be one M. Ali. On the other hand, the other guy is a complete joke.

  • Big Stupid American face up?

    Was there a reason to put his nationality in there?

    “The guy is a disease to the sport. He turns it from trying to become mainstream into a clown sideshow.”

    It’s always funny when people let their personal feelings hide actual reality. Sonnen is a top level draw in the UFC.

  • well put, it just shows you most people are 2 faced , mostly americans

  • kindergarden jokes made by a teenager….
    and the stupid journalists think that shit is funny…
    the only funny thing is to see sonnen take a beating of his lifetime on saturday night..

  • If the #2 MW in the world, and only man ever to dominate the p4p GOAT is a complete joke…..what does that make you?

  • cant wait head out tomorrow

  • it was great!!!

  • I was at UFC 117, and I’ll admit I changed chants with the crowd, but out of pure excitement for how the fight was shaping up. I’m happy Silva won, but with the way that place exploded, I got my money’s worth not matter what.

  • lol obviously americans are the worst people on earth and actively punch babies in the face for fun

  • its on !

  • You Don”?!?! (kisses babies cheek, fixes bonnet and places gently in carriage.)