UFC 134: Silva vs. Okami Compustrike Preview


Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami first met back in January 20th 2006 at Rumble on The Rock 8 in Hawaii. MMA was different back then and so were the two fighters that will meet this Saturday in Rio. Yushin Okami was a much skinner version of himself and “The Spider” wasn’t the dominate champion that he is today. After being disqualified from that fight due to an illegal upkick, Ando has been on a fourteen fight winning streak and has become one of the most dominate forces in Mixed Martial Arts. August 27th everything will be coming back full circle and unfinished business will finally be settled.

Our good friends from Compustrike keep track of every strike, every takedown, and submission attempt. Let’s take a look at the notes and for further info you can always go to compustrike.com.

Key notes from both fighters:

Silva’s opponents were successful on just 28% of their takedown attempts (11 of 40)

Okami was successful on 21 of 32 takedown attempts (66%)

Silva has a balanced attack: of his 436 total strikes landed, 135 were arm strikes; 147 were leg strikes & 154 were ground strikes

  • cool, its going to be interesting comparing this one with tomorrows numbers…..

  • No matter how even their fight may look like this is an easy fight for Silva
    im looking foward more to to the return of Shogun!

  • R.I.P Okami.

  • D

    It would make more sense to give stats on a per minute basis than a per fight basis, especially in cases like this one, when one fighter ends may of his fights quickly, and the other almost always goes to a decision.