Tyrone Spong Vs. Remy Bonjasky fight video


Glory 5:London took place this week and featured Remy Bonjasky vs. Tyrone Spong as the main event. The Dutch kickboxing legend Bonjasky holds a record of 77 wins with 17 losses while Spong holds a record of 69-6.

Spong has been on a four fight win streak heading in to his bout with Bonjasky, who is coming off of a loss to Jamal Ben Saddik at Glory 4. Bonjasky is a four time K-1 champion and a decorated Muay Thai fighter. Spong is also a decorated kickboxer, but is yet to win a K-1 title to date.

Check out the Spong vs. Bonjasky fight video below.

  • He had his chin tucked in his chest and still got knocked out, what an amazing fighter Tyrone is…

  • Bonjasky is obviously slowly getting old but does not take anything away from Spong. Dude is a beast, what do other lowkickers think of his starting MMA career? Is it doable or should he stick to kickboxing?

    And Rory, cool writing and humble commenting I'm surely not the only one to dig your style. Thanks for posting the kickboxing stuff 😉

    • Hey man you are welcome, I love kickboxing. I think Spong could make a good go of it if he has a good grappling coach i think he might make a solid mma ficghter

    • I think if he does a JDS and works incredibly hard on wrestling, which is realistic since he had much more wrestlers on hand than JDS, he could be a champion some day.

      He would literally demolish every fighter from any weight class if the fight played out on the feet, maybe 3 or 4 guys MIGHT be able to hang with him but apart from that he would put everyone else to sleep.

      Let's just hope Tyrone adjusts to defending takedowns as quickly as Aldo and JDS did, if so we could see this incredible fighter against some top guys sooner rather than later.

      • Thanks for the replies and I agree, with ******** wrestling training he could be the new age Crocop. It's just a big question if these full time strikers can really adjust their game to defend against elite type wrestling. I for one would be rooting for Spong if he made it….

        • hardcor3 is too hardcor3 for lowkick…..

  • its been awhile since ive seen remy.. i know hes pushing on in years but he has put on alot of size from what i remember…also sprong is a beast

  • Tyrone looked good, but Remy is clearly passed it. The time away from fighting showed.

  • Bonjasky is a three time K1 champion! (just for statts)
    And yes Spong a beast! (hope to see him in mma, again)