Tyron Woodley Campaigning For Carlos Condit Fight At UFC 170 Or UFC 171


The UFC welterweight division received a huge shakeup yesterday when longtime champion Georges St. Pierre vacated the belt to focus on his personal life. A title bout was quickly booked between Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler to decide the next champion at UFC171 in Dallas on March 15.

And while many felt that former interim champ Carlos Condit should have been in that fight, UFC president Dana White said they had “other plans” for him. White said Condit will most likely fight on the UFC 171 card as well.

“The Natural Born Killer” was supposed to fight Matt Brown on tonight’s UFC on Fox 9 card, but was left looking for a new opponent after “The Immortal” was forced to withdraw with two herniated discs. The fight was still rumored to be possibility for UFC 170 but ultimately Brown was ruled out, leaving an ongoing search for Condit’s next opponent.

It looks like someone is willing to step up to the plate. UFC welterweight contender Tyron Woodley took to Twitter to voice his readiness to face Condit at either UFC 170 or UFC 171:

Woodley most recently made a statement with a vicious first round knockout of former title challenger Josh Koscheck at UFC 167. He has a rare blend of power, speed, and wrestling ability that makes him a dark horse contender in one of the most stacked divisions in all of MMA.

Condit’s bout at UFC 171 is rumored to be a title eliminator bout, setting the winner up with perfect timing to face the champion next. Does Woodley have the skills to beat a wily vet like Condit?

He looked very impressive in his last effort but let’s not forget that he was smothered by Jake Shields and knocked out by a fading Nate Marquardt not all that long ago.

Condit vs. Woodley could be a barnburner. It would definitely add fuel to the fire of UFC 171, making it a stacked, emotionally driven event. UFC 170 features a Rashad Evans vs. Daniel Cormier main event. It’s a great bout but won’t have the backstory or recognition of the Hendricks vs. Lawler tilt for the title.

Regardless, any fight with Condit usually adds a great deal of excitement to any card. Give us your thoughts on this potentially great bout!

Photo: Tom Szczerbowski for USA TODAY Sports

  • Sorry Woodley but you need another fight before you get to face the real champ Condit ight my boy

  • When I think about the 170 pound division, I don't see many options for Condit in the short-term. I think this matchup is actually exciting, and it is a dangerous fight for Condit. I can see Woodley using his wrestling and explosive striking a lot like Hendricks did and it could be a barn-burner.

    Think of the alternatives: Dana said he has something lined up for March-ish for Condit. That means that Matt Brown is out. Looking at the top 10 I don't see any fighters that aren't already ******* in another matchup, so Woodley may just be the guy.

    On a side note, wtf is Nick Diaz still doing in the UFC's top 10? He hasn't beaten ANYONE at 170 in the UFC, and his only win was against a 155er (145er?) BJ Penn in the past couple years?

    • Oh wow, the asterisks are tie-d-up…hardly vulgar don't you think? A bit extreme of a censorship…

  • this would be an epic fight,in comparison to the Matt Brown fight this is up there, i believe someone is getting KO. IDK if Woodley deserves it YET but he will be on top of the division for sure the guy is a beast.

  • Man this dudes muscles are comic book jacked

  • Dana is always saying he loves the guys who step up and will face anyone so I say give him the chance. He has looked awesome and he is crazy hungry. He should be ranked. Rory keeps looking mediocre at best and stays in the top 4? Book it Dana, I guarantee Carlos won't complain and Carlos should be in the title fight anyway. How do you do an vacant title bout and not have it #1 vs #2 when they are both available and on the same card? If he is that good and beats Woodley, then you are set for Condit vs the new champ.

    On the note of the new champ, I hop it is Lawler because I think Hendricks' head is too big. It was funny to see him say that once George started believing his own hype, he would lose. Hendricks followed that sentence up with saying he, himself was the best and was going to take the title; ironic. George won the fight, Rick Story beat him and I think Condit beat him too.