Tyron Woodley Says GSP & Conor McGregor Are Ducking Him


After vacating the UFC middleweight title late last year shortly after winning it with an impressive third-round submission of Michael Bisping at November 2017’s UFC 217 in New York City, Georges St. Pierre’s fighting future is currently unclear.

If he does want to continue fighting, he could drop back down to welterweight and attempt to reclaim the title he never technically lost. Current 170-pound champion Tyron Woodley, however, says that St. Pierre has had the chances to make the fight happen and that he simply doesn’t want to fight him:

“Georges could have possibly fought me right after Demian Maia did,” Woodley said last week at an event via MMAFighting.com. “Georges could have fought me before Demian Maia. Georges could have fought me after Michael Bisping. Georges does not want to fight me. And I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to fight me if I was him, either. He’s already done what he needs to do in the sport. He’s already captured two different titles in two different divisions. He’s made a fortune in mixed martial arts. He has nothing to prove.

“Does it make a lot of sense for him to come in and take on a very challenging, very hard-punching, fast, explosive guy who just so happens to have the best takedown defense in the history of our sport? Maybe not. I’m just that guy right now. I’m on the top and he’s had his time and I don’t think he wants to fight me.”

In fact, Woodley believes that St. Pierre will try to set up a super fight with lightweight champion Conor McGregor:

“I think Conor is the fight that’ll bring him out,” Woodley said. “A smaller opponent. One hard punch, straight left that he can predict and get ready for. The takedowns are gonna be there all day for him. So I think a Conor McGregor fight is gonna provide a f*cking fortune when it comes down to money. I think that’s the fight that he’s gonna try to do.”

Recently, Woodley said that he too would welcome a fight with the Irishman, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t expect St. Pierre or McGregor to agree to fight him:

“I think Conor would come back to fight Nate [Diaz] or Georges,” Woodley said. “I think Georges would come back to fight Conor. Outside of that … I don’t think Conor wants to fight me, I don’t think Georges wants to fight me. Once again, the same thing I’m saying about the guys in my division. They don’t want to help bring me up. They know if they fight me, it’s a big risk, there’s a chance I’m gonna beat them.

“And then I’m gonna burst into stardom beating either one of those guys. I can’t force them to fight, but I would love to fight versus Conor or Georges St-Pierre, my No. 1 choice right now.”

Woodley, who most recently defended his title against Demian Maia last July, underwent shoulder surgery a few weeks ago. He’s expected to return to action sometime this spring or summer.

  • Shock Wave

    I laugh every time this schmuck talks.
    It’s too bad Nate Mardtquart retired,
    because I bet, even now, “The Great” would viciously KO Woodley cold, again!

    Someone needs to shut this asshat up, and the sooner the better!

    • Draven

      Don’t be silly, Marquardt could barely win fights during his most recent UFC stint. He’s been a shell of himself for the past 5 years.

    • Winged Lion

      Yeah, GSP would destroy him, way too smart and skilled for a one-trick pony like T-wood.

      • Draven

        GSP could barely destroy Hendricks, now you have Woodley in his prime who wrecked Lawler, mauled Thompson both times, made Maia look one dimensional and stuffing all his takedowns. GSP ain’t gonna do shit to Tyron.

        • ekevin420bc .

          Hendricks was juiced to the gills that Hendricks would destroy TW and that was also a drained GSP who had lost the fire

          • Draven

            Juiced to the gills? He was never on the juice. You’re just saying what everyone is saying. Woodley kills both guys on their best day.

          • Draven

            Hendricks wasn’t juiced. You’re just saying what everyone else says. His team broke up, he kept blowing up his weight and he lost the passion to fight.

            Woodley kills both Hendricks and GSP on their best days.

          • ekevin420bc .

            No man when i watched that fight that Hendricks looked really strobg for only pushing it 70% nobody ever controlled GSP that way GSP always was the strong one Hendricks was truly juiced to the gills and both those guys i think would beat woodley i dont kbow what makes you think hes anything special anybody could defend Maias take downs by grabing the fence to boot oh well your one of the few that like him for some odd reason i like non whining feeling sorry for themselfs guys who just take the fight like GSP did for so long

          • Draven

            That’s because Hendricks was disciplined back then, his weight hadn’t got out of control yet and his camp were still together. There’s no proof whatsoever he was juiced up. That’s just a lazy excuse everyone comes up with so they can just pin something on him. Johny can barely win fights these days, doubt he could beat Woodley on his best day. Tyron wrecked Lawler and Thompson twice whom Hendricks already lost to both times and is more skilled and smart when it comes to approaching fights.

          • ekevin420bc .

            1. When GSP and Hendricks fought, GSP wanted to do the WADA drug tests along with Hendricks. But Hendricks refused. If he was clean, he literally had nothing to lose out of that situation and everything to gain. But Hendricks came up with a million and 1 excuses on why he didn’t want to do it.

            2. Pre-USADA, Hendricks had great cardio, punching power and incredible strength. Post-USADA he has non of the above. He literally gasses in the first round(like Mcgregor) and it looks like he has the punching power of a flyweight now.

            3. Pre-USADA, Hendricks was big AF but he was still able to make the 170 weight limit. Post-USADA Hendricks looks small but yet he couldn’t make 171? He literally weighed in at 171.25

          • Draven

            GSP was wasting time talking smack and making excuses of his own by bringing in WADA. It’s all speculation that Hendricks was on the juice.

            Hendricks was already starting to have tough weight cuts by the second Lawler fight. Post USADA Hendricks’ original team had broken up, he kept eating, drinking & blowing up his weight, wasn’t as disciplined and eventually lost the passion to fight.

            Still think he was on the juice? Pure speculation.

          • deepgrim

            No when GSP and hendricks were down to fight GSP wanted VADA which he was going to pay for, but hendricks saw conflicts with that and suggested WADA who had stronger drug testing policies.
            Not saying Hendricks wasnt on something, certainly he has changed shape recently, but it could also be they banned the IV for dehydration and weight cuts became a nightmare for him.
            I do feel like hendricks probably was cheating tho, but i would be near 100 percent that gsp was too.

    • Carlton Smith

      Rafael dos Anjos will beat him up!!

      • Peter Dinklage

        Id put money on rda taking out “look at me” woodley.