Tyron Woodley Blasts Stephen Thompson, Threatens To Fight Demian Maia Instead


UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley defended his belt against the No. 1 contender Stephen Thompson back on November 12th at UFC 205 and the two fighters had a great fight. It was a back and forth affair. However, the judges couldn’t pick a winner, and it was ruled a majority draw. Following the fight, UFC President Dana White stated that a rematch between the two fighters seemed likely.

Now, negations for a rematch is ongoing, and it’s been reported that the UFC wants to book the rematch at the upcoming UFC 209 event. There is one problem, and that’s Woodley, who has been actively campaigning for other fights besides a Thompson rematch. He stated that he would like to fight former Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz, UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor, and most recently, UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping. As a response, Thompson recently called the champion out on Twitter, revealing that the UFC offered him a fight contract with Woodley on Dec. 20 and that he signed his contract but is waiting on Woodley to make the fight official by signing his own contract.

This led to a Twitter war between the two.

These two are going to have to figure out a deal because the PPV event is only eight weeks away as it takes place on March 4th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Timothy

    based on statistics alone, Woodley won that fight

    • buddy

      thank god fights are won/lost by stats

      • buddy

        not! 🙂

  • D-Rock W

    except the fight isnt judged as a whole its judged on a round by round basis. Its a worthy fight for a rematch. Woodley got rocked in that fight and he probably doesnt want to fight him again and I like both fighters

    • RayFromDa Bay

      & Wonderware didn’t??

      • D-Rock W

        They both did….it was a pretty even fight hence why it was a draw. Its a moot point since both have now signed the contract

        • RayFromDa Bay

          Agree!! Can’t wait to disagree with ya in the near future. PEACE!

  • Juan Diablo

    “I’ll give Maia the shot” lol This guy thinks he has a choice in the matter. Sign the contract bruh, ur not getting a gimmie fight like Bisping was given- he got the Hendo fight for being a company man for years, and all you do is rock the boat.

  • DG

    I’m not sure what’s better, the irony of Woodley calling anyone “entitled and delusional” or the stupidity of him acting like he wants to fight Demian Maia after all the talk about wanting a “money fight”.

    • RayFromDa Bay

      Woodley will whoop Maia old a$$ thoroughly like he did Wonderchild.

      • McGraw

        maia will do what he did to brown and condit on woodley if they ever fought.

        • RayFromDa Bay

          Miguel & Charles are old & on a downward spiral out of the UFC.

          • McGraw


  • RayFromDa Bay

    Wonderbra won’t stop begging for a rematch he doesn’t deserve.

  • DevinaTheDemon

    Wonderboy, Maia. Don’t give a damn which one, just fight one of them already.

  • Juan Diablo

    Hahahaha he flipped and signed all quick, then tried to act like it was his idea all along lol

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      Woodley does seem too bright IMO

      Dana probably Jedi mind tricked him at the last second without much concern that it wouldn’t work

      “You will fight Wonderboy! Oh I will fight Wonderboy! And these are not the droids you’re looking for! Droid is not my favorite breakfast cereal?”

      • Juan Diablo

        Hahaha great post, +1!

  • Bill Wolf

    Has there been a champion who was more blatant about not wanting to fight the best?

  • ShawnKarr

    Maia deserves the match more than Wonderboy. It’s ridiculous to see a challenger who clearly lost (imo, stats) get an immediate rematch when there’s a contender on a 6 fight win streak.

  • LNX03

    Last Woodley/Thompson fight.
    48-47, 47-47, 47-47

    Too close for the judges.


  • Vaughn MrVon Maurice

    Gotta love Twitter beef lol. https://youtu.be/aLDHeoItg_0