Twitter Reactions To UFC 169 Main Card


UFC 169 is in the books, and we were treated to an awesome night of fights, on the main card at least. Jose Aldo remains the undisputed king at 145 with his dominating decision win over Ricardo Lamas, Alistair Overeem got his much needed win against Frank Mir and Abel Trujillo scored a comeback KO over Jamie Varner.

The main event of the evening was the 135lb. title fight between Urijah Faber and Renan Barao, which ended after Barao rocked Faber early on and Herb Dean stepped in to halt the action. Faber protested the stoppage, and in hindsight it could have gone on longer; but would it have ended differently?

With such a stacked main card, there were plenty of talking points. Check out what Dana White, Chuck Liddell, Tim Kennedy, UFConFox, Joe Lauzon, Zombie Prophet, Ariel Helwani, and yours truly had to say about the evenings festivities:

  • I agree with all above. Faber should have went on.

  • Lamas ate those leg kicks pretty well, never even got dropped. I wouldn't blame Herb Dean for the stoppage, but rather the rules in place for that situation. Herb did what he was supposed to do and we've seen it happen before, that a ref stops the fight whenever a fighter isn't 'intelligently' defending himself. Not really a bad stoppage more so an unfortunate scenario, though it sucks that Herb didn't see the thumbs up. Maybe Urijah should have yelled I'm ok or something

    • My thoughts too.

    • I was rooting for Barao in that fight because I didn't like Urijah's Ug boots at the weigh ins…they were so feminine it was sickening. However, that was a horrible stoppage. He WAS intelligently defending himself as he was when he was rocked. Urijah is a friggin' stud and has to be THEE most durable guy in MMA. Nobody takes as much punishment without being KO'ed. It must be the triple booty chin…? Back to the point…the punches weren't the hardest, Urijah is known for being uber tough, and they were landing on his guard and he wasn't even close to unconscious. I feel for Urijah. I don't like an injustice even if it's for those I don't feel fond of.

  • It was nice to see the Reem pick Mir apart. And it was even better when he called out Lesnar. Urijah was rocked pretty hard. I can live with an early stoppage than with a pretty bad KO of a fighter i like. And a nasty KO was inevitable, if they had gotten up. Aldo too is one scary striker, who didn't even turn up the pace as usually. Brutal leg kicks. I felt those.

    • Faber being in a nasty stoppage is not inevitable, he was being hit with nothing on the ground. He's super tough and can get back into any fight. He wasn't going to be KO'd in his position.

      • are you serious? he was getting tagged all over the place. if the fight had continued, he most defiantly was getting kod. im a big faber fan, but how hurt do you really need to be before everyone says it should have been stopped? if herb dean had let it go, and faber took say 3 more of those big shots, then everyone would be saying he let it go too long.

      • Sorry Falcon, but that is not what i wrote. Pls read again.
        And you think the fight would have had a different outcome, if they got back to their feet? As I said, Faber was already smoked twice.

        It was unfortunate when he did nothing on the ground, just held to the leg, didn't even make a sound and then took a dozen rapid punches to shoulder and head. Those weren't lethal , but you can't really blame Herb, who waited for a response in the heat of the moment. Not a great stoppage, not at all, but also kind of Urijah's fault for not moving and showing any response.

        Barao is, as Don Frye joked about, a mini-me version of Vitor Belfort and he is in for the kill like we haven't seen a champ before. He demolished Urijah and even made Aldo look like a reserved and overcautious fighter. No matter how tough Faber is, but Urijah would have gone to sleep in that round. A preemptive stoppage is as unnecessary as a late stoppage, but IMO still better than any excessive head concussion.

        • Absolutely dissagree, Faber took out Macdonald way better and faster than Barao did. thats a fact. Barao was actually having a bit of trouble with macdonald and Faber made him look easy.

  • Tough to see Faber loose that way, hope we'll see him fighting for a title again, Aldo = Brutal…nuff said.