TUF 19 Episode 5 Recap: Team Edgar Levels The Playing Field


The fifth episode of The Ultimate Fighter 19: Edgar vs. Penn went down last night, and the episode featured a light-heavyweight showdown between Team Penn’s Josh Clark, and Team Edgar’s Cory Anderson. The episode begins with B.J Penn reflecting on his team’s first loss, emphasizing the importance of not over-training and encouraging his fighters to stay focused.

‘The Answer’ takes his team for a mountain hike on their day off, which doesn’t really go down too well with some of them. Josh Clark doesn’t seem too intense in training, whereas Cory Anderson is given props by his coaches for all the hard work. Both guys make weight on the first attempt, and it’s fight time.

Round one starts with Clark looking to keep it standing, showing a good jab and moving well. Anderson times Clark’s right hand and lands a single leg takedown. Clark is up, but gets taken down again, and gets up again. Anderson looking a little cagey, and eats punches for a while before landing a nice slam. Crucifix position for Anderson now, now Clark sweeps guard, and rolls for a knee bar. Back to the feet again and they trade blows but Anderson lands another takedown and the round is over. 10-9 Anderson

Clark lands a sharp right hand-knee combo to start round two, but Anderson takes it like a trooper. Back to the mat as Anderson lands a takedown and looks for ground strikes. Clark looking for an armbar from his back, but no luck there. The ref stands them up and now Clark looks mad, rushing in with an uppercut but he falls over. Anderson jumps on his man and lands in the guard. As Clark looks for the leg lock, Anderson slips out and he takes the mounted position, now he has Clark’s back, now back to the mount. Anderson is raining down punches to the dome as the round expires. 10-9 Anderson, 20-18 overall.

The judges agree as Team Edgar’s Cory Anderson takes home the unanimous decision win. The overall score now stands at 2-2, and Frankie Edgar retains control of the picks. ‘The Answer’ pits his first choice middleweight Ian Stephens against BJ Penn’s number four Roger Zabata. Tune in next week at 10 PM ET on Fox Sports 1 for the sixth episode of TUF 19, and stay tuned to LowKick.com!

  • Ivy

    And then after all of this we can get to watch a trilogy fight no one wants to see! Yay UFC!

    • Two fantastic fighters I think its going to be a great fight. Plus B.J is a legend in MMA and has held titles at both lightweight and welterweight. His big problem has always been his conditioning, B.J has never been KO'd or submitted, has some slick BJJ and has KO power with good boxing. Both guys are in similar positions with their win/loss ratio over their last couple of fights. Don't like the matchup don't watch it.