TUF 18: Has The Show Brought Ronda Rousey’s True Colors To Light?


Recent episodes of “The Ultimate Fighter” Season 18 have provided all of the back-and-forth drama that a show featuring archrival coaches Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate promised to. Rousey holds a 1-2 record as a coach, just gaining her first win on this week’s episode.

Many people have been quick to judge Rousey’s emotional nature as a coach. She’s been shown as always on edge during the show, attempting to instill a type of killer instinct within her fighters. That hasn’t always worked, and Rousey has incurred the inevitable criticism because of it. Viewers of the show may see her as standoffish and confrontational, thanks in part to her ongoing beef with Tate’s boyfriend Bryan Caraway.

On Wednesday’s show, Rousey’s mother Ann Maria De Mars appeared to her team. This week, she released a statement on her personal blog that trashes how the show has portrayed her champion daughter:

“From the fraction of the entire time I observed, it appeared that Ronda was taunted quite a bit without being allowed to respond, with a deliberate intent to create a certain image for television.  Maybe they’ll show some of that on the episode, maybe not. For those of you who say she cries too much – she’s always cried like that all of her life. Who the hell are you people to enforce a crying quota? If she cries over sad movies, happy endings and losing her car keys, what’s it to you? I’m the opposite of that. I’ve cried three times in the last twenty years, and one of those was when Ronda’s father died. So, she can have my share of the quota and it averages out. Incidentally, she started the program at Gompers Middle School and taught there as a volunteer for two years before her mixed martial arts career heated up.

This is just a FEW of the things she has done for charity, for the community. There are a lot more. And yet, she’s not a nice person because she says, “Fuck”. Are you fucking kidding me?

You know, of those thousands of people who were fed from her various free rice contests, I’ll bet not one of them would have been happier to go without food unless it came from someone who talked like Strawberry Shortcake.

Since Ronda steals my lines all of the time, I’ll take one of hers, To be a champion, you have to be willing to let your heart be broken.

Ronda cares if she wins. When she loses it feels like the whole world fell in. She’s extremely loyal to people and when they are hurt, it hurts her.”

This is quite the emotional response from an obviously concerned mother, but does it really accomplish anything in the grand scheme of MMA? Rousey is supposed to be an unstoppable martial arts champion, so having your mom come to your side so defensively probably won’t do much to debunk any bad views the fans have come up with.

It begs the question of if TUF 18 is truly bringing ‘Rowdy’s’ true colors or not. She may just be an extremely passionate fighter who has undying loyalty to her teammates, and when they lose, she feels responsible. That’s entirely possible. On the other hand, she may be putting too much pressure on her team members.

It’s been discussed that perhaps she would work more on technique with her fighters rather than having them believe that they’re unstoppable. That belief may have lead to overconfidence in their first two losses.

Rousey may or not have been portrayed in an accurate manner on the show; it’s tough to say. However, when you sign up for a show as in-your-face as TUF, you’ve got to expect a certain amount of drama and editing that will take the best course for ratings success. That’s television, and it only makes matter worse that this is the first TUF season to feature women and men together.

This show was about drama. It’s no secret that TUF needed a big shot in the arm after a few lackluster seasons in recent years. This was that shot, and it has people talking. But there has to be a bad guy, and Rousey immediately stepped into that role with her intense attitude.

I’m not saying that’s right or wrong, but Tate has assuredly come off as the more calm, understanding, and helpful coach. Part of that could be the editing, part of it could be the truth.

Do you think that TUF has brought Rousey’s true colors to light? And what do you make of her mother’s emotional remarks?

  • We all know the UFC intices dama and cuts shots to add more drama. TUF *****!
    I'll watch bellator thanks.

  • And now her mommy is defending her, how sad.

    The UFC / Fox has not edited Rousey into the situations she's been in, nor have they put words in her mouth. That's all the champ's doing.

    In terms of crying, Miesha didn't cry when Roxanne Modafferi got dumped on her head, beaten up and lost. There were no tears she from Tate, nor any temper tantrum thrown or threats issued.

    She's coming across as an angry woman with a chip on her shoulder, who can't stand up for herself. To sum it up, she's coming across as an angry coward.

    And please remember the presser where she sat beside GSP and seemed to be incapable of repeating the same snide, disrespectful remarks that she had put out there prior, regarding the champ and his lack of interest in WMMA; shoot the GSP for having a divergent opinion from Rousey.

    Sadly, I hope she keeps it up. Her collapse is making for fascinating TV. God love her miserable self.

    On another note, Miesha Tate is coming across like a doll. The whole show is working out very well for her.

    • Really? Of course Rhonda is a spoiled brat. She was treated as exceptional her whole life. She is a child of the Olympics. I would assume a writer for an mma site would have some reporting background and understand the lives of most super athletes. They are babied. But they are super athletes.

      There is no telling what was scripted and encouraged when they both inked the deal. And the whole event in general could be a sham there is so much money involved and so little athletic comity regulation on scoring, reffing, and judging and monitoring those officials. The officials in mma are dirtier than some of the fighters.

      The show is bull crap. If they wanted it to be different they would have edited out the sensation which may or may not be real. They edit Miley Cyrus or Justin bieber to look like they have talent. Really they are just really good trained monkeys.

      Parts of Rhonda's character are surely real, she is a spoiled brat. But she is not the person the UFC created in that show. I highly doubt she doesn't destroy misha Tate again convincingly. She has done more grappling, throwing, and clenching than most people in the entire UFC. Her wrestling if you will is light years above anything miesha has. Punchers chance. That's it.

      • Moves, sadly I have no reporting background other than the understanding of who, what, where, when and why.

        Regardless of my lack of reporting background I am aware of Ms. Rousey's accomplishments and life story, as well as the fact that high level athletes are pampered.

        Beyond that the rest of your premise is pure supposition.

        I've seen no evidence to suggest that MMA officials are dirty, let alone dirtier than the fighters. To be honest, I'm completely unaware of any facts that support the contention that the fighters themselves are dirty.

        As to the editing of the show, if you're contention is that the show is edited to make her look bad, then your suggestion of editing out what we've seen, would be an attempt to make her look good.

        As we don't know that the first condition is true, we would most certainly know that the second condition would be true, if indeed, the show's producers did as you suggest.

        Regarding Beiber and Cyrus, I couldn't agree more.

        Should Rousey beat Tate in December, it will merely prove what we already know, which is that she's a great fighter. I hear no one debating it. The problem for Rousey is that they now view her as many did / do Anderson Silva. They recognize the talent, but have grown tired of the ego and the attitude.

        The opinions I expressed in my post are merely a reflection of the general perception of her and nothing more.

        Please also note, that I give her high praise for being a great villain. She is singularly the star of the show and its saving grace. People are tuning in more to watch her and her antics, then the fights or what's going on in the house. As it's always best to be loved or hated, but not ignored, Rousey is racking up huge points as an MMA black-hat. That's only going to put money in her pocket and make her more famous, particularly if she beats Tate, second time round. Good for her.

        As far as reality TV goes, TUF has it all over any show I could think of and that Moves, is all do to Ronda Rousey.

        • doh!…*due, not do. 🙂

        • Zip

          Excellent points Brian.

        • So you are saying you are in aware of editing practices that can manipulate events? It happens every day.

          White dog crap brown dog crap they both taste like crap. So TUF is just a different kind of crap on tv to me.

          You are also saying you are unaware there is no real governing body of mma? The commission is a joke and doesn't take there job as regulators of officials and judges seriously? You have never heard of fixing fights? Bribes? Bookies? Nothing like a desperate kid bankrupt to do exactly what you say.

          Not saying all fights are fixed but I would have thought if the UFC was on the level they would have used there influence to create a real unified judging/ref system.

          Maybe it's better if the calls are all over the place so it doesn't seem weird when the one they want turned their way gets botched.

          • Moves, respectfully and as much as I know conspiracies are not theories, but truths fleshed out, I cannot buy into yours.

            I believe in my sport, my friend and I believe in it's honesty and the veracity of proponents.

            I know it's not perfect, but I see the sport's flaws from the POV of growth and learning curves. Someday Moves, the sport will dial it in and get it right, but until that time, I'm content with the outcomes of the bouts.

            I agree with you that there are some crappy decisions from time to time, but then again, so would the President of the UFC.

            Although not perfect, the judging, officiating and decisions are, for the most part, pretty sound and the only evidence we need of that is the continued growth of the sport. If it was perceived as being anything less than forthright, I'm sure you wouldn't waste your time watching it and I most certainly wouldn't waste my time writing about it.

            Best to you, my MMA friend.

          • You are naive my friend. I have been a corner man at several events in Texas. I have been training bjj for 7 years and judo for 11. A recent fight for the troops UFC film crew was just in the gym I train in. My best friend is a message therapist for mma athletes. I can tell you a: steroids are everywhere even former heroes succum to them. B the sleazy small venues are rampid grounds for the scum of the earth. My first Bjj gym a royler Gracie gym had a WEC fighter run the place. I have many many first hand stories and myself have witnessed the debauchary. My attitude comes from expierence. Every thing I said has happened already and previously had happened in boxing. You can be blind to it as an arm chair observer or you can do what you can to change the sport. I have personally met Ronda at a US open event in California. She is not that person on the show. She may be a spoiled brat but that show is fantasy.

          • Ps. It's a sport/event. Sports have governing bodies that control the officials, athletes, teams, etc. wrestling is a sport, judo is a sport, bjj, soccer, basketball, baseball etc. boxing and mama have never become full sports. Bellator is trying. Hopefully they succeed into turning MMA into a legitimate sport and not just a prize fighting event.

          • Well, as a big Bellator fan, I'd be happy to the promotion grow; which it is doing.

          • Ronda is their golden child so I doubt they wanted everyone to hate her but then ran with it since it was either be nice or foolish for ratings. They probably couldn't get enough clips of her being nice during important scenes so decided to run what she brung.

        • "We have a problem, and that problem is pretty deep. First of all, judging is on a ten point must system, which is completely stolen from boxing. The system that we have in place right now is ridiculous." Joe Rogan.

          There are about 100 of these by athletes, coaches, reporters etc. you should try and promote more information to better the sport. Just because you have very little understanding of the inner workings if prize fighting doesn't mean it's a conspiracy. A quick google search for mma judging will pull up literally pages of discussion from insiders. As a writer you have a responsibility to learn more about the sport than what a casual fan would know. Otherwise just write a Facebook blog and let someone with more experience be a face for the site.

  • Does anyone recall Rhonda giving Meisha the middle finger, making threats,acting like a spoilt brat. Rhonda's mum is trying to ask the UFC to edit out all her tantrums and rude behaviour to make her a little princess. Typical delusional mum who won't accept her daughter is a little stuck up b-i-t-c-h. If you act like a b-i-t-c-h you deserve to be exposed as one…

    • Her mom created her. Her mom was the first women to win a world open for the us in Judo and trained and taught her to be execeptional. This makes people untitled spoiled brats. Like most hipsters and kids today. At least she really is exceptional. She did the work to be exceptional. That's what the show should be about. The UFC created this garbage. They edit and produce and give this crap to people and then a bunch of morons think its real and bring this stupid s… to BJJ, Judo, Sambo, etc and act like asses at what used to be a real sport. There will be more morons now acting even crazier next time. And everyone will miss out on watching how these incredible athletes practice and perform their art.

  • Zip

    You go Ronda's mom. Get em.

  • Now Rhonda can stand behind her mother while she sticks up for her like she stands behind her coach while he does it on the show. I really don't give a sh*t about her mom or anything she has to say. It's becoming painfully obvious that Rhonda is overcompensating in front of the cameras and it's making her look terrible. It's who she is and it's great television.

  • Ronda = trailer trash
    Tate = I love you!

    • Zip

      Granted, Tate is lovable, and more. However, you would "lay pipe" on Cyborg, yet throw an insult Ronda's way? Wow.

  • You are correct…I guess I am disappointed to find out Rhondas true self….it is amazing how her behavior even turned her in a not so attractive woman…..sad but true.

  • I've been saying it since day one. Ronda is one conceited and rotten chick. She hasn't even been in MMA long enough in my opinion to warrant any type of arrogance in the sport. I realize not everyone can be like Fedor or whatever but she is waaaay on the other end of the spectrum. I think a lot of people were too busy thinking she was too fine to say anything bad about her. In my opinion she isn't that hot either.

    • Snap!

    • what???? then whats your definition of hot? Tito Ortiz?

    • Zip

      Conceited, rotten… and I'll add – spoiled, sassy, passionate, driven, emotional, determined and undefeated. I love it!

      • I'm gonna go with Brittney Palmer. Hot enough for you? Surely you don't think Ronda and Brittney are in the same league? I think Ronda should be respected as a fighter but that's as far as it goes.

  • Any comments on the Modafferi vs Rakoczy fight or were you all to busy calling your girlfriends and talking about what a b.i.t.c.h Ronda is or how cute Tate is. Why don't you all grow a pair before you start talking about who's hot or not. After next episode maybe will have a discussion about who had the more fabulous fight gear.

    • Zip

      We have no balls, that's why we're talking about hot chicks. Good point Cpt.

      • No I just meant that you need a pair to get a *********, or any chick for that matter: But you guys can talk about, and like, them, all you want. But that does still mean that you are acting like yours haven't dropped yet. Biatches!

  • Paranoid is watching this season of TUF for the fights ahhahahahahahaha…really?..

    • Yeah, there's been some very good fights. Not the Modafferi vs Rakoczy fight, but I still think it would be the thing you write the article about seeing this is a page for FIGHT FANS!!! If you're not gonna even mention the fight, then don't bother at all.