TUF 17: Sonnen vs. Jones Season Premiere Hype-Up


Tomorrow, The Ultimate Fighter reality show will celebrate its 17th season, with Jon Jones and Chael P. Sonnen as coaches. This season of TUF promises a very high level of in-house talent, featuring 32 Middleweight battling for their place in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

First episode will be aired tomorrow as a two-hour season premiere, 8PM on FX. Video below promises one of the most brutal knockouts in MMA history, and more of Chael Sonnen‘s legendary smack/pep talk. It’s also important to keep in mind that Dana White revealed in one of his interviews about a (yet to be identified) fighter that puts everyone in hospital.

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  • whats a chael sonnen?

    i remember when people use to crack that joke. now he's a shot caller at the ufc and stil losses or lay and prays. i hope this season produces a champ. and im not talking about chael sonnen

    • lay and prays?

      Doesn't he hold the record for landing the most strikes in a 5 round fight?

      oh and wasn't it on your fantasy man Silva??

  • I'm convinced! This season looks like it's gonna be amazing. Looks like this is EXACTLY what the UFC needed to get TUF back to prominence.

    Can't wait to see what that KO looked like.

  • I'm so looking forward to seeing Chael, The Oregon Gangster, get DESTROYED once again by another great fighter in Jon Jones. Hmm – I really hope he makes it through TUF 17 completely healthy, I really, really hope so.

  • I think Chael would start writing a book a rhymes… damn he is good

    • He is good. I've always disliked him for his antics, but quite honestly, I don't ever miss his interviews. He has the ability to hype up his fights like no one else and I believe that he is one of the most important fighters in the UFC.
      Just coming off a loss from Silva and then challenging 'Bones' shows the spirit of a Warrior.

  • Crap – I completely forgot that this starts, tomorrow. Awesome.

    I hope the show's entertainment value is worth the lack of value, in Sonnen's pedigree for achieving this fight.

    I see this fight going much like that famous scene in Scarface…where the Colombian drug dealer chains up Tony's friend in the shower and cuts him up with a chainsaw. The part of the Colombian drug dealer will be played by John Jones. The "friend" Chael Sonnen. There's no…"say Hello to my little friend"…moment in this fight for CS. This is just a beating and a payday.

  • So sooo badly hyped for this.

    If this season is as good as I expect it to be.. in the words of Joe Rogan "GOD DAMN!"