TUF 17’s Uriah Hall says Ronda Rousey kicked his ass


The Ultimate Fighter 17 frontrunner Uriah Hall spoke on his training sessions while on the show, specifically with UFC Women’s Bantamweight champ, Ronda Rousey. Hall states that he was happy they didn’t show the sessions on the show last week. because he was quite humbled on what the tiny powerhouse did to him.

Speaking to The New York Post, he states, “I said to myself, ‘I can get out of this,’…Then she caught me and I was like, ‘Oh my God, this [expletive] is real.’” With a laugh, he continued, “You can’t grab her and if you do grab her, you’re [expletive]”

The Queens, NY fighter spoke on how Rousey had got him in 2 armbars that he could not get out of. Rousey is 50 pounds less than him. He admits that he had underestimated her ability. Although there is little doubt this up and coming fighter will not be on the UFC roster by the end of the show, regardless if he wins the tournament, he is definitely looking for that video to be sealed in a vault somewhere.

“Thank God they didn’t show that, because she totally kicked my ass,” he stated.

The TUF 17 Hall vs Bubba McDaniel fight is scheduled to be aired this Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 at 9pm on FX. 

  • Hall is okay a bit douchey but I hope so badly he puts Bubba out cold.

    This season has brought great talent but also a lot of people I really can' stand.

    Bubba and Saman willh opefully get humbled. Not likely though since Bubba got destroyed by a novice but still thinks he's a machine

    • One thing that really annoyed me was when Bubba was talking so hard about making Kevin Casey quit, when in all actuality, the dude had a serious kidney complication that was NOT caused by Bubba. He didnt even show him any love after the fight.

      • And all he did is talk crap after the fight and look at everyone like he just made a huge statement and they should all be scared.

        Bubba is an idiot. I hope Uriah KO's him worse then he did Cella.

      • @Reign….the way Bubba has reacted, is only highlighting why Hester was the better choice. Hester will get another opportunity in TUF Finale.

        • Yeah but we all know that that was an emotionally based decision by Jones, which in all honesty, I can't blame him either. Thats his boy and well , yeah he SHOULD get a little extra for helping him so much with training…but the attitude AFTERWARDS??? Nah man…..very unclassy and it just seemed ungrateful knowing your *** coulda not even been remembered after your loss.

      • gm1

        HAHAHAHA……Bubba is a real p%^*y.
        He did get his a%$ knocked out by Uriah.
        Bubba couldnt take a punch from his dead grandmother……..