TUF 17 Finale Results: Gastelum and Zingano get the upset, Faber Chokes Out Jorgensen


If tonight could be summed up accurately with one word, it would more than likely be called the night of the “upset”. Let’s start off with the biggest surprise of night, the derailing of 4-1 favorite Uriah Hall by tournament and TUF season underdog Kelvin Gastelum.

Gastelum used a great combination of unorthodox standup and takedowns as well as solid ground positioning in order to turn the fight into a grinder and earn himself a victory vis split decision, becoming the youngest Ultimate Fighter winner in TUF history at the age of 21.

Second of the upsets on the card came in what was only the second womens UFC fight in company history, which ended up being a 3 round war between Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano.

Zingano absorbed some serious punishment in the first two rounds, only to rally back landing some serious knee’s to the face of Tate, followed by an elbow to put a stamp on what is undoubtedly the biggest, most important career victory for Cat Zingano.

Ronda Rousey will now face off against Cat Zingano who not only earns a title shot with her victory, but a history making appearance as one of the first female coaches on season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter.

Main Card
Urijah Faber def. Scott Jorgensen via submission (rear naked choke)
Kelvin Gastelum def. Uriah Hall via split decision
Cat Zingano def. Miesha Tate via third-round TKO
Travis Browne def. Gabriel Gonzaga via first-round TKO
Bubba McDaniel def. Gilbert Smith via submission (triangle choke)

Josh Samman def. Kevin Casey via second-round TKO
Luke Barnatt def. Collin Hart via uNanimous decision
Dylan Andrews def. Jimmy Quinlan via first-round TKO
Clint Hester def. Bristol Marunde via third-round TKO
Cole Miller def. Bart Palaszewski via submission (rear-naked choke)
Maximo Blanco def. Sam Sicilia via uNanimous decision
Daniel Pineda def. Justin Lawrence via submission (kimura)

LowKick MMA Fight Night Awards:

Finish of the Night:  There were a lot of great finishes tonight including Clint Hester’s nasty elbow, Travis Browne‘s 1st round TKO and even Faber’s 4th round rear naked choke, but I’m gonna have to give the finish of the night to Cat Zingano. The fact that she took the punishment that she did in the first couple rounds, only to push through and rally back with some brutal knees and an elbow. That was a truly impressive and shocking upset of a finish that I’m sure no one would have seen coming.

Performance of the Night: I’m gonna have to give this one to Kelvin Gastellum, this kid took us and the entire season of TUF by surprise. He came into every single fight as an underdog and the youngest competitor ever on TUF, yet he still finished every opponent en route to nailing a spot in the final and fought a very intelligent fight, showing some serious patience and poise for a 21 year old headlining a main event against someone as intimidating as Uriah Hall.

Honorable Mention: Travis Browne bounced back from his last loss with a fairly quick, impressive and very unorthodox TKO finish over the always dangerous Gabriel Gonzaga, earning him a victory in the process and making him I believe one of the only fighters to knockout an opponent with downward elbows to the side of the head off the cage. Weird, but effective I guess.

  • Uriah won that fight.
    He owned the second round and had a monster suplex.
    And he did all the damage in the 3rd.
    Kelvin had 1 takedown reversed at the start
    and then got beat up from the bottom
    at the end before Uriah reversed him yet again.
    So getting takedowns that get reversed and accomplish no damage wins??

    Having said that, Hall should have been able to finish that fight if he was really ready to be a legit contender.

    • Agreed. We need better judges in MMA.

      Hall is a very talented fighter, however he needs to understand that he is not Anderson Silva.

      • wat are this two idiotss talking, i mean gastelum even hurt uriah, if you prove yourself its getting knock out or knock out your opponent, uriah is all hype i mean the real deal is josh samman and gastelum, every other fighters in the tuf this season *****, especially bubba mcdaniel. No heart at all. Crying man.

    • I guess i was the only one who thought the tate fight was stopped a little early.

      Dont get me wrong im not saying Kat wouldn't have beat her face in if Winslow didn't stop it right away but i do feel like stopping a fight when someone is shooting in on you is a little silly

    • I thought Hall was outstruck considerably and dominated in the first round and was rocked more than once. This is a great fight for him though. His ground game was seriously tested and Hall demonstrated he has progressed an awful lot with some great reversals and transitions against a world class grappler.

      It was a close fight but i can't see why anyone is shocked he didn't get the decision. That was a good decision IMO. No robbery or controversy to be had here. Move on. Watch the fight again on MMA-core if you want to scrutinise it.

    • Hall did all the damage in the third? he landed like 3 knees and a couple of jabs while Kelvin slammed him and got numerous dominate positions.
      He was the one doing most of the striking in that round, combined with the first which he easily won, he had the fight.

      and btw that monster suplex is just a takedown, it might have hurt a bit more but Kelvin got straight back up and reversed it, with Hall doing no damage on top (the reason our hating on Kelvin's peformance)

  • Gonzaga tried to turn it in to a grappling match and gets knocked out cold… my favourite outcome!!

    • with illegal elbows.
      and if you hate grappling matches, there is K-1 or Glory out there for you

  • Anyone see that Travis Brown hit Gonzaga with about 2 ,"vicious strikes" to the back of the head? Or were we watching different fights?

  • I know a lot of people , especially fans of this season, are emotionally invested in the hall vs gastellum Fight but if you looked at it like fans of someone you never saw before, you would absolutely agree Kelvin won that. I believe Hall has spectacular skills but he is still not at that level that the TV show makes u think he is….he is above average but far from being the next champion. Sorry for not riding the bandwagon….

    • I disagree I think he's amazing and his skills are very high. But when your mind is not in the right place and the pressure gets to you… It can make the best fighter look bad.

      Hall has some crazy skill but lacks mental toughness. When he gets comfortable in that octagon crazy things are going to happen to his opponents.

      • Well said, Bryan.

        Hall has to get right mentally before he really gets it in the UFC.

      • I think Hall's problem may be he is listening to the hype. If he turns out as good as his potential looks this loss in the manner it happened could just be the best thing that could have happened for him.

  • Cat is my new favorite women's fighter. She seems like she has a great attitude. Doesn't come off as conceited like another fighter I've seen… Hope she doesn't change.

  • I don't know why Bubba was so high on himself. He beat a guy that really is not that dangerous. Bubba being on the main card was a joke. Someones getting a little padding and maintenence.

    • I was really hoping he would lose and be cut and I'd never see him fight again.

  • faber lost his groove a bit later in the fight but still got the finish. overrall it was the best hes ever been get him another title shot!

    • I agree. Faber looked on top of his game last night. I actually thought he beat Cruz the last time they met and at some point Faber will be challenging for a UFC belt again. It is testament to the quality and depth of the lighter divisions that someone this good doesn't have a belt.

  • I think Travis Browne should have been disqualified. Those elbows to the back of the head were belligerent. The fight should at least be changed to a No Contest.

    • They happened after he had already knocked him out so it was the result of the guy going cold and falling on his face leaving the back of his head in the wrong spot. He already won.

      • The fight isn't over after the loser goes cold. If that were the case Browne would be fired for hitting a guy after the fight was over. Browne should have had the self control to not hit Gonzaga in the back of the head. Dem's da rules. The fight isn't over until the ref stops it. He should be disqualified.

      • You can't blame the victim.

      • Watching them slowed down, all but maybe the first were badly on the back of his head.

        I had Travis Browne to win in first round by KO, but I think it should have been a no contest.
        The ref should have at least stepped in after he landed one or two of them

  • No FOTN award? Shame, I thought Barnatt and Hart deserved that one.

  • Nothing against Hall but just glad that those people who were comparing or even crazily giving Hall an striking edge over Anderson Silva are brought back to reality and logic.

    Please tell me you don't believe Anderson would not have knocked Gastelum out cold?

    Either way it was a great finale and the guy who worked harder earned it.
    Shows what true heart, courage and hard work can achieve over being cocky and not going for it