TUF 17 Episode 7 recap: Jimmy Quinlan chokes out Clint Hester


In last nights episode teams Sonnen’s grappling expert Jimmy Quinlan was set to face prolific striker and versed boxer Clint Hester. Episode 7 saw the boys make a trip to Hooters for a little fun and liesure where we once again had to be subjected to a shirtless Gilbert Smith. Uriah Hall continued to alienate himself from the rest of the group and causing the fighters in the house as well as the viewers at home to progressively dislike him more and more.

The fight in this episode saw Quinlan do what he does best to no one’s surprise and grind this fight to the ground at all times. For a boxer with very little grappling experience, Hester did rather well defending most takedowns and even managed to land some very solid shots from the sprawling position with elbows to the side of the head and some hard punches to the ribs.

Quinlan’s perseverance, relentless pace and groundwork however, proved to be simply too much for his phisically larger opponent. Quinlan eventually obtained full mount, eventually sinking in a rear naked choke after Hester turned to defend. Hester tapped quickly and that was a rap.

After the fight Chael made sure that Jones lived up to the previous bet made during a bowling match in the last episode, paying him a visit and providing him with a team Sonnen jersey to wear at the next team Jones practice.As always Chael manages to rub salt into a fresh wound, how fitting.

The next episode will see the final two fighters Australian Dylan Andrews and Zak Cummings face off in what will be the final fight before the elimination rounds begin.

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