TUF 14 Diary: Episode 5 Recap and Analysis


If you haven’t seen the second episode of TUF 14 yet beware of spoilers below. Click here to watch the full episode for free from the official Ultimate Fighter website.

Yesterday was another episode in the bag and today is the hangover. The show was probably the most heated and controversial in recent memory that had many in the Twitter world buzzing. If you’re a TUF fan, this wasn’t an episode to miss. If you’re a purist of the sport you swore that this episode was everything that was wrong with the world’s view of Mixed Marital Arts. Below I have provided a short recap of last night’s episode, but again beware of spoilers if you haven’t caught the episode last night.

TUF 14 – Episode 4 notes:

-After the previous fight, Diego Brandao calls out Steven Siler, wanting to fight him next.

-Miller devises a plan to throw off Team Bisping by postponing the predetermined matches to one week.

-Josh Ferguson is upset that Mayhem gives Dustin Neace a cowboy hat with the letter “B” for Dustin’s nickname, “Beast” on it. Thinking this was to mock the “B” on his cowboy hat, calling Dustin a “Swagger Jacker”, Josh takes the hat and hides it.

-The prank rivalry between Dustin Neace and Akira Corassani turns ugly when Dustin accuses Arkira of taking his cowboy hat, making Neace trash Team Bisping’s room in retaliation.

-The featherweight match up was announced: Dustin Neace vs. Akira Corassani.

-During the fight announcement things heat up even more between Neace and Corassani when they get to close in their pose down, causing a scuffle on the mat with both coaching teams coming to break it up. Bisping and Miller also share some choice words with each other in the exchange.

-Akira Corassani defeated Dustin Neace via majority decision at 5:00 of round 2.

-Although referee Herb Dean didn’t stop the fight, Team Miller questions the outcome when Corassani is clearly seen tapping out while caught in Neace’s heel hook in the first round.

-Mayhem confronts team snitch John Dodson, telling him his actions caused all the drama at the fight announcements.

-Bisping is relieved that his team finally has a win over Team Miller and enjoys the victory by watching Mayhem’s car get towed from accidentally parking in a handicap space.

My two cents:

My biggest complaint about last night’s episode is it’s the exact same formula that never changes within the show. If I wasn’t covering this show for Lowkick.com, I’d probably fast forward all the drama and just watch the fights. The Ultimate Fighter is fueled off controversy and fueled off drama. This will be the show’s final season on SPIKE and then the format will be changed when it airs on FOX / FX.

I’m looking forward to seeing these upcoming changes to the show because the TUF formula in my personal opinion has been stale since 2006. The first season was ground breaking and eye opening. Prior to that we haven’t seen many inside looks inside the training of a professional Mixed Martial Artist. The show now just doesn’t seem organic anymore and it feels like Big Brother or Survivor but with up and coming fighters trying to make it on the biggest stage.

There are times when I feel like episodes like this are a part of the reason why MMA is not treated as a legitimate sport in some parts of the world. They think of MMA, they thing of hot headed jocks with no honor or respect. I know The Ultimate Fighter is not a true representation of fighters everywhere, but to the average person who doesn’t know any better it is what they think fighters are like.  

I’m not going to fully place the blame on Dustin Neace and Akira Corassani for last night’s dramatic meltdown. These fighters are placed in an environment where they are encouraged to put on a show for the camera and its viewers. Controversy sells and I’m sure this will be a big selling point for people to tune in next week.

My question to you Lowkick’ers and readers out there is would you tune into The Ultimate Fighter if there wasn’t reality show dramatics? In your own personal opinion what kind of reality show would you prefer to see related to the sport of MMA? Drop your two cents in the comment box. 

  • Yeah, I like the drama, if there’s no drama then it wouldn’t be on tv because it would be boring. It’s an hour show and the fight only last for 10 minutes, oh yeah we needed the drama otherwise it wouldn’t be the ultimate fighter show, it just MMA Fights.

  • Ya that’s fair, you watch it for the entertainment aspect.

  • akira tapped but it doesnt matter cuz neither guys gonna make it in the UFC anyways. The semi finals should be very good since all the dudes except akira look amazing

  • Yeah, No doubt he tapped.

  • The show needs antiquity and nostalgia, not drama.
    This is martial arts, not a Jersey Shore episode, I want to learn how people fight, what they think, this sport bases itself on years of tradition and warfare, so show me why people were into martial arts for thousands of years. Overall, get to the core of the sport!!!

  • Ya Akira is less than brilliant in the grappling department.

  • You and I share the exact same opinion my friend.

  • My roommate yelled at me three times when I instinctively tried to fast forward to the fight after a few commercials.

    The problem is we are hardcore mma fans. Most of the people who watch the show are not. That drama is what brings a good amount of people in.

    Now to the fight:

    -The fight should have gone to a third round. The first was close up until Dustin’s final takedown with 30 seconds left. Akira won the second easily. I don’t think there is a valid argument against a 1-1 tie for rounds in this fight (by the scoring system in use).

    -Akira tapped. If officials want to call a submission for people screaming or yelling to get out of a tight submission, then if a fighter actually does tap (even if it is lightly, or just once) then he submitted and the fight is over. Herb dean ****ed up, and the only reason he’s not getting killed by Zuffa or the media is because he’s Dana’s boy. Imagine if it was Mazzagati who missed it…

  • I agree 100%. He tapped and I thant dude from the commision should have kicked him off the show. No joke I was so happy when he said that

  • Herb Dean messed up big time guys. Seriously that was an epic fail in our sport, missing that tap.

  • i for one hate the drama and all the stupid antics they do in the house, id prefer to see them train and fight

  • Very well said, i agree, a little insight on how the coaches work with them technically and mentally would be much more interesting to me than seeing a guy put cereal on another guy’s bed.

  • I am sick of refs and judges making bad calls and pooring the UFC need to have a booth review or some kind of way of overturning ref and judge decsions bc thats crap he tapped and it wasn’t over just like the breneman fight and johnson fight the ref ended that fight cause he got rocked but he landed on his elbow fully aware I’m sick of bull$hit call and poor scoring there shoul be some kind of certification you have to go through to be a judge or they should have veteran fighters score and ref because they truly understand it and probably have a way better eye for thing of that sort just my two cents but things def need to change…

  • *bad calls and poor scoring*

  • That’s what I’m more into myself, but for the average Joe it’s not enough for them to hold their attention….