A touching and inspirational story about a boy named Garret Holeve


Garrett Holeve was born with down syndrome, meaning directly from birth he was already at a disadvantage when compared to every other healthy born child.

But the story behind him and how he’s found a way to give his life more meaning than some can even dream of, is truly inspirational.

Check out this super cool and very touching short documentary about a disabled boy turned fighting hero named Garrett “G-Money” Holeve, who found inspiration through Mixed Martial Arts.

  • Great young man, but I feel that grappling competitions are probably more suited to his skill set than mma due to his reaction speed but great effort from him nonetheless. Good luck to him.

    • i think he could take a punch, i think he has a lot of future in this sport, he could be the next mayhem miller.

  • Garrett FTW!

  • Saw a special on this young man before… seems like a great person.

    Doing good things in the community, enjoying helping others and works hard for what he wants, hard to get a better man than that.

  • Thanks for making my day LK and Garrett! Great story all around. Kudos to ATT for being role models for this guy and his family.

    Good stuff!

  • Damn it. there goes my masculinity…my heart just broke listening to his old man!! What a story

  • Nice story, but more to do with a person overcoming challenges than anything else. In all reality, he will never become professional and all his fights will either be exhibition or just a showcase, which isnt bad because it gives all with a disability the inspiration that they can do anything they put there mind to, but professionally? Never going to happen. Too dangerous and his own father states that he never will have the reflexes as a normal fighter. God bless him though, I think his character is awesome.

    • , he will never become professional and all his fights will either be exhibition or just a showcase CLEARLY!


  • This story brought a tear to my eye. My friends son has down syndrome and he lives with challenges in his life. Im gonna show my friend this video just cuz this video will mean a lot to them.

  • Everyone who doesn't understand mma and ate against it, says its violent, full of bad people sport. But this video just shows where are no more tolerant sport when all mma. Look how nice everyone treats with him in a gym.