Top 10 Trash Talkers In MMA History


Whether we want to admit it or not, mixed martial arts (MMA) is not all about fighting. It’s a business, and with a business comes advertisement, promotion, and hype. However, the promotion isn’t the only one responsible for promotion and hyping up fights, and some fighters have assumed roles as self-promoters with vicious trash talk.

Although sometimes it seems too WWE-like, fans can hardly stay away from the entertaining words and hype we see in MMA. Without further ado, let’s take a look at LowKickMMA’s top 10 trash talkers in MMA history:

  • Moobs

    DC didn’t threaten to kill Jones. It was the other way around, Jones threatened to kill DC. Just as an FYI. But I do agree DC has really picked up the trash talk and should be in this list.

    • Mike Henken

      You’re 100% right, thank you for correcting me I should’ve realized that. Thank you for reading though!

  • grandslam

    Between Jon Jones and DC, I would rather have JJ on this list as he was quite an accomplished trash talker. Agree with the rest of the list, including crowning the new trash talking champion, Connor McGregor. I hope that is the only championship he wins. Would be quite disgusted if he ever lays his hands on that belt.