Top 10 MMA Scumbags Of All-Time



9. Ricco Rodriguez

One-time UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez is not on the list for becoming the first UFC fighter to fail a drug test for cocaine, or for spitting on Ben Rothwell during their 2007 heavyweight bout, or for his multiple brushes with the law for driving under the influence but for his actions following a booze and drug-fueled crash into an 18-wheeler some years ago. The aptly nicknamed ‘Suave’ was high as a kite when the incident occurred, but that’s no excuse for what happened.

His knocked out girlfriend, whom Rodriguez admits he thought was dead, was dragged from the passenger seat where she had rode in the vehicle with him, and placed in the driver’s seat, so as to try and place the blame on her and keep himself from being arrested. What a class act. A stint onย Celebrity Rehabย did little for the greasy ex-champion’s public image.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    I know this wont be popular but am I supposed to feel sorry for the porno whore who deliberately got involved with the serial man (outside of competition) and woman beater?

    He had done it before.
    And her judgment seems questionable.

    I’m not saying its right,
    but maybe they belong to each other.

    • Eyes OnPies

      Are you implying that all the shame and guilty that gets thrown at your opposing view, you don’t yet believe being a whore is a respectable profession yet. You bigot, racist, misogynist! People like you have held us degenerates down far to long, we are the new normal, resistance is futile!
      #transgender #transpecies #transylvania #freewilly

    • Black Knight

      Once she’s healed up properly, she will go look for another “Alpha Male”. Women are attracted to bad boys like flies to shit.

  • grandslam

    Looks like you did a fair bit of research Rory. Thanks for keeping an eye for scumbags.

    • Yeah it was a ton of research buddy, always happy to keep an eye on the scumbags ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • grandslam

        And get paid for that. Sweet!

  • DG

    Interesting list…it seems to me that a drunk driving drug addict woman beater should probably rank a lot higher than a couple guys guilty of nothing outside of fouls during mma fights though.

    • Yeah it’s tough to rank lists like these, honorable mentions for Dana White, Thiago Silva too

      • iberian warrior

        dana white is a turd

  • biebabeloeba

    No Gerard Gordeau?? You must have totally looked past him because he was a far more dirty fighter than any of the fighters on this list..

    • Yeah fair comment dude, here’s a honorable mention for gouger gordeau

      • biebabeloeba

        Thx mate, Nakai, Gracie and myself approve ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jose Hernandez

    Ok. No Lee Murray??? The guy was part of the largest heist in Europe and was a legitimate badass. Come on, man!!!!

  • iberian warrior

    What about Rafiel Torre (aka Ralf Bartle) who had one worked fight in KOTC?