Top 10 Champions In UFC History


In sports, no matter what sport it may be, the goal is always to be the best or to be a champion. In mixed martial arts (MMA), the pinnacle is the UFC championship, something every fighter dreams of calling their own.

Since the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was founded in 1993, the promotion has expanded and grown exponentially, now having 10 different weight divisions, and obviously 10 current champions, but there have been many champions throughout the promotions history. Some have had better success than others, and without further ado, here is LowKickMMA’s top 10 UFC champions:

  • evan holober

    GSP’s competition > Jones’s competition

    Jones could still certainly top that still as he has plenty left, but as of right now Jones’s great run in his first two years was against guys mostly on the back 9 of their career (Shogun, Rampage, etc..). Just take each’s top 5: Hughes, Penn, Shields, Condit, and possible of Diaz/Fitch/Aves vs. Shogun, Evans, Machida, Rampage, and Cormier. By overall record/accomplishment it’s splitting hairs for which side you’d go with for “greater”. Looking at when GSP fought each guy compared to Jones you see the Canuck clearly fought a bit more in their prime.

    Kudos for not keeping Anderson at #1. He wins this hands down. A year or two ago. The failed drug test has to take him down a bit.

    • Mike Henken

      I definitely respect your opinion. Jones GSP and Anderson are a toss up depending on who you ask, so I get what you’re saying. Thank you for reading !

    • grandslam

      There is still an element of doubt on the so called “failed drug test” Evan. I am a die hard Spider fan and I have always refused to believe that he would take a substance to gain any advantage on his opponent. He will always be the greatest of all Champs.

      Jon Jones, on the other hand, shouldn’t be on that list at all. “hit and run” is an act of cowardice in my books.