Top 10 Biggest Wastes Of Talent In MMA History


Roger Huerta moves up to 170 and gets finished by War Machine at ...

10.) Roger Huerta

The once-promising Huerta signed with the UFC in late 2006, winning his debut over Jason Dent and going on to fight a remarkable five times in 2007, winning all of them. His surge saw him as the first-ever MMA fighter to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated (he’s since been joined by Ronda Rousey), signifying his possible status as one of MMA’s future stars.

But decisions losses to Kenny Florian and Gray Maynard, coupled with a questionable decision to pursue acting in 2009, apparently took away all of Huerta’s considerable momentum. He returned to fighting but lost six of his eight fights since that fateful 2007, and was last seen beating Christian Holley under the ONE FC banner in August 2014. He’s still around, but Huerta could have done so much more in MMA, especially in the UFC.

  • Mark Smulson

    No surprise there are no comments. This writer hasnt got a clue. If you think the UFC is about talent, your surely confused. This game is about selling seats and increasing the buy rate PERIOD! This shows what a real Douche Bag you are Mike Drahota

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      Lol there are no comments…You wrote this when the article
      was up for maybe two minutes. Anyway, MMA isn’t about talent? Tell that to
      Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, Ronda Rousey, and yes, Jon Jones.

      And that shows that I don’t know what I’m talking about huh?
      Google my name and you’ll see I know plenty about the sport….Google yours and all I see is a fat guy with skinny arms in a Dethrone shirt.

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          I can’t argue with the facts there Eyes lol

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      Mike is one of the better writers out there. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean he is a douche. He wasn’t even heavy handed in his descriptions.

      I don’t agree with what he wrote about some of these guys but its well written and if you look he writes a lot. If you don’t agree try using specific examples and having a real debate.

      • Michael Drahota

        As always, thanks for the support James. It’s obviously fine and encouraged to disagree, but questioning my ability as a writer without even citing an example is troll worthy. Appreciate you clarifying the difference here.

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          I hate these slideshow new window ads that are all over the net now. Just feed me some letters with 1-10.

          Good trolling though it made up for the shitty link.

  • james

    Mike i used to train at relson gracies with Roger sometimes. He just got to many concussions i think. He really probably shouldn’t fight at all.

    As far as nick he became a pretty big star and did things his own way. Could he have been more maybe but he will still be a legendary fighter and considering he probably has mild asbergers (seriously) he did pretty well for himself. He is much much smarter than he comes across and a lot of his “attitude” and shenanigans are pretty much done to protect himself and are an act.

    Definitely agree with your number 1.

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    I actually like these sort of articles, it shows that the author and this site has more to offer than just dick riding popular news in the sport. I respect original articles and ideas like this a whole lot more than that shit the new writer was posting. I’d like to see more posts along these lines. Drahota is probably the best author on this site, no offence to you Rory you mustard tiger.

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      Thank you Randy. We’re trying to mix it up a bit with thought-provoking pieces in addition to the common day-to-day news. We think it’s working.

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      You are so ignorant as to how this site works aren’t you? You have no idea who comes up with the stories, or who gets assigned to do those stories. If you don’t know the facts, stop spreading your ignorance.

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    I just want to comment to appreciate Mike’s work in this article. I think Mike Drahota is an excellent writer. In fact, most guys on Lowkick write very well and show genuine passion for the sport. Keep up the good work.

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      I appreciate that immensely. Thanks, as always, for your continued support as a longtime member of Lowkick grandslam.

  • Ringworm

    The Soul Assassian Dave Terrell is far and away the biggest waste of MMA talent and it’s not even close.
    BJ Penn does get an honorable mention, as does Frank Shamrock..

  • Tin Man

    I would have ranked Fedor #1. I was surprised he wasn’t on the list.

  • Broderick Cool

    I stopped reading after Brock lesnar. Really? The guy holds records. He left wwe and set out to make an impact in the sport and win a title, he did just that. Why are you ripping on him? I don’t much care for the guy either but you have to admire and appreciate what he did in so little time. Horrible guy whoever made this list

  • sd1415

    Nathan Jones.