Tony Ferguson to Conor McGregor: Defend The Belt Or Vacate It

Ferguson Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Lightweight contender Tony Ferguson tore into 155 pound champion Conor McGregor on Twitter this week, challenging the two-time champ to defend his lightweight belt or vacate the strap entirely.

Ferguson (22-3) was supposed to take on fellow lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 209 for the interim belt, but the Dagestani was forced to withdraw from the fight a day before their scheduled showdown.

Without a fight lined up, “El Cucuy”¬†has set his sights on the champion, who has been angling for a boxing match with legend Floyd Mayweather lately.

McGregor won the 155 pound strap after TKOing former champ Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, having entered the fight as reigning featherweight titleholder as well.

With no fight currently lined up, Ferguson, who’s riding a nine-fight win streak, has certainly made his case for a title shot at this point. But with the champion of his division essentially missing in action while this Mayweather fight plays out, Ferguson took to Twitter to lure the champ back to his division to defend the belt.

While a trilogy fight with Nate Diaz also hangs in the balance, “El Cucuy”¬†could be waiting for his title shot for a while as McGregor sorts out his next moves regarding a boxing match with Mayweather.

In the meantime, Ferguson and the rest of the lightweight division are left in the lurch as the 155 pounders wait for McGregor’s next move. And with the streaking lightweight saying a fight with Nurmagomedov is behind him following the UFC 209 debacle, the future seems more uncertain than ever for Ferguson.

Will “El Cucuy” get his wish and finally receive a title shot against the champ? At this point, only time will tell.

  • Shock Wave

    Ferguson has a point.
    Conor can’t have his way all the time, and can’t keep ducking #1 contenders the rest of his fighting career.

    Put up or shut up.

    • David Twardy

      Where was all the outrage when Aldo took a year or more off 3x as champ. Only to return when he was 110% healthy. ( ducking real threats and returning for favourable match ups. ) Everyone is quick to forget that Conor wasn’t the one to hold up the division for 3 years it was Aldo. Conor fought 10x in under 4 years, Now he hasn’t fought in only 4 months and everyone is crying that he’s stalling again….. How many champs fight every 3 or 4 months…. oh thats right none of them.

      • David Twardy

        You can’t become a 2 time champ that holds both at one time if you give one up. a month after he won the UFC gave it back to the real chump Aldo. Conor has now been inactive in the only division he holds a belt for 4 months. GSP fought like once a year, Cain once every 18 months, Bisping every 5 to 6 months, JJ every 6 months…… Conor is on his 4th month since his last fight.

        • Murderous1

          Shut the hell up you talk too much you the only stupid McNutthugger left

          • David Twardy


          • David Twardy

            Do you foam from the mouth while you type

      • Shock Wave

        At least Aldo wasn’t trying to fight outside the UFC.

        But it’s suddenly ok for Conor to do it?

        Uh huh

        • David Twardy

          But listen to the facts first. #1 Conor no longer has the FW belt, It has been just GIVEN back to the guy that has a history of really holding up the FW division. #2 Conor Just fought 4 months ago. #3 an interim belt was going to go on the line meaning a #1 contender fight was about to take place to decide who would fight Conor next. Is that Conor’s fault Khabib missed weight, eating cake the week before the weigh ins? Where were all the Rousey haters in her prime when she took time off to film things as champ. Conor has been one of the top 20 active fighters in the last 4 years. And that is out of 500 fighters. So if what he is doing isn’t good enough what would be? A fight every Saturday night?

  • McGraw

    Conor is a fake.

  • Jess Fenchley

    Conor will vacate it, say he never lost the belt, and still claim to be the best. FAIL.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Cucuy’s got a little bit of a mouthpiece too

    I hope they do find a way to make this match becasue the build up in the media would be awesome

  • Ted Bundy

    All this ducking and running talk is comical. Conor won it in November. 4 months ago. Stipe won 6 mos ago and they just announced Jr as his next opponent. Which is 8-9 mos from then. DCs last fight was July, so almost a year. Bisping was 6 mos ago and they just announced GSP. They’re aiming for July which means August. Almost a year and Aldo is a year between fights.
    So by the standard of everyone else, Conor had 6 mos before even naming an opponent. But, UFC does need an interim. Cause Conor could cash in on Floyd and then retire. So, Nate vs Tony is probably the right call. I have no faith in the pull out merchant.

  • John Valentine

    Connor or anyone that refuse to defend his or her belt for a certain amount of time and without any injury to justify it should be strip of that belt or make him or her the interim champion and allow others willing to defend their titles to become champions. You can’t live from old glory and find all kind of excuses, loopholes and nonsense to avoid any defense of your title. He became champion because that opportunity was given to him and know him and Dana are blocking the whole division for the same opportunity. Two belts never defend one.