Tony Ferguson Promises To ‘Stockton Slap The Sh*t Out Of Diaz’


While UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor ponders his next move, Tony Ferguson will take on Kevin Lee for the interim lightweight belt in the main event of October 7’s UFC 216 from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. With McGregor’s coach and many others hoping for a trilogy match with Nate Diaz, Ferguson is having none of it.

Conventional wisdom would state that McGregor would fight the winner of that fight as they are the interim champion and deserving of the next title shot, but based on the Irish champ’s style of picking fights, that may not be the case. With McGregor, his coach and many others hoping for a trilogy match with Nate Diaz, Ferguson is having none of it.

“El Cucuy” has been vocal about McGregor defending his lightweight title, but the Irishman has failed to do so since winning it against Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205. Ferguson went off on the idea of McGregor vs. Diaz III when asked by Submission Radio (via MMA Fighting):

I believe that they absolutely need to. If that’s my belt and he has the belt, they need to unify both belts. F**k that Nate Diaz three shit. Both those b**ches f**in – they want to try and act like they want to go and make money. Nate don’t want to fight. He’s trying to recover from a f**king hit that he took with his management and all that other things. McGregor’s gotta defend or vacate. He’s gotta defend that belt, he needs to come back. If not, there goes his legacy, there goes the UFC s**t. I mean, really, legitimately, why do we have rankings? Why do we have a belt system? Why do we have all this other stuff?

“In ultimate reality, I don’t give two f**ks. The fight that’s the most important at hand is the one that’s most important and that’s the one motherf**kers need to get excited about, because obviously everybody f**king knows what the f**k I can do to Nate Diaz.

““And look, there goes my swearing jar. I haven’t acted like I needed to get my s**t together for my kid, but like, straight up, you guys want me to talk about those other fighters? They’re a bunch of b**ches. They want to go and they want to talk – look, we can f**king put this s**t out on video and we can make this a money fight. If you guys really wanna get gangster, let’s do that s**t. If you want to f**king put on money, let’s put it on paper, Nate. I will f**king Stockton slap the s**t out of you kid. You don’t f**king know me, dude. Straight up. Same thing with Conor McGregor. You guys are a bunch of b**ches and you guys are a bunch of fakes. If you wanna fight while we’re here in the UFC, why don’t you come and sign on the dotted line after you get your s**t together and defend your f**king belt, Conor.”

Do you think McGregor should fight the winner of Ferguson vs Lee upon his return? Or should he complete his trilogy with Diaz, the only man to beat him in the UFC?

  • Shock Wave

    Either way, once Conor is done his medical suspension, defend or vacate.
    Dog and pony show is over, put up or shut up, McGregor!

    • Ray Stantz

      He’s won all but one of his fights in the UFC which he rematched and avenged and beat two Champions to take their belts…I think he is doing alright, “dog and pony show”???. I agree he needs to defend but Conor hasnt been the one talking Khabib, Nate, and Tony been doing all the chit chat at 155…Conors been away making money and none of them have fought since last time Conor fought and won the belt. No real clear contender because they havent fought…Conor is the champ at 155 and he has fought more recently than Nate or Tony.

      • Shock Wave

        Ray, be sensible.
        155 is full of contenders, Conor already called out Khabib to fight in Russia, Tony is staying active, Nate… well, fuck Nate because that fight is horseshit, and we all know it.

        Conor’s bashed in brain and his team better figure a plan, cuz it will be difficult for him and his dreams at this point.
        Like, defending the title!

        • Ray Stantz

          “Conor’s bashed in brain ” ??? He has a 10 rd boxing match and a welt under his eye lmao…you are a drama queen.

          Tony and Conor havent fought in the UFC since the same time last year but at least Conor has been training and boxing and making money…Tony and the division just been running their mouths ….no one in the top 5 has fought aside from Eddie and Dustin. Nate hasnt done shit and wont likely be doing shit without Conor so might as well just retire…he’s just looking to cash a check.

          ” it will be difficult for him and his dreams at this point.”

          The man has made over 100 million dollars and just turned 29….im sure he’ll b fine no matter how it shakes out.

          He will most likely face off against the winner of Lee vs Ferguson sometime around the first of the year or in early 2018.

          • Shock Wave

            Conor is taking the rest of the year off, instead of fighting again, like he said he would in Russia vs Khabib.

            100 million bucks don’t mean squat if you can’t remember how to count.

            And just watch, Conor will do the dodge of #1 contenders and yell about “how important he is” and such else brain damaged A-holes do

          • Ray Stantz

            Again with the brain damage thing??? He is on vacation and doing fine lmao…Looks to be 110% healthy. Either way he was more active in combat sports than either Khabib or Tony….

          • Shock Wave

            Oh, you were on vacation with Conor eh?
            What’s it like being so far up his ass?

          • Headrush

            Typical moronic post…….

          • Shock Wave

            What a brutal comment.

            Took you a long time to come up with that eh?

          • Headrush

            About as long as it took for you to accept you suck!!!!!!
            Too easy to upset you huh????

  • Eric Carstens

    conner should go for max cash ,or are you all communists all of the sudden ?

  • I Train UFC

    No question you would Tony. Just like any other B level .500 fighter you would fight