TJ Grant Talks UFC 164 Title Shot: I’m Coming In To My Prime


TJ Grant will face the biggest test of his career when he steps in to the octagon at UFC 164. Benson Henderson is a tough fight for anyone in the UFC’s 155lb. division, mainly due to his high pace and athleticism. He can outwork challengers, causing them to tire in the later rounds and this is where Bendo is his strongest.

Henderson is a much higher caliber opponent than anyone that Grant has faced, although TJ is no rookie. His record stands at 21-5 and his dominating win over Gray Maynard is proof that Grant is ready for the step up in competition. Grant attended a Q&A in Winnipeg recently, check out what he had to say about his bout with Maynard:

“My plan the whole time was to stand up and look for the knockout,” Grant said. “But I wouldn’t say I wanted to stand and bang with him because he does have that power. It’s kind of unfair – if I were to bang with him, it could end up really bad for me. I took his shots, and I felt like it was important that I did take a little bit of his shots to let him know I’m still there. I can take a punch, but I don’t ever want to rely on that because it could end any time.”

Maynard is certainly a tough customer, and has been at the top end of the division for a while. Henderson is a different beast though, he poses a serious threat to anyone who goes the distance with him. Not that Grant seems to concerned with that:

“He definitely has a lot of experience in that, and that plays to his advantage being in that situation,” he said. “But I’m going to prepare for it. When I train for fights, I spar five rounds. I’m going to pressure him, and it’s going to be in your face. That’s how I like to bring it. We’ll see how he fights five rounds when I’m attacking him the whole time.”

“Every fight since I went to 155, every camp has built on the previous one,” he said. “I’m just getting better at rest and recovering and pushing it the right ways. That’s been the key to my success. I’m coming into my prime, and this is going to be balls-to-the-wall, full boar.

“I’m looking to fight five rounds and go to war.”

Obviously every competitor thinks they have the tools to beat the champion. But with guys as dominant as Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Ben Henderson and GSP-it’s easier said than done. If I had to pick right now, I’d say that Anthony Pettis has the best chance of beating Henderon. But TJ Grant has the chance to shock the worl here, anyone think that he will?

  • Really think this could be Bendo's end as a champion.. Ben struggles against really technical boxers and grant has the most dangerous hands Bendo has probably ever faced.
    In my mind, it all depends on how well grant can stop the takedowns. if he can do what Gil did, I think he takes the title with a TKO.

    • D

      What did Gil do? Lose?

      As far as dangerous hands, let's be realistic. Grant has 4 KO/TKO finishes in 26 fights. He's a grappler who has developed decent striking and is coming off two impressive finishes where he was able to use it.

      Bendo is the better athlete, more diverse and well rounded striker, and the better wrestler. He wins again, and this time the decision won't be controversial.

      • I meant how Gil stuffed the takedowns.

        Grant has really developed a great striking game and it has accelerated over the last few years, his last 3 wins highlighted this big time. His power translated brilliantly at lightweight as well, like you said he doesn't have a lot of KOs at WW but he's showing he is super dangerous at 155.

        Your right on all those things, except Bendo being more diverse striking… he is not. Ben has great leg kicks and decent body kicks but apart from that his striking isn't great for a top 5 fighter, let alone a champ. Especially his hands, he gets outboxed in majority of fighta if he can't dominate the takedowns

        • D

          And you just described exactly why Bendo IS a more diverse striker. His kicks. He also has great knees. Maybe look up diverse in a dictionary. This isn't boxing.

          • Diverse striking means a good range of different strikes…. which means he would need good hands as well as his kicks

  • "full bore" ..ED. 🙂

  • Bendo via 2 out of 3 very very weird judges.

  • I think TJ is going to take this fight and in early and decisive fashion.

    When a fighter can say…"My plan the whole time was to stand up and look for the knockout…" and then do it, that's not just saying something, it's doing it and when a fighter does that against an opponent as great as Gray Maynard, that's really doing something, because Gray is no joke, not a pushover and nobody's ***ch.

    My prediction is that come August 31rst, that Canada will claim it's second and concurrent UFC Championship Title; round 1 stoppage.