TJ Grant Out, Josh Thomson Will Challenge Anthony Pettis At UFC On Fox 9


It seems that the injuries that kept TJ Grant from his first title shot at UFC gold are still haunting him. News broke earlier today that the number one contender would be unable to get fit in time for a November scrap with the new 155lb. boss.

Grant confirmed via his Twitter:

Terrible news for Grant, who is currently riding a five fight win streak. Recent destructions of Gray Maynard and Matt Wiman helped put TJ Grant on the map at 155 very quickly, but it appears the Nova Scotia native will have to wait just a little longer.

UFC officials confirmed via Fox Sports Live that there was already a replacement fighter lined up to step in against Pettis at UFC on Fox 9; Josh Thomson. Although 2-2 in his last four, Thomson has long been considered a top Lightweight and scored an impressive TKO win over Nate Diaz in his UFC return.

The question is how will Thomson’s excellent footwork and durability fare against the unpredictable finishing machine that is ‘Showtime’?

  • Terrible news for Grant indeed… even more terrible for Thompson cause Pettis is gonna wipe the floor with him! I would've rather seen Pettis fight Grant (eventhough the outcome would be the same i think Grant would be more of a challenge). Should be a nice scrap though, just don't know if Thompson deserves that shot just yet!

    • Josh Thompson is a great fighter, and his style will go great with Pettis, I think this will be an awesome fight.

      • For sure !! It should be very exciting (for as long as it lasts)… i think its gonna be very spectacular and very short!

  • Not sure Thomson has done enough to warrant a title shot, but he did look incredible in his last fight.

  • Thompson certainly did not deserve this shot yet but his last losses have been highly controversial and his wins have been quite good. The guy has great ability and I look forward to him battling Pettis who I would still have as favorite to win by a healthy margin.

    • I agree. Thompson is tough as nails. But I can't see pettis beating him. He will be the favorite for sure.

  • Surely, this must be the will of the MMA Gods to ensure that when Grant finally makes it to the Octagon for his title shot, that it happens in Halifax; his hometown.

    White has talked about going to Canada's Eastern Coast for years, now; T.J. Grant & a 155 title fight, would be the perfect reason.

    • Yeah the challenger gets home advantage, thats happening to such a well known fighter…. Sorry man, TJ Grant is great but casual fans don't really know who he is

      • Homminick

      • Hunter, it's not Grant's name recognition or lack thereof that would be the issue. It's doing a show in Halifax and more specifically the marketing opportunity and excuse, that Grant would give them to bring a show to the East Coast.

        I'd venture a guess, that a show in Halifax would sell out and that would easily make it the size of any Vegas card. The rest is all PPV and if people aren't buying the PPV, then that will say more about the whole card, then just Grant being on it and fighting in his hometown.

        Not to mention that Pettis just fought for and won the title in his hometown and did so as the challenger, not the champion. In terms of casual fans, I wonder how many of those really knew who Pettis was prior to the fight or may even know, now?

        At the end of the day, there's more reasons to put Grant / Champion on in Halifax, then any other city that could be named.

        That's my view of it, at any rate.

  • Sorry for TJ but that's going to be an exciting fight. It will be very dynamic