TJ Grant Dispels Conspiracy Theories, Suffered Concussion


Just as the dust settled on last night’s huge UFC 164 schedule change, conspiracy theorists everywhere began to speculate on the just how severe TJ Grant’s injury was.

Since Henderson-Pettis is such a huge bout, while Grant remains relatively unknown, many began to think that Dana White had somehow made the blockbuster bout happen with money or other means.

However, the under-the-radar UFC lightweight quickly spoke up to dispel any potential rumors, stating that he would not accept any amount of money to withdraw from his earned title shot this August:

Grant also stated that he suffered a concussion during BJJ training, forcing him to withdraw from the biggest fight of his career to this point:

It’s an unfortunate circumstance for the Nova Scotian, who has rattled off five consecutive victories since making the cut down to lightweight.

Let’s hope that Grant still gets his title shot upon returning healthy. However, if Henderson and Pettis battle to a close call, we may see a rematch due to this rivalry’s storied history. Here’s to hoping everyone involved can stay healthy enough to make it to the octagon. 

  • The Illuminati want to see Pettis and Henderson.

  • I was surprised that he got scratched with the card still 6 weeks out however all the medical advice seems to indicate that its common to stop all contact activities for 3-4 weeks or longer following a concussion.

    Below is definition of the two types of concussion if anyone is interested.

    Simple concussion. Someone with a simple concussion experiences symptoms that get better in 7-10 days.

    Complex concussion. Someone with a complex concussion experiences persistent symptoms that last longer than 7-10 days. Doctors also consider it a complex concussion if a person loses consciousness (passes out) for more than 1 minute or has a seizure at the time of the injury. It's also a complex concussion if someone has had a concussion before, no matter how long ago.

    • That's for sure Enjoy, I had a serious concussion for a week after a motorcycle crash, couldn't remember even what happened.

      I kept asking people what happened 2 minutes after they explained it to me again and again, they were almost laughing it seemed so surreal to the doctors and nurses.( my ex-wife was trippin hard)
      Thats probably why Im schizophrenic and so am I.

      • @Entity….thats nasty man. r u still riding?

        • Oh yea, I still ride. It was actually dirt bikes 8 years ago. It was a new place to ride for me and the track circled and criss-crossed, there was a big bush there and I didnt know the paths crossed. I was 3rd gear on the gas and hit head on with a CR250 and my YZ. They guy I hit was 235 lbs or so. I knocked him back about 15 feet. I smacked my head off his handle bars with my helmet and did two complete flips in the air and landed upside down on his bike. I was convulsing for almost 2 minutes they said, then I came too.
          Didnt even remember where I was or how I got home. Then we were off to the hospital, they knew my brain was messed up. Week later I remembered almost everything and have been riding ever since.
          I did break my wrist aslo but didnt feel that at all for 3 days lol.

          • You're lucky you did not get spinal injuries from that or serious brain injuries. Thats as near death experience you can get when you start convulsing.

            You should try your luck on the Dakar rally.

  • Awww h3ll, guess I'll put away my tin foil hat.

  • Kungfurl hit that on the nail lmao