Tito Ortiz likens Ryan Bader to a scared animal


In a short video preview of the Tito Ortiz edition of “UFC Tonight” set to air tomorrow, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz recalls his triumphant upset over Ryan Bader that saved his job for the time being. Ortiz states his strategy was to see if Ryan Bader liked to get punched in the face, and he found out quickly by rocking ‘Darth’ with a short right before following him to the ground with a guillotine submission.

It was a great win for Ortiz, who soon thereafter filled in to fight Rashad Evans. While he lost that bout, the champ will always be remembered for this epic win over the younger Bader. He even said he thinks it was his most memorable fight. What are your thoughts on Ortiz’ legacy?



  • I was happy to see him get the win, but I think he was more lucky than anything and I think Bader didn't take Ortiz seriously. Put the two together and Tito got, what was to most, a shocking victory.

    Unfortunate that Tito retired and Bader doesn't have the opportunity to even the score. My bet would be, Bader would mop the floor with him.

  • could, would, should, but didn't.
    Bader got the opportunity and lost.

  • why is this news? NEXT!

  • At first I was happy for him that he got his first win since a 2006 victory over Ken Shamrock. But I guess I just wanted to pull for him because he was surely going to be cut if Bader had beaten him. As soon as Tito started talking again he kinda ruined it like always. I still can't believe after his second fight with Griffin Tito said he was fighting that night with a cracked skull. I guess he always had to find a way to convince himself there was some injury that was keeping him from being the super elite fighter he was when he beat Shamrock years before. 🙂

    • @ Chael

      Your sentiments on the issue sum up mine, precisely.

      I wonder if Bader asked for it, a grudge match with Tito, if Dana would offer it to Ortiz? I for one would like to see Bader get that chance to even the score. I think there would be fan interest in the fight and given the way Dana makes matches these days, why not?

      I'll say it all day long, I was happy that Tito got the win, but I believe he got lucky. I'd love to see a re-match.

      • I too would like to see that rematch. I think Bader on most nights would handle Tito. Plus it's kind of a punk move to run your mouth from the safety of retirement. I'm sure Bader would be glad to rematch but I doubt Tito will man up.

  • This is unlike Tito Ortiz to be telling everyone how great he is.

  • bet Bader is wishing he took the fight more serious now!
    would not be surprised if he responds to this.