Tito Ortiz looks to book Rousey vs. Cyborg for New Year’s Eve


Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz has made waves with his current client Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos and her ongoing saga of endless trash talk with Ronda Rousey. While the two former Strikeforce Women’s Champions have been unable to reach an agreement on a weight to fight at, Ortiz has some new plans in place.

Santos, set to make her Invicta FC debut, plans to run through all the competition there during her three-fight tenure. After that, Ortiz detailed to Fight Hub TV that he’s looking to book a bout with Rousey for NYE at 140 lbs. He states there will be no belt on the line, and that it will just be a champion vs. champion bout.

Ortiz’ storied history with UFC President Dana White is well documented, and this could come into play in a big way. Who knows how willing White is to negotiate with both Ortiz and Santos. However, it’s hard to deny that Cyborg is the women who just may have the skills to defeat Rousey and end her undefeated streak of armbar victories.

This could be a huge year-ending bout. Will it actually ever happen? 

  • I don't see this happening. I'll be shocked if Tito can get Dana to dance to his tune.

    • I agree. But it would quite the bout to end the first year of Women's MMA in the UFC.

      • Rousey ftw

        • @ Rory

          Probably. Like to see it though and I'd like to see something other than an arm-bar victory, too. I would love to see Rousey use her hands. The looked great on The PrimeTime shows.

      • @ Mike

        Most assuredly, I just don't think it's going to happen. Even, if only for the reasons pointed out, so brilliantly, by Mr. Farrell, in his post.

        Would I love to see it? Yes. And if this is a fight, which you can pick up at the local grocery store and you're going out shopping, could you also, please, pick us up some Silva / Jones, too. 🙂

  • Does Tito actually pay attention?
    He's trying to a fight set up with Ronda and isn't even paying attention to Ronda herself.

    She's coaching the next season of the Ultimate fighter which is the TUF that plays out in the second part of the year and she will likely fight the opposing coach, as is normal, at the end of the TUF season which should be in December.

    So either Tito is asking Ronda to fight twice in a couple of weeks or he needs to actually do what managers are suppose to do… pay attention to detail (or the obvious in this case).

    • You'll have to excuse him hes been hit in the head way to much by the Iceman

    • I dont like Tito so its good to see him looking like an idiot.

  • She juiced up. quite obvious looking at her cheekbone and muscle definition.

  • What does Tito actually think he is going to accomplish?

  • Rhonda has already stated that she is the champion and is not dancing to the tune of Cyborg. If Cyborg wants to fight her she needs to come down to 135 pounds. Cyborg and Tito and trying to dictate the terms….Dana has an interest in protecting Rhonda, she is more marketable, has an olympic status and is attractive. Dana is not going to risk this to meet at some catchweight that offers no benefit to the womens 135 division.

  • So I guess Tito is the new Ed Soares. I'm sure Tito will do what's best for his fighter and not try some flashy, attention-getting announcement that has no chance of happening.