Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin face off prior to UFC 148


In a short video courtesy of MMAWeekly.com, Light Heavyweights Tito Ortiz get involved in an intense staredown at today’s UFC 148 press conference. With the stakes high as Tito Ortiz looks to end his career on a high note, signaling the end of an era that brought MMA much popularity. Both fighters are former UFC champions at 205 lbs. With a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame locked up, Tito Ortiz summed up the focus of his final bout:

“When I almost won the middleweight title against Frank Shamrock, I threw everything out. I ain’t worried about the Hall of Fame. That’s a gimme, that’s a guarantee. Getting my hand raised is still in doubt. That’s what I’m focused on.”

Who will win Ortiz’s last fight on Saturday?

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  • Tito really is a douche.

  • Forrest needs to fire his T-shirt designer.

  • I actually thought it was one of the better and less “I fight UFC, I is strong” style tops to be shown in the UFC of late…. I aint a big fan of all the skulls and chains.

  • Tito is a good guy but when it comes fight time he acts like a ****y jock straight out of college. Tito sets a good example for many young fighters but his staredown isn’t one to be followed.

  • tito is a delusional fool all raising his hands putting on a tough guy face thinking hes actually relevant in the division. cant wait for his lame excuse after the fight

  • lol yea skull chains, thats what highschoolers wear

  • Tito’s got nothin to lose. thats why he’s gonna win.

  • LOL at the loud mouth. chanting Tito, Tito! then you hear RUN forest RUN!

  • dude what is the situation with him ariel? y all the hate?! DANA aint there to save him!!!

  • Ariel claims Ortiz said Bader has weak wrestling. Then Tito told Ariel “dont’ put words in my mouth”

    The fighters (not all) hate ariel cuz they think he starts up drama between the fighters. Personally I think Ariel is awesome reporter! 🙂

  • I don’t think Tito is that bad of a guy, he gets a lot of hate but there you go. I hope he wins since it’s his last fight and even if you disagree with him or don’t, you don’t want the guy who’s about to retire to lose.

  • This fight could end up being fight of the night….