Three Big Reasons Cain Velasquez Will Never Regain The UFC Title

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

With Fabricio Werdum’s shocking submission win over Cain Velasquez at UFC 188 in Mexico City last Saturday night (June 13, 2015) now etched into the annals of UFC history, fans and media alike are attempting to determine just where the formerly touted champion now sits in not only the currently muddied heavyweight picture, but also among the heavyweight greats of all-time.

The question that’s going to be answered more immediately is where he stands among the current crop of challengers; but even though Werdum said he’d grant Velasquez an immediate rematch, he may have to take and win at least one more fight to get back to a title shot given the nature of his loss to ‘Vai Cavalo.’

Many have already begun to speculate that a motivated and in-shape Velasquez could definitely defeat Werdum in a fight contested at sea level, yet in today’s ever-unpredictable UFC landscape, that just isn’t the case with any degree of certainty.

In fact, it could be argued that the odds would actually be against that happening for a few good reasons. Let’s take a look at why Velasquez’ time at the top may have been squandered during the 20 months he had between his last win and his loss to Werdum.

  • My prediction is, that belt will be back around his waist within 12 months. He’ll take it in the immediate rematch or if none is given, in the fight after whomever he beats up next.

    • Space

      knowing your predictions that’s not gonna happen

    • Kris-tyahn

      I can see that happening. Cain had major ring rust, and the altitude didn’t help, but hey GSP was out nearly just as long with a worst injury and “spanked” Condit, considering. But it’s not guaranteed that he will do to Werdum, what he did to dos Santos, but a rematch will definitely be a much better fight/Cain.

      • I think the altitude was the main issue… he didnt look like he had ring rust in round 1. He came out like good ol Cain… then after like 3 min. He started looking very fatigued.. He kept pushing but had nothing left in the tank by the start of rnd 2. It was just uncomfortable to watch really… I was looking at it like wtf he’s done! and just counting down til the sub.

  • Chris Gome

    I always liked Cain but looking back on his record why was he the greatest HW of all time??

  • grandslam

    I agree with all the points raised in this article, but I don’t think they are an indicative of Cain’s future. The points raised in the article are more suitable to the current situation and I am certain Cain will be able to get the belt.

    The one thing that Cain desperately needs to get rid off is people who constantly keep calling him a “beast”. His performance is exceptional when he is an underdog, that is what lights the fire in his belly. Now that he is back in the underdog category, he will return to his “normal” and prove once again that he has what it takes to get the belt.

    The fight against “Vai Cavalo” wasn’t just a physical defeat but also an equally painful mental beat down. Cain showed lack of octagon IQ and I blame his team for this. They were just not prepared to handle adversities. Game plan for round 1 was to grind the opponent and maintain high volume striking (same as his last fight with JDS). Round 2 was angles, but same intensity. Round 3 was suicide as we all saw it. Their strategies were based on their belief that Cain is a “Beast” and cannot be beaten.

    Cain’s team just didn’t get it! It never dawned upon them that, beast or not, they are making their fighter do something that does not fit the situation. Cain should have eased out in the first round itself, stepped back and pick his shots. That said, I recognise that he used this strategy against JDS in his first fight, but lost due to a overhand haymaker. However, Werdum is not the same striker as JDS. Werdum’s striking is very selective and he waits for the his opponent to beat himself and then go for the kill.

    This can be overcome, but Cain and more importantly his entire team needs to believe that Werdum was a better fighter and that Cain is like any other fighter. Altitude training is only one of the things that went against Cain there was also a clear lack of “octagon IQ”, which needs to be looked at.

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  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Cain tooled the poopoo out of the #2.
    The #2 who made the current #1 destroy his diaper.

    But for the last 2 years Cain has been injured and potentially retired.
    Maybe he’s retired.

    Let Cain earn a shot again quickly.
    Let Verdum straighten out some bidness.

  • Black Knight

    What does The Donald think? That’s what matters!

  • Patrick Caraway

    No he won’t and I hope he retires. That dude has ruined so many cards it’s ridiculous.