Thiago Silva says he’ll beat Bigfoot at 220 lb. catch-weight


When Thiago Silva destroyed Feijao Cavalcante last weekend, it brought an immediate challenge from his former friend and training partner Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. Bigfoot went as far to insinuate that he would be willing to drop all the way down to 205 lbs. to face Thiago Silva. But that will be unnecessary, as Thiago Silva told that he would fight Bigfoot at a catch-weight of 220 lbs.:

“I can’t say too much about Bigfoot, you know? We used to train together, I know him, you know, I think he’s a hater. He’s jealous because I just beat his friend. If he wants to fight me, its ok, come to 205. Or much better; I’ll give you an idea; we can do like a catch weight, you know, like 220 pounds, 230, I don’t know, if he drops. I’ll do it, no problem. I want to fight. I fight for money, you know, and I like to beat stupid people like him. So if he wants to fight me we can do a catch weight at 220 pounds and I’ll be ready to beat him. Bet on that.”

That’s still a huge drop for Bigfoot, who has to cut weight to even make the heavyweight division limit of 266 lbs. Still, it appears that this bad blood runs deep, and both fighters are willing to make some sacrifices to fight outside their normal weight limits for the bout. Antonio Silva recently got destroyed by Cain Velasquez in the main event at UFC 160, so maybe there’s nowhere for him to go in the UFC’s biggest division. But can he make the weight to fight Thiago Silva?

Even if he does, Thiago Silva believes that Bigfoot will be no tough task for him:

“Every sparring we did together, he never did nothing to me. So, I can say I used to beat him every day at the gym. And uh, yeah, I don’t know why he wants to fight me. He knows I’m better than him. He knows I used to beat the crap out of him, you know. So I don’t know. He’s mad and he’s jealous, like I said. So, he wants fight me I’ll be ready. I fight for money, you know? It would be awesome beating him again.”

This back-and-forth could lead to quite an exciting fight between the two Brazilian heavy-hitters. Or, it could be more hot air. More on the proposed challenge as it unfolds. 

  • No doubt.Thiago would just pick him apart.Unless Bigfoot takes it to the ground,which would at least give him a chance.

  • Sorry but when has Thiago " picked apart" anybody?

    • Only uneducated MMA fans would weak the above comment. Silva has NEVER picked apart ANYONE. He goes in and boxes and will take a punch to deliver and is not even capable of picking anyone apart. He has NO footwork or defensive boxing.

      • Hes tough and hits hard, but the Machida fight made him look slow as a snail.

      • D

        No defensive boxing? He covers up well and has very effective head movement, which is what makes him such an effective counter striker.

        He doesn't "pick people apart" because that's not his style. He waits for an opening, and goes for the kill.

  • Yeah, if this happens Antonio will be so weakened from the cut that he won't be able to make 1 min. I think that if Thiago and BF fought at their natural wts it would still be a bad fight for the big man though. LHWs are way more athletic than HWs. The only real exceptions being some of the smaller HWs like Cain and Cormier who have both destroyed A. Silva. Still though, Big Foot beat Fedor and Overeem so you never know. All that aside, I really don't think that Antonio can make those wts. I would be shocked if he could make any lighter than 250. I'm not sure what he walks around at now but I remember reading that at some point he was over 300.

  • If Bigfoot is willing to cut weight, and Thiago is willing to fight a legitimate HW, for all this trouble, they should put on a show. If they would hype up a fight like that, the fans deserve fireworks, you just don't make fights like that and gas out in the 1st…or maybe I'm just demanding too much?

  • Bigfoot's head at 205 would be a huge KO target.

  • As a Thiago fan, he needs to worry about getting in better shape for the 205 and not Bigfoot @ 220.

    • Thiago said he fights for money, which is what he has at this point. It's very clear Thiago Silva will never be in the top 3-5 ever again (if he was before the Machida fight way back when). A hyped grudge match with an ex training partner who is 1 of the biggest HW's the UFC has is a great way to try and earn a paycheck at the moment. His last fight gives him a boost at LHW where all the current top contenders are busy so he's trying to schedule a fight in the mean time that he thinks will sell and if he really used to beat up on Big foot all the time that he feels he can win easily. After the LHW division top contenders open up Thiago will be beaten handily as I think, Machida, Rua, Hendo, Rashad, Gus, and Glover could all ruin him. I think Phil Davis' style could present a problem.

  • Of course he knows it's not physically possible for Bigfoot to make even 230 and fight, just of those random, lame comments shouted while standing safely behind a wall. If he was serious he'd move up to heavyweight and just fight Bigfoot not take a number out of his *** that he knows Bigfoot can't reach.

  • Big Foot Fiery Brazilian… Not a bad idea to look for a fight outside top 10 at HW that might still demand some hype but dropping all that weight in the wrong way, fighting weak and being stopped by a 205er as a worst case scenario is a big risk for a guy who has lost by 1st round TKO in 3 of his last 5…

  • Will be a bit hard for big foot to drop 30 pounds as he carries most of his weight in his giant head