The Ultimate Fighter Canada vs Australia currently in the works


Looks like Canada is finally getting it’s very own version of the popular MMA reality tv show. Well kinda. According to a report on FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight,” they’ll be sharing the show with the Australians.

That’s right folks TUF: Canada vs. Australia will take place sometime in the near future, it’s just a matter of time before they make a more formal and official announcement.

Now although this seems like a great idea and I’m sure it is, I mean we do have a lot of undiscovered, hard working and very dedicated talent up here, but pitting us against Australia is a rather odd move from a marketing perspective.

America vs Brazil? Sure they’ve got a lot of the worlds best talent that can compete against each other. Britain vs Australia? Of course, you’d be stupid not to match those two up especially considering the long and complicated history between the two of them.

But Canada vs Australia? I just find that odd. I mean Canada doesn’t really have bad blood with any other country in particular, but if I was gonna pick 10 countries that would be on my list as having any sort of tension or bad blood with Canada, Australia most definitely would not be on it.

Russia, America, even France or Britain maybe, but Australia is odd especially given that it was given a shot with “The Smashes”. But regardless I’m sure there will be some amazing talent, some great programming and yet another solid season of TUF for us to enjoy.

What do you guys think of the country mash up? Odd choice? Let me know.

  • There is definetly no beef between aussies and canadians.

    I'm Australian and I was rooting for Ross pearson to beat George Sotiropolis because he was acting like an arrogant di-ck on the show. Often it comes down to the attitude of the fighter rather than the nationality.

    • Couldn't agree more! In fact I'd say Canadian's and Aussies are very similar we're just the cold version and you're the hot version.

  • Lets put another shrimp on the barbie mate. haha