The Spider Thinks Chris Weidman Is A Great Wrestler, But A Fight Is A Fight


Anderson Silva appears in a Rick Lee interview to address the skills of his current foe Chris weidman. Although Silva acknowledges that Weidman is a great wrestler and athlete, he believes that a fight is still a fight. The longtime champ appears calm and jovial heading into the bout that most deem to be his toughest challenge.

Silva is right when he says that this is MMA and not just wrestling or jiu-jitsu, as the standup game will come into play in a big way during this bout. While many have given the edge in wrestling and submisiions to Weidman, The Spider is other-worldy in terms of striking skills.  

  • The man has a point.
    I'll admit MIke I haven't seen the word "jovial" used in some time.
    Thanks for expanding my forgotten vocabulary 8))

    • Hahaha I thought he seemed jovial when joking around on last night's UFC tonight.

      That could either help him or hurt heading into his supposed toughest test.

  • A spider flipped on its back is pretty defenseless, much like Anderson will be when Weidman is holding him down and pounding on him.

    • hmmm….if i was in the guard of a real human size spider, on top , feeling like i had the bout, 8 legs would wrap around me and i would go no where, then be bit, poisoned and die ( submitted )….

    • Well, it looks like someone has not seen Silva sub any wrestlers off his back before. Well, maybe you should check out him out on youtube sometimes.

    • Cage, I sometimes agree and sometimes disagree, nothing more or less.