The Breakdown: Analyzing the heavyweight chaos that went down at UFC 156


Some epic heavyweight action went down this past Saturday night at UFC 156. Just to give you guys a better idea of what took place, I took the liberty of breaking down the fight, and summarizing the rounds while making some interesting observations in the process. Check it out:

Round #1

– Overeem opens up employing a very low stance, more than likely for it’s defensive wrestling advantages, but it’s worth noting that he’s leading with his head and leaving his hands much lower than usual, in fact at a few points in this round he stood extremely close with his hands at his sides showing no respect at all for Bigfoot’s striking.

– Overeem seemed to be content with engaging a clinch against the cage after almost every flurry, where he’d follow up with the occasional knee to the body and legs and then break apart.

– Overeem looking for counters in this round, but is simply moving too slow to capitalize. Mind you Bigfoot didn’t really pose any sort of significant threat either.

– Bigfoot kept his hands way up and chin way down as he should, while Overeem did the complete opposite. Not smart.

– Overall rather uneventful round, Bigfoot paced himself not really showing any urgency, but definitely conserved energy by doing so. Overeem pushing a little more. Round one should go to Overeem for strikes landed and output.

Round #2

– Overeem reverting back to the same stance, clinches with Bigfoot, synchs with a single under hook, tosses Bigfoot to the mat swiftly and into side control.

– Bigfoot landing a couple really nice 9 to 3 o’clock elbows to the side of the head

– The majority of this round was spent in Bigfoots guard, with Overeem landing a handful of decent strikes mixing it up between the body and the head, Silva was content to defended and expend little energy

– Overeem lets up with 30 seconds left, Herb Dean stands them up and Silva pours it on, landing a few significant strikes, looking fresh. Overeem   beginning to look a little tired, but he wins the round based on the takedown, strikes landed and the duration of his dominant position on top.

Round #3

– Overeem oddly kept charging into Bigfoot with hands up and head down, Bigfoot begins teeing off on Overeem, landing some big shots, including a solid head kick, backing up the Dutchman.

– Overeem looks exhausted and lost from the flurry. Huge right for Bigfoot lands and another, two huge uppercuts snap Overeems head back, huge right, left, right, left. I count approx. 12-13 of these haymakers landing flush with the 11th putting the lights out and two more to seal the deal.

– Antontio needing to be pulled away in rage screaming at Overeems now lifeless and unconscious body. A BRUTAL knockout, a massive u[set and a huge win for Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva


Based on the explosion of energy and striking output by Bigfoot in the 3rd round, it seems that he may have employed somewhat of a rope-a-dope strategy. Knowing full well that Overeem hasn’t been known for his cardio, it’s very likely Bigfoot conserved his energy until he could take advantage without any potential retaliation from his opponent.

Overeem on the other hand fought similarly to his bout with Werdum, stance fairly low, not using his reach well and relying on his hands too much. Another thing to note – which is purely speculation – is that Overeem’s physique, power, speed and aggression didn’t seem to be consistent with what we’ve seen in the past. Which is interesting given that he just came off a suspension for increased levels of testosterone.

After viewing this match you have to ask yourself two questions, #1 has been Overeem been showcasing the skills of an elite striker? Some would say no based on the way his last few opponents faired on the feet. And #2, is there any correlation between his performance at UFC 156 and his drug suspension? That claim is ultimately for you to decide yourself.

  • Overreem smug and cOcky in his game, got a nasty KO and wont be the same.
    Break it down! Doo Do DOO Do…Do DOO DO DOO…cant touch this!

    • if my memory serves me right…..getting fully mounted in the second round is far from a "rope a dope" strategy

      what silva did to bonnar is "roap a dope"

      all this was oveerem wanting to punish and beat up on silva for three rounds and it backfired. he should of finished when he had several opportunity to do so

      • @ OMR

        Say, it's not so. Say, it's not so.

        • @baby ads.

          yes overeem needs the dope to rope lol

      • @OMR What Silva did to Bonnar was "clowning". Antonio intentionally laid back for two rounds allowing Overeem to expend energy and fall into a false sense of security. That is the very definition of rope a dope.

    • bigfoot just got lucky, next tym his going down if they will have a rematch. Overeem needs the dope in order for him to win.

    • that was hilarious, I literally laughed out loud, made my

    • I think overeems biggest mistake was not respecting a guy with hands so big he can hit your whole face with one punch

      • gm1



        Overeem is one dimentional….Cant wrestle for crap, no JJ…only sub par striking and some kicks…

        If he had great kicks he could have used more…he beat up Lesnar only because Lesnar never gets hit in practice and he cant take a punch.

    • DG1

      Matching up Overeem and Dos Santos makes great sense for the UFC, for Dos Santos, and for the fans now, but does Overeem still want that fight? Bigfoot is a good striker, but he's not Dos Santos. JDS will decimate Overeem in standup, and two KO losses for Overeem following his suspension for PEDs will turn his whole career into a punchline.

  • "…Overeem's now lifeless and unconscious body…"

    May want to reword that. Overeem got knocked out…..not killed.

    • A touch of exaggeration to emphasize the brutality of a knockout never hurt anybody.

      That was the most brutal KO of the year thus far. I think I'll leave it.

      • Keep up the brutal journalism Bryan..we love ya bro. 8))

        • Wait wait… Brutal as in literally brutal or a synonym for bad?

          lol just wanna clarify!

        • @ Entity

          Come on, man. I would have expected some series of thinly veiled penis jokes, from you.

          Come on…you had the word "lifeless" to work with, Entity.

          …you're slipping, man. (Winky Face, Smiley, Frown)

          • POKING fun giving me a a HARD time!

      • @ Anyone who cares, regarding the use of the word "lifeless" as metaphor.

        In your head, just append the adjective "apparently" in front of the (other) adjective "lifeless" and the controversy, should you care, will be resolved.

        The addition of the extra descriptor allows for Overeem to be factually remain alive, yet metaphorically appear to have died, thus leaving Bryan's description sound.

        Man, I wonder if I should put this post in multiple languages? Like Bryan, who worked off (of) an assumption that people would know that he didn't literally mean Overeem was dead, I too, am working off (of) an assumption that those who care…care in English.

    • HAHA omg, im legit dying of laughter

  • Great article and you hit basically everything, i personally noticed a huge difference in Overreem's size/muscle mass at the weigh in's he looked completely different than his previous bouts and secondly i always thought his striking was overrated. In the end i can not say whether or not he was on roids before, but one things for certain i love it when trash talkers get beat especially when its least expected lol Big ups to Big foot !

    • Thanks! and I agree. When people talk too much trash there's a part of me that wants to see them get obliterated.

      Fedor was my favorite fighter because he never talked sh*t. And yet he f*cked up everyone he fought in the process.

      • its because he didnt know english!! lol jk

        • Actually Fedor had a 5 minute conversation with Frank Trigg..look it up, Im not joking THIS time.

  • It could also be the fact that Overeem took a long lay over for failing the test, Overeem has skills, there is no question about it, his performance was somehow good until BF landed those shots, what I saw last Saturday was Overeem brought back to his old days, when he will happily trade punches but the moment things wouldn't go his heart will quit.

    • overeem was obviously winning, he may not be the best hw but hes still decent

  • It could be that quiting steroids lowered his skills , but i think Overeem could have won that fight .A experienced fighter like him should be able to circle around and to escape from the danger zones even on a gassed situation. but he faced silva in crazy striking mode without thinking even a little , he fought like an unexperienced fighter, and he had the consecuences,hard to realise but happened

  • I would still bet on Overeem to win the rematch, if he fought just a little smarter the match would have been in the bag for him. Nice to see guys with that much arrogance get some respect knocked in to them though. Hope he comes back more focused.

  • Analysis:

    Bigfoot hit him. Then Bigfoot was required, by the rules of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and Herb Dean, to stop hitting him. Bigfoot yelled at Overeem at the end of the fight. I don't think Overeem heard him, though. It was either that or he was ignoring Bigfoot. It was difficult to tell, because Overeem was looking at the canvas and not Bigfoot, when all of this was going on.

    I hope I didn't leave anything out.

  • Its like everytime he gets hit he freezes up.Never the same after he gets tagged.One would think this should open his eyes now.Being how he has a suspect chin.Overeem is pretty good no doubt.Maybe not as good he thinks he is though.

    • He froze up because he got hit by a 300 lb dude. He was out on his feet for five punches before his legs realized it.

  • Whats with these Overeem dick riders on this site still? ^^^^^

    It's over people, Overeem is off the juice and his fight career is suffering. There is no he could win a rematch, he got destroyed. He wasn't even close to being the same person that knocked out Lesnar. No Roids = No Wins. Overeem go join lance armstrong and barry bonds as the biggest douche bags to ever participate in professional sports.

    Can you dick riders please shut up about Overeem now. I understand how obsessed you idiots are with him, wanting to believe in this bigger than life figure just like Fedor, but you have all just witnessed Alison Ovaries be exposed as the fraud he is.

    • Anyone who watched that fight with half a brain knows Overeem could have won comfortably if he had shown Silva respect. Reem got what he deserved though. Very happy for Silva. In a rematch though I'd expect Overeem to be far tighter and not be so arrogant.

      Pride cometh before a fall. Hopefully Reem will learn one of the spirits of mma – respect.

    • alison ovaries is pretty funny too. a great day for laughs on lowkick.

  • I love the reem, but wow SOOO cocky. Kind of got what was coming… and as far as bigfoot goes, good on him but man…. his sasquatch 100 pound head make it so hard to be okay with him.

  • For me, this fight says more about overeem than bigfoot. His lack of respect ultimately cost him this fight. A more intelligent defence and overeem would have walked away with the w. Props to big foot for scoring the ko against a k1 champ, overeem only has himself to blame.

    Maybe this loss is will give overeem the humility he needs to make a serious push for the heavyweight top spot. Or perhaps he was just beaten by the better mine. Only time will tell

  • What do you people keep saying lack of respect for? What kind of moron goes into a fight expecting to just take bombs and walk through them. Overeem is a joke and all you idiots lose and it feels great.

    • Having respect for your opponent's striking isn't "expecting to just take bombs", having respect for your opponent's striking is NOT walking in with your hands down and your chin out. If he respected Bigfoot, he wouldn't have made these stupid mistakes and probably could've won. Way to prove you don't anything about fighting, dipstic. And, "all you idiots lose"? You DO realize that most of us are happy that Overeem got knocked out, right? Or is that too hard to understand?

  • Honestly, I think his physique has suffered a bit but his performance hasn't. He fought BF the same way he fought Lesner. In the first fight he was lucky to get an early wake up call via the cut and went in for the kill. This time he didn't, kept his hands low and paid for it. He looked good otherwise. He was slipping punches with ease, countering after and was landing shots pretty much at will. Had he shown the big man the respect he deserves he would have taken home an easy victory and we would all be talking about how great he is. Hopefully he learns from this.

  • I think Overeem just gassed–and tried to make something happen in the third, and got caught in a rockem sockem robot battle.

    My guess is Alistair gassed when he took Bigfoot down and tried to GnP him–without much success.

    All that muscle just sucks oxygen–and probably a lack of roids.

    Overeem needs cardio. Every UFC fighter needs cardio. Notice all the champs have cardio.

  • Cardio kills everyone ask Dr M.

    • I'm not sure if a bus falls into that category 8P