The Blackzilians Appoint Olympic Gold Medalist Kenny Monday As Wrestling Coach


The Blackzilians, otherwise known as Imperial Athletics, have been on somewhat of a losing streak lately. Guys like Rashad Evans, formerly Melvin Guillard, Alistair Overeem, Gesias Cavalcante, Thiago Silva and Jorge Santiago, to name a few, have all lost disappointingly, and sometimes frequently as of late.

As well as the recent signing of renowned boxing coach Pedro Diaz, The Blackzilians have also bolstered their team with Olympic gold medalist Kenny Monday. According to the recent press release, Monday will serve as the teams wrestling coach.

“It is an honor and a privilege to announce that Kenny Monday is now a Blackzilian,” said Glenn Robinson, The Blackzilians owner and manager. “He is a legend! He brings world-class wrestling and so many other new facets to the team. He is without a doubt considered one of the best in the sport, and along with Henri Hooft, Jorge Santiago and Pedro Diaz, he will elevate the team to new levels. We have some of the best talent in fighting, from the athletes to the coaches, and now with the addition of Monday we are one change away from having the best coaching team in MMA. Change doesn’t happen overnight; it takes place in small steps, and this is a significant step forward for the Blackzilians. Welcome to the team, Mr. Monday, we are thrilled to have you!”

There is no doubt that having great teachers will help to create even greater students, so could this be a turning point for the Florida based fight team? Well lets look at the guys on their roster.

As well as the above named fighters, Marcus Aurelio, Vitor Belfort, Tyrone Spong, Ryan Jimmo, Matt Mitrione, Miguel Torres, Eddie Alvarez and Siyar Bahadurzada also add some real talent to the squad.

With guys like that fighting for you and a great training team in place, in my opinion, there is a very bright future for The Blackzilians. I think the telling factor will be the results in the near future.

Wrestling is one of the strongest bases for a MMA fighter, mainly due to the cardio and conditioning, so I think Monday being on board is going to help the team immensly. Only time will tell and I hope we can see a motivated and rejuvanated Rashad Evans face Dan Henderson at UFC 161.

  • Nice, kinda scary team…

  • Kenny Monday as their wrestling coach and Pedro Diaz as their boxing coach is two extremely high level acquisitions.

    Whether they will be able to translate their training to be adaptable for elite level MMA is a big question but the most important thing is if it will even matter or improve the troubled Blackzilians team.

    • Weve seen guys like Freddie roach make the crossover so its possible. An Olympic gold medallist is at the minimum a good start.

    • troubled? why is that?

      • They have a lot of great fighters but for some reason nearly all of those fighters don't perform well since training at Blackzilians

  • I think the problem with The Blackzillians is their ego, not their wrestling. Perhaps a Buddhist monk would have been a better addition to the team.