The Backhand Heard Round The World


If you’re a Chris Weidman fan it would be hard to imagine a sweeter outcome then what we witnessed last night. If you’re an Anderson Silva fan, you may well be lamenting and complaining.

From what I can gather, most Silva fans seem to think that Anderson lost as opposed to Weidman won. That the x-Champion (it feels strange to type that) was first, too cocky and secondly caught by a lucky left.

However, what I’ve heard no mention of regarding the punch was the right-backhand that set it up and I find it difficult to believe that it wasn’t planned and hadn’t been trained.

Weidman threw an initiating right and Silva easily avoided it and as we have seen him do countless times in other fights.

Yet, what “The Spider” wasn’t anticipating and to-the-best-of-my knowledge had never seen before, was (that) rather than following through with the right “The All-American” reversed its direction and turned the punch into a glancing backhand. In reaction, Silva moved his head in the opposite direction and directly into the wheelhouse of Weidman’s big left. Fight over.

My guess is that Ray Longo (Weidman’s boxing coach) had studied Silva’s “chicken dance” and came up with that counter. Simply put, that part of Weidman’s game-plan (from Longo) was to get Silva to exchange with Chris, wait on the right moment during one of Silva’s chicken dances and interrupt his head movement with that backhand. It’s my belief that Longo knew where Anderson’s head was going to be once the backhand had been thrown and had coached Weidman to follow it up with a heavy left.

If true, then Chris is a better fighter then people are giving him credit for and Ray Longo is a very smart man. If not true, then Chris is a better athlete then naysayer are giving him credit for and has a very high Octagon IQ for thinking on his feet (no pun intended) and that either way, Longo will go down in history as the man behind the stand-up the KO’d Anderson Silva. 

Personally, I believe the right / backhand / left combination was trained and drilled and not lucky and that Weidman is a great fighter and Longo a smart man. Regardless of any of it though, it was both shocking and beautiful to watch.


  • After Silva was knocked out on the ground he was trying to do the secret move that Sensei Steven Seagal teached him…………..which is grabbin his *** with full handpalm

    • Azz

      • Speaking of which….

        Ringo, did Seagal make an appearance at last night's show?

        He's always been there front and center for the wins and taking credit for his instruction. I'd be curious to know what Seagal thought of the loss and whether or not he shares any blame for it. In particular, whether or not he's ever said anything to Anderson about dialing back him passion / emotion in a fight.

        I will say this, of all the fights of Silva's I have seen, I have never seen Anderson that emotional…or spirited…or whatever, in a fight.

        Emotion in a fight is not a good thing. Cold and calculated is much better. It will be very interesting to see how the greatest stand-up fighter in the world reacts, recovers and adapts to the loss.

        • I'll admit that swing and miss right, then same right as backhand, then KO left was a thing of beauty. Silva definitely didnt see that coming, very sneaky. He couldn't Matrix his way out of that one.

        • oh, and yes Seagal was there with his yellow glasses to hide the bags under his eyes, and his all black suit to hide the fat and his black head scarf to cover the bald spots.
          He needs to be himself for once.

  • That's a great analysis of that combo. I'm sorry though the first thing that caught my attention in the article is the part about if you're a Chris Weidman fan…. I feel like he's barely got his feet wet in the UFC. Does he have true fans out there already? How many fights does it take for a person to be a fan of a fighter? Sorry that's just what popped in my head haha.

    • Jap…that's a fair enough question.

      I think the answer to that is actually 1 fight. That has certainly been the case for me on a number of fighters, Jon Jones being one.

      I would think of it this way (metaphorically) as a man, how many times do you have to see a woman before you fall in love? I know I've seen tons of women in my life, that upon seeing them I was in love, man. LOL! Over.

      Either way, I love Chris and the fight that sealed the deal for me was his bout with Munoz. I was floored with his performance in that match.

      Each to their own, though.

    • Was a fan of his before he even started in MMA. He's had a small following ever since his showing at ADCC in 2009. Grows with every dominant performance.

      • I guess since I've been watching so long I can't get over my old school favorites. It takes me a while to latch on to these new guys. I rarely start liking a guy after one fight but I can see how that happens. And Brian that's not love…. that's an infatuation! Been there many times haha.

        • JP…who's to say what love is? There is no formula.

          However and my guess would be, that if there was a formula for love infatuation is apt to be a significant molecule in it. For me, every girl I've ever chased stated out as an infatuation and a couple of times (at least) it became love.

          Ah…love. 🙂

          • Love is a commitment. Just like if you love your kids you may not always like them but still be committed to their well being because you love them, just like the vows of marriage where you vow for better or worse. With love you can condition infatuation to come about again in people it was lost for you. Infatuation is not love because it fails from time to time but love is a commitment by it's original definition to do good for someone wether you like or are infatuated with them at the time or not because it's the moral thing to do. Love is moral choice, infatuation is natural attraction.

          • You're a great guy Falcon, but you definitely love Silva 8))

          • Thanks, lol. I would think I am more infatuated with Silva

  • If you throw a punch and mean to hit him in the face, it is not luck. He simply used his right to guide him in to his left and he executed it perfectly.

    Anderson Silva is my favourite fighter in the world, probably of all time and I think he is the GOAT without question but he lost fair and square to Chris Weidman.
    The closest I have felt to this devastation is when Chuck was viciously retired by Franklin but that doesn't even compare to this.

    I don't take anything away from Chris, it's not like Anderson knocked himself out he just took the wrong approach to the fight… that mental warfare and luring style (not cockiness) apparently isn't effective enough against Weidman, while it has been perfect against past opponents (Bonnar, Belfort).

    I think more of this fight as Serra v GSP 1, Cain v JDS 1 – One fighter did exactly what he wanted to do and got a unbelievably brilliant win, winning the fight as fairly as you can, yet it doesn't mean they are the better fighter or will win the second fight.

    I think if he was more aggresive and took anappraoch like he did against Okami, really going after the finish, then he could've won and hopefully he will be more like that in a rematch if it ever happens.

    Until then, Weidman KTFO out of the GOAT and my favourite fighter… Weidman is brilliant!

    • As usual, very well stated.

      Keith, may I ask your thoughts on a re-match…do you think Silva will ask for it / accept it or do you see some other possibility?

      • That's a tough one… I think in the same situation 9/10 fighters beg for the rematch but this is Anderson Silva and he is one of the hardest fighters to know what to expect from.

        If I had to guess, I would say he will probbaly want it after a few months when his super competitor spirit comes out, that's what I'm hoping for anyone.
        Like I said this is Silva, he may ask for some crazy fight but I don't think he retires

  • This was brilliant finish for Weidman and longo did a great job.

    I don't want to take away from the Weidman team as a sore loser but look where Anderson's hands were during the exchange and how he conducted himself. Anderson took his taunting way too far….If you listen to his corner they were telling him to calm down. They said the same them in the Bonnar fight because they saw him becoming reckless.

    Look at the fighting style of Lyoto machida compared to the way Anderson fought last night. Lyoto is always evasive.

    I give Weidman all the credit in the world because he did what others couldn't. As Brian stated, it takes a game plan to break that chicken dance.

    However, I still feel Silva should have won the fight if he stayed composed, kept his hands up protecting his chin.

    What Silva did coming into the second round was good in taunting before they engaged but the moment he came across he should have kept his hands up. You don't do that when a fighter is fresh and you haven't even got them hurt or tired.

    We are going to see a completely different, more disciplined silva next time. Silva can't afford to come out and play around anymore.

    • The ugly part of this….if the re-match goes down, which is to say Anderson accepts and should he win, you "know" we'll be looking at Silva / Weidman 3.

      I almost feel sad for the 185 division over this issue. I mean it has to happen, but if it all broke the right / wrong way this could easily take a year to resolve.

      Poor Vitor…can't catch a break.

      • Weidman definetly is not going to be trying to convince Silva into a rematch because lets face it, you can't get a better finish than that…If the rematch happens I think we need six months to build and hype that monstor. Vitor looks like a desperate teen trying to get a date to the prom. Dana is overlooking Vitor. I would have to think Silva will be back considering all the endorsements he has and going out on a high rather than a low. This would haunt Silva at night if he didn't get a rematch…But if he loses again….that right there has retirement written all over it.

    • I agree with you Enjoy, it was Silva's ego that got the better of him. Don't mean to take anything from Weidman but I still don't think he can beat Silva. That said, I'd like Weidman to defend his belt a few times before he fights Silva again. He certainly deserved to win and hope he continues to hold the belt for as long as he can. That's a different thing that I don't think Weidman will stay a champion for too long.

      • Grand…I think his ego also got the better of him, but then again, that's how Anderson fights. It's part of his game. If he can't play it with Chris…I mean The Champ….then I'm not sure what he can do.

        Maybe The Spider will come back and shock the world by taking Chris….The Champ…(have to get used to saying that)….down and submitting him. Now, that would be interesting.

      • At the end of the day, Silva felt so superior to his opponents that he thought he could dodge bullets. he got away with it many times and got too comfortable assuming that his opponents would be slower and less skilled than him..Then reality struck him in the face literally.

        Brazilian fans are passionate and they will be expecting anderson to make a statement in a rematch.

        • Brazilian fans are the bomb and hands down the best MMA fans in the world. Win or lose they love their fighters and my guess is, that right now they are going through a period of actual mourning and my further guess is, that it will probably last a few days.

          On a much lesser issue, I remember how I felt when GSP lost to Serra. It took me 3 days to get over it and I couldn't bring myself to either watch the fight or highlights of it until well past GSP getting his belt back. The thought of the fight used to make sick.

          I can only imagine what Silva fans and particularly the home crew are feeling right now. I bet you many Brazilians cried last night. They should take comfort in the exceptional and probably never to be repeated again, 11 title defenses in a row; 12 title victories, 16 consecutive UFC wins, with a mind numbing 14 stoppages (11 KO / TKO & 3 subs).

          Silva fans should raise a drink to their fighter. Once I had finished jumping up and down and yelling my head off, that's exactly what I did. I raised my beer to the wizard of 185 and toasted him. It was a remarkable run.

          • 24 hours later and that fight is still in my head…..I've never been this fired up over a loss….For anyone that is a silva fan, the most dissapointing aspect was Silva's post fight speech in saying he wasn't going to rematch. Silva is starting to close off the final chapter.

            After the rematch if it ever happens, i think its then time for Silva to walk away from the sport. The superfights are over now and lets face it he has nothing left to prove.

            Fight fans were looking for a fairy tale ending but it just has not happened. We wanted the win followed by the bones fight and we didnt get it…

      • Weidman is better than Silva- on the ground, wrestling and submissions, and apparently- when Anderson is feeling like the GOAT— at striking too. He did the knocked the fvck out, right?? Yeah.

  • Weidman will keep improving, Anderson better make his mind up quick if he wants a chance of beating him, don't wait a year. The more confidence Weidman gets, the more dangerous he'll be (not clowning cocky arrogance but lazer focus)

    • Weidman will lose his first title defense, so there is no need for Silva to make up his mind as quickly as possible.

      Entity, Entity, Entity, can't you tell that Silva is no longer interested in being a champ yet? Perhaps he may not even be interested in fighting.

  • Guys!
    If you look carefully at the last moments in the fight, Anderson, by pretending shaking legs, took eyes of from Weidman and that delayed his avoidance from the following shots , So the statement "What you dont see, hurts the most" again proves itself

    • SV…

      Take a look at the exquisite foot work of Chris Weidman in those photos. It's impressive.

      He brought that right foot forward, planted it and parallel to his left, through the backhand and then stepped into it with his left foot and threw with the left hand.

      I think that's brilliant. I also think it was drilled. He did in that fight, what I'm sure he practiced a ton of times in the gym. I would love to ask him the question of whether or not he had drilled it with Longo and I can't believe that not 1 reporter asked the question at the post fight presser.

      • Hah, yeah, you can try the twitter – maybe he answers

  • this article is stupid. there was so backhand set up to capitalize on Silva. it was all reaction to the best of his abilities. i wouldnt say it was a lucky shot on Weidmans part but he wasn't very accurate with them either. it was the right shot at the right time.

    and Weidmans shot wasnt even that heavy, it was only cause Silva had his head already completely turned that allowed Weidmans punch to hyperextend Silvas neck. AGAIN, i dont wanna say it was lucky.. it was more like a lottery shot.

  • *****crickets chirping****** as the Silva fans crawl into a ball in the corner, having to eat their own words.

    Ha Ha…..

    • …you kill me, man. You're hilarious.