The UFC pays tribute to the fans with new video


Today Dana Whte and the UFC came out with a video to thank all of the fans for sticking with the promotion throughout its extremely tumultuous summer that was decimated by injuries. White remains unfazed, and has been in the news even more than usual as of late, first because of the UFC 151 cancellation and now because of UFC 152 this week. He spoke up in support of his true MMA fans and supporters:

“There’s no sport in the world where the fans are as amazing, as dedicated, as passionate, and as awesome as you guys are. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Mixed martial arts isn’t going anywhere, it’s only getting bigger. We cannot be denied, we will not be denied, this sport’s going to be the biggest thing in the world.”

Check out the video below:

  • The best sport in the world has the best fans!!! Never heard of another sport where tens of thousands of the fans watch the pre and post fight press conferences, interviews before and after and ANY content they can get!!

    I don’t care what people say about the recent decisions of the UFC… best sport brand/company in the world!!!!

  • that song was bad ass . nicely put together.

  • Machida Knocking out Rashad – best part of the video – always gratifying.

  • Well done.

    We all know that the fighters care about their fans, but can we say the same about Dana?

  • Think it shows he cares when he stays around for hours after conferences etc. to do autographs.

    It’s a struggle to get the NBA superstars to sign autographs never mind the commissioner/president of the organisation.

    Talk al the crap about Dana you want but saying he doesn’t care or be good to the fans is bull.

  • Stars of the NBA, MLB, NHL, and the NFL routinely stay around for long after their games are through to sign autographs and take pictures.

    However, I don’t believe Dana doesn’t care about fans at all. He understands where his money comes from.

  • Soccer teams like Newcastle and Real Madrid regularly have 20,000-30,000 fans and more turning up just for the unvieling of a new player. The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo attracted 83,000 just to watch him kick a ball for 5 mins, take a few photos and wave to the crowd.

    Then guy stands there with a club scarf and has a few more pictures taken, that is it. Insane numbers turn up just to show support. MMA is awesome and so are the fans but if you think other sports don’t have far better then you are deluded and so is Dana. MMA is growing into something big but when Dana compares it to Soccer it is laughable, attendances for soccer matches in Europe alone are something like 10 million people PER WEEK and the worldwide TV audience for big matches can exceed well over ONE BILLION.

  • ^^^^^

  • This is undeniable fact. One billion people a week watch the English premiership around the world. Soccer has no rival when it comes to worldwide appeal and money generation.

    But then again, soccer hasbeen around for nearly 200 years…

  • No wonder you struggle to get NBA autographs keith, you live in Scotland…

  • @Johndo11 calling bull on 1 billion people watching the Premiership.
    At least a third of the world’s population if not more has no access to it and then that means on average 1 in 4 people watch it… that is not true.

    I live in Scotland were we are obviously neighbours with England and our people live and breathe Football but even here 1 in 4 don’t watch it.

  • @cHodAX Football is the biggest sport in the world by far and will likely never be overtaken but that doesn’t mean it has the most passionate fans, which was my point.

    The Ronaldo thing is different.
    Footbal is based on teams so when the biggest name in the sport and one of the best players joins the best team in the world obviously it’s going to be HUGE.
    In MMA it isn’t comparable as a fighter can’t really change his career in the public light so drastically as changing teams in Football does.
    Plus big numbers showing up is just a sign it is more popular, not that the fans are more passionate.

    The audiences never go into the billions, perhaps only in the two last World Cup Finals which are the biggest TV and sporting events of all time.
    Even a the El Classico (Barca vs. Madrid) doesn’t go above a few hundred thousand and that is one of the biggest regular matches played in sports.

    Football is definitely more popular but please don’t make up figures

  • I’ll admit this was an assumption from what I’ve heard and also the attitude shown – many times even when the Lakers are at home they are walking towards the tunnel post-game and their fans are trying to get their attention but are totally blown off.

    To be honest though I wasn’t that sure just wht I had heard about autographs

  • You’re right, its 600 million + in over 200 countries and thats just the English league so I feel my point remains the same.

  • sorry but there is no way in hell 1 billion or even 600 million watch english football. the united kingdom only has 60 million in it and the rest of the world has their own football teams to watch and could care less about english football clubs. i wont argue that soccer is by far the biggest sport in the world but dont go adding zeroes to try to make a point. i have lived in four different countries in my life and known a great many people from more many have been avid soccer fans most of them would be hard pressed to even name a british football club then along follow one closely

  • only 68 million people watched the 2011 world cup finals which happens on once every couple years i have a hard time believing a hundred times that tune in every week to watch Manchester united

  • @Johndo11 & Keith Farrell
    Your right about how crazy fans are about football. The biggest advantage football/soccer has is that is has so many platforms like Leagues and Internationals i.e EPL, Champions league, Euro and World cup.. The passion for football worldwide is crazy in places like England and Brazil in particular. In England we have a common phrase we use to describe our love for football “It’s football first, kids second and wife third”. lol
    What Kevin needs to understand is that football is tribal, rivalries past down from generation to generation over 100’s of years MMA can’t compere with that unfortunately. Fighters come and go, 90% of football teams have been around for over 100 years minimum. I could go on and on here, in England 621,000 people attended EPL games this weekend every team will play 38 matches each a season, do the math. If you added the 3 other divisions which have more teams per division than the EPL, but lower attendances the numbers get even more crazy and that just one weekend of football in one country, the season finishes in may. What I find crazy is that Dana has said on many occasions he expects the UFC to be the same one day with multiple UFC events in different countries happening at the same time. Dana will be dead before MMA gets to that level.

  • sorry ten times that

  • This is Dana in desperate PR MODE straight after the jones backlash.

    The UFC took a major PR hit and he is back sucking up to the fans.

    There is no such thing as UFC having the most loyal fans….Every sport has fans who attend matches, buy shirts and get autographs.

  • somebody needs to put dana on a sold out soccer stadium duriong a world cup match or champions league game.

  • AS Rom – Lazio Rom
    give him a seat near the ULTRAS ….and he will never say stuff like this again!!!!

  • Check the link i put up. Thats what it says anyway. 600 million plus in 200 countries. You gotta remember most of the world is soccer crazy.

    All over Asia, South America, even the Arab countries now, Europe of course, and Africans are nuts about soccer. Australians love the EPL as well.

    Thats a huge chunk of the planet.

  • Thats an amazingly well put point. In Europe and other places like South America, soccer IS tribal.

    Keith and I live in Scotland where we have one of the biggest rivalries n world sport. Rangers vs Celtic. People have been KILLED over this rivalry! People have rioted over football (sorry soccer) in this country.

    MMA won’t ever reach that level because fighters come and go, but teams live on. Teams that your family has attached itself to for literally hundreds of years through the generations.
    Teams you look back and see photos your great grandfather going to games or helping build their stadiums.

    MMA is amazing and I like it as a sport as much as soccer. But soccer is more than a sport to many people. To some people its what they live for, why the get up and go to work, just so they can afford to go an see there team at the weekend.

  • Too true Evan. I agree that Dana has done much for the sport, and I personally, would even argue that the sport today wouldn’t be what it is without him, or as entertaining, but he is definitely all about the $$$’s above all else.

    The man would sell his grandmother to further his business. Thats probably why he’s so good at what he does. Even though his attitude rubs people up the wrong way.

    I think he’s an a$$hole, but I don’t think anyone else could do the role as well as him. Can you imagine Scott Coker running the UFC?? He’s far too nice!

  • at the same time UFC have the worst fans….

  • @postmortem do you mean 68M watched in the US? If you meant worldwide tht figure is far too low. The superbowl even did bigger numbers than tht, I can’t remember exactly but The World Cup Final was in the high hundreds of millions

  • @mmauk & johndo good points, good points. I enjoy watching a game of football as much as another man but fortunately I wasn’t born in to the lifestyle of the team loyals. I’m a Celtic fan but there are plenty of us who will attend most of the games but I feel that is almost something taught and bred into people rather than an individual passion and desire for the sport, something we all have had to generate on our own with MMA.

    @Johndo nice to see another Scot here, where you live? I’m in Fife. And are you a Hun or Fenian lol?

  • @Kevin
    Great point about individual passion. I’ve tried to introduce a lot of people into mma, but none of my friend love it I know a few that watch it but I haven’t met any hardcore fans in person. My brother introduced me to mma when Titio was champ but he fell out of love with even though he still watches. Even when I went to see Rampage V Hendo it was clear a a lot of the people there just wanted to see a fight, but that was a while a go.

  • lol kevin ? you know who i mean

  • I was a Hun but went off the old firm after Neil Lennon getting death threats and bullets sent through the mail. Thought that was a bit much for me.

    I was born in Glasgow but was raised in Kinross. Now live in Edinburgh. Played Saturday amateur football in fife for about 10 years!

  • The rest of the world couldn’t care less about English clubs???!!! Is this guy for real? (smacks face)

  • Thats what he meant.

  • 3.2billion watched the final. Check that link @postmortem. 68 million my a$$.
    Thats a drop in the ocean next to the truth

  • check your facts 3.1 billion watched at least one minute of the the entire tournament not ever at any single time or any single game the highest single game viewership was 610 million who watched at the most 20 minutes of one game so yes i was wrong the 68 million number was from a single continent but my first point remains the same if 610 million people world wide watched only 20 minutes of the biggest game in the world cup then how can you possibly believe that 600 mill watch british football every week. bear in mind that anyone can post anything on wikipedia

  • by the way all the information i just posted came directly from the link you advised me to visit

  • Thats still some way off figures that mma will ever get. If 3.1 billion are watching one minute imagine how many watched the entire game. 1 billion? 2 billion? Numbers Dana will never get even close too.

  • gsp is never on these kind of videos….Interesting.