"The Rumble" is not imppressed with Doomsday


Anthony Johnson was set to face John Howard at UFC Live: Vera Vs Jones, but he had to pull out due to a shoulder injust and was replaced by Daniel Roberts. Howard was able to KO Roberts in two min. However, even after that impressive KO, Johnson felt that Howard lacked stand up skills and feels Howard does not belong in the UFC.

“Howard ain’t got no stand-up at all. He’s lucky Roberts wasn’t stronger or he probably would have gotten submitted. Howard is soft; he doesn’t belong in the UFC. I will be glad to show him this if he’s my next opponent. But congratulations on your win. If you fight me like that, you won’t survive. You better work on that stand-up buddy!”

Johnson has had successful shoulder surgery and will be looking to get back into action soon. Even though no opponent has been set for Johnson, Howard Vs Johnson will be the most likely option.

  • you talk shit after you pulled out of the fight…its not like he went to a dec.
    he knocked him out….you need to start winning fights more consistantly before you start trashing other fighters.

  • Yea he should be a little impressed….I was. He took a beating at first, then turned the tables and capitalized, impressive.

  • What the hell are you talking about he was winning consistantly until koshcheck and and then got poked in the eye twice in that fight and lost but he got poked anthony is a great fighter and so is dooms day but i think Johnsons standup is better, hes a great kickboxer

  • Rumble needs to worry about making weight haha! When you hit the scales at 175, you probably are walking in the cage at 195. I won’t take a fighter seriously til they consistently make weight. I’m still pissed when Alves got so much credit for beating Hughes when he didn’t even make weight!

  • Hey Rumble didnt you just get submitted by a smaller oppenent. Shut up and make weight.

  • idk what fight Johnson saw, i was really impressed with Howard, can’t wait till the Doomsday starts getting better opponents