The Rise And Fall…And Rise Of The Diaz Brothers


The Diaz Bros..The Stockton Bad Boys..The Skrap Pak..whatever moniker by which you choose to identify these once-in-a-generation fighters, Nick and Nate Diaz have made quite a splash in the MMA world as of late.

However, for those gracing the Diaz Brothers’ bandwagon with their presence since this recent burst of fame, there may be a bit of history with the Norther California Cesar Gracie Jiu-jitsu fighters that one is┬ánot yet aware of and must take into account in order to truly understand who these two warriors are.

After all, they didn’t just magically up and appear at the top of the UFC’s cast of characters overnight. So buckle up, sit back and read along while we take a little ride through the rich history of two of the UFC’s most intriguing fighters. Stockton, motherf*cker.