The future of Strikeforce remains cloudy


With two show cancellations in the past few months, fans have no idea what the future of Strikeforce holds. As a matter of fact, not even Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker has answers regarding whether the promotion will survive through 2013.

In an interview with MMAFighting, Coker remains optimistic but is aware that those within the promotion are beginning to voice their concern.

“We’re looking at a show in January with Daniel Cormier, Luke Rockhold and Gilbert Melendez, and don’t be surprised to see Ronda Rousey and Nate Marquardt as well,” Coker said. When asked about about internal concern between fighters, he simply responded “I know there is dialogue right now.”

With both the September 29th and November 3rd cards going up in smoke thanks to some untimely injuries — which have been ravaging the UFC as well lately — it’s hard to get excited for the promotion that has been viewed as late as last winter as being on life support. Speculation that Strikeforce won’t be around next year has been fueled despite Coker suggesting a huge January card. It also doesn’t help that the current contract with Zuffa — parent company of the UFC — and Strikeforce expires early next year. Not to mention that many of the promotion’s fighters, including lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez and middleweight champ Luke Rockhold, have been getting more and more antsy to make their UFC debut. Surely, Dana White could use both of those fighters and place them on a bigger stage.

Oh yeah, White has also warmed up to the idea of Ronda Rousey fighting in the UFC.

Things aren’t boding so well for Strikeforce but many still have faith regardless of the rumors. But all that we have right now is many questions and so few answers.

  • This will be one hell of a show if they can line up all those fighters mentioned above

  • Their future is not cloudy, it is as clear as day. Strikeforce will soon cease to exist.

  • dana is going to crumble strikeforce like he did pride.

    wouldn’t be much of a surprise that he paid off melendez and pulled mir out to break the company so he can have the last remaining roster of the p4p list and ultimately bringing his cash cow rousey over.

  • Hope Scott Coker remains employed by the UFC. He’s a much cooler guy than Dana, which is probably why Dana runs a more much successful business…….He’s an in your face A-hole

  • Sure that card mentioned above sounds great but what about the following cards? Prior to the two cancelled cards Dana hinted at big things to come for SF.