Busted: 10 Worst Drug Test Failures In MMA History


Josh Barnett – Affliction: Trilogy:

This one could actually be a four-part listing because Barnett owns the record for most drug test failures in MMA.

But his worst one actually caused the failure of an MMA promotion. “The Warmaster” was set to fight legendary PRIDE heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko in August 2009, but he was flagged for drostanolone by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) 10 days prior to the fight, resulting in Affliction: Trilogy being canceled and folding the Affliction outfit as a whole outright.

Add those to his UFC drug test failures following his win over Bobby Hoffman at UFC 34, for which he only received a ‘warning,’ the subsequent failure after his win over Randy Couture at UFC 36, for which he was stripped of the UFC heavyweight title, and the current out-of-competition USADA violation he was notified of in December 2016, and ‘The Warmaster’ is the only MMA fighter to ever test positive four times.

He’s also the only fighter whose worst test failure caused the fall of an entire promotion.

  • HeteroFriendly

    “in the middle of MMA’s greatest feel-good comeback story,…”

    was it really.

    I cant really say I got a good feeling from watching jon apparently turning heel (maybe just roid rage) and acting like a shameless belligerent axx every time he had a mic in front of him after he reappeared.

    I liked the jones that was flawed but at least trying to behave like a civilized person with a little shame.

    Wasn’t a big fan of the jones that came back.