Battered & Bloody: The 10 Worst Injuries In MMA History


9. Shogun Rua vs. Mark Coleman I

Back in the day Mark Coleman was a force to be reckoned with. When he made his late-career return to the UFC, he was clearly on the decline; however, in his final fight in PRIDE FC, he took Shogun’s arm with him. Figuratively, of course.

A takedown by Coleman less than a minute into the bout caused Shogun to awkwardly fall, breaking his arm in the process as he landed. The scene immediately following the arm break was madness. Shogun’s teammate Wanderlei Silva jumped into the cage to defend his Chute Boxe brother, and Team Hammerhouse kindly obliged.

Shogun’s arm would eventually heal, but numerous knee surgeries affected his performances as of late, even during his recent late-career renaissance.

Overall, a nasty arm break, and Coleman didn’t even need a submission to do it.