Battered & Bloody: The 10 Worst Injuries In MMA History


MMA is an inherently dangerous sport, but some injuries stick out more than others.

A black eye, busted nose, and oftentimes blood are par for the course, but broken arms and legs are a tad more painful and gruesome.

Some fighters have a reputation for causing serious bodily harm like Frank Mir and Rousimar Palhares, and other fighters were victim to terrible circumstances.

We took a look back at the 10 worst injuries in MMA history.

10. Frank Mir vs. Tim Sylvia

Mir’s name will pop up a few times on this list, a true adherer to the notion of tap-or-snap.

When Mir took on Tim Sylvia for the vacant heavyweight title back at UFC 53, it didn’t take long for him to exercise that concept. Within a minute of the first round, Mir had a hold of the Mainiac’s arm, and before anyone knew it referee Herb Dean stopped the fight.

Sylvia protested the stoppage, but instant replay showed Mir had snapped his arm like a twig. The crowd gasped in horror as they watched the big screen replay. Sylvia would end up requiring several rods and a multitude of stitches to put his broken arm back together again.

Truly a devastating injury.