Surprise: Nick Diaz Wants To Fight Johny Hendricks


Polarizing UFC bad boy Nick Diaz has been back in the news for his recent appearances. After losing two straight title bouts, he called out for an immediate title shot following UFC 170 in late February. He also showed up at yesterday’s UFC 171 weigh-ins to heckle title challenger Johny Hendricks after “Bigg Rigg” missed weight. Diaz met up with Wade Eck of MMA H.E.A.T. in Dallas to discuss his taunt and his plans to fight this year:

“Oh, you know, I just saw he was having a hard time, so I was just fooling around with him. But, uh, yeah, I hope that, you know, maybe if he wins, I’ll fight that guy, or I’ll fight the winner regardless. But, I wanna fight this year, hopefully they let me fight the winner.”

About his return to the cage, Diaz said he hadn’t talked to UFC President Dana White about fighting, only about boxing Roy Jones Jr. Diaz said he thinks that he thinks Anderson Silva is an easier boxing match for Jones:

“No, I haven’t talked to Dana, Dana texted me about fighting Roy Jones a while back, but then everybody started talking about Silva fighting Roy Jones again. Silva like, jumps up on his, you know, was like ‘Hey,’ wants to fight Roy Jones all the sudden. I think it’s an easier fight, like, the way I see it. We’re just going to be boxing, no disrespect, but I just think that I have more experience boxing than most MMA fighters. Even Georges St. Pierre said I’m the best boxer in MMA.”

Diaz is apparently in rare form as he gears up for a UFC return. But with a stacked up division of welterweight talent, it’s highly unlikely Diaz will talk himself into another shot at the belt. What kind of a fight will he return to?

  • strange dude! love him!

  • lawler looked good last night. Diaz comes back whoops him again and gets that belt.

  • I think Diaz has this extra spring in his step because he might have Ronda on his radar. The power of pussy is immense…